Mission: Launch Pervette

You’ve been telling everybody you know that you’re going to launch Pervette on your birthday this year, February 7, 2019.

What does the launch entail?

Because this site has been up for over a year and half now. And you already created 8 “new beginnings” since it went live.


Well, you think it means you’ll stop saying the following when you tell people about Pervette:

You can check it out if you want but..

It’s not quite ready..

It’s still pretty raw..

It might not make any sense to you..

I’m just creating the dots right now and eventually I’ll connect them later..


What it really means is that you can say with confidence:

I finally launched Pervette! You can check it out if you want.


But to get to that point, there’s actually still A LOT of work to do:

  • Such as polishing up the beginning paths of the Pervette Domme Guide which feels kinda really raw and scrappy. This has always been your top priority for Pervette (to create an army of Pervettes).
  • Carving out the very beginning of a sub(terranean) path for all the submissives who want to follow you down the kinky XXX rabbithole, and that’s also the path that all future potential subs will have to go down to able to apply to see you for a session (basically that’s your income pipeline)
  • Then there’s this path (the one that you’re reading right now) that you just created 2 days ago and is pretty stoked about, because it’s here where you can tell your story and explain yourself and what this whole pervette project is about. You feel like if you create a few more pages explaining your origin, your vision, your journey and your crazy obsessive process of creating pervette by your birthday, that will do
  • And then there’s the imagery, the photos and videos that you want to add to the pages to create a more immersive and erotic feel
  • Which means you need to go through your 3 external hard drives filled with tons of totally unorganized files: Colette photo and video shoots (you’ve done over the past 4 years and never posted on social media because you’ve been saving it for pervette), videos of your everyday life, of your sessions with P2, of audio recordings, there’s so much you need to go through, but you feel like yo uhave to get a sense of what you have and how you can weave it into the pages to make them “come alive.” Not only are you going to go through everything, you’re planning on “organizing” them so that you finally back them all up, which will allay your fears of losing all your memories..
  • And then on top of every page you created, you have to create a separate mobile version for it because the mobile version doesn’t support video playback, which means you’re going to add static imagery in place of the video that will render a similar intimate and erotic effect
  • And don’t forget, you have the pretty overwhelming but exciting “connect the dots” project, which involves creating a google spreadsheet and inventorying ALL the pages that you created for Pervette over the past year and a half, which is 207 at this point (wait, you’re born on 2.07. coincidence?). See you created so . many new beginnings and pages and then abandoned them for the next that you don’t even remember what you poured hours into in the past. But because you’re a maximizer hoarder and and you don’t like abandoning anything, you think you can connect a good portion of the pages you created into the current paths that you have right now in this current iteration. Again this project is gonna take a good half to full day.


So basically that’s what you have to do in 10 days1as of Jan. 28, 2019. While planning for a giant party where you just sent out most of the invites last night (80 have RSVPed at this point and not everyone has replied).

This party is for your birthday as well as the birthday of your first baby, Pervette.

You’re planning on getting a PA system for the party so that you can actually give a speech after you blow out the candles. In this speech you’re going to thank everyone and tell them the main reason why you’re celebrating this night is because you are finally ready to say:

My baby, Pervette, is born.

I’ve poured all of myself into her. I spent 3 years working on myself so I can work on her.

And I’m finally ready to say please visit her, giver her love and spread her to the world..


As you’re writing those very words you’re going to say that night, you’re tearing up, because you know, this is it.

The moment you’ve been waiting for.

Your baby is due on your birthday

Is her birthday

It will be one insane orgasmic birth…


And so

Here. you. go…