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I know. That thing you’re resistant to do. It’s not for you, you say. You like your thoughts and thinking too much. You have so much to do, how can you possibly just sit still and do nothing? It’s too uncomfortable when you tried it for a few minutes. It’s just boring and kinda feels like a waste of time..

Those were my thoughts on meditation before I got into  it. There was so much resistance.

But then I kept on hearing how amazing it was.


And so I made an effort and really gave it a try..


And here’s what I’ve learned after I got into it and got it:


Meditation is the single most important thing you can be doing to further your growth and evolution in this lifetime.

Of all the psychedelics, entheogens and healing modalities that I’ve explored, the practice of Meditation by far the most psychedelic and life-changing experience(s) I’ve ever had.

And if you want to tap into unknown superhuman powers within you (that will surprise even yourself), you have to put in the hour(s) of Meditation daily


Here’s what I’ve also learned:

The things that are “good for you” won’t necessarily feel good when you start to do it (e.g., eating less and consciously, exercising, meditating)

But if you discipline yourself and keep practicing and build that practice like a muscle, eventually those “good for you” things will feel soooo good to you that you can’t even imagine your life without it. Once you get into it, you will know on all levels (physically, emotionally, psychologically, energetically, spiritually)¬† how good this good thing is, and you can’t go back. Your body knows better now. And you actually can’t unlearn things that are life-changing. That’s what evolution is.