When I was little I daydreamed a lot.

I discovered masturbation when I was three.

I became a Mormon when I was 10.

I was that overachieving valedictorian in high school.

When I turned 18 I had sex for the first time.

At UCLA, I wanted to be an art major but I chose psychology instead.

I read The Story of O.

I decided to go to grad school at UC Berkeley

in 2005, I got an interview at the Gates and became a Dominatrix.

Four years later, I left the Gates and bought a dungeon.

I started mentoring women to become pro Dommes.

In 2010, I got my PhD in Education on misconceptions and conceptual change.

I decided to pursue my domme career over academia.

I said yes to a trip to Bali with my client.

I did acid for the first time.

I fell in love with my soulmate.

I was outed by my sister to my mom. They wanted me to quit being a Domme

I got on Twitter and Instagram.

I started a community blog called Pervette

I smoked 5meodmt and experienced ego death

I threw a birthday party

I declared email bankruptcy.

I had a vision for Pervette 2.0

I learned how to meditate

I sat with iboga and aya

I contemplated the theory behind the practice of bdsm.

I got off social media.

I started publishing my journal entries.

I started teaching about Power to women.

I invited my hero to my birthday party.

I had a dream the weekend before my dad passed away..

I expanded my offerings

I developed a spiritual practice.

I bought my dream home.

I came out to my mom about my poly life

I’m creating the rabbithole of Pervette and launching it

I create a Domme Boot Camp called Power Play..

I launch my first virtual Domme course called MistressClass.

You found out about me from The NY Times and wrote to me saying you “want to switch things up.”


To reach me, you decided to go deeper1you found my work in progress subscription page through a journal entry and became the first player on Pervette. You got my attention..


We decided to do a trade, you film me, and I help you explore yourself.


You were obsessed with The Story of O as well. You asked to be my o.


You had an idea to ghostwrite my memoir of my time at the Gates.