Hello. I’m Colette. 

I’m a Dominatrix. I play with you dreams and make them come true. I’m an Educatrix. I teach you to come into your full power. I’m a Shamanatrix. I work with heart medicine to heal and transmute your pain. I’m a Humanatrix. I guide you into the practice and art of intimacy. I’m a Creatrix. I stoke your creativity and dream-domme you to create your reality. 

And right now I’m looking for a few good dreamers who want to dream and play big with me. As I have some wild dreams I want to realize with you..

I’d like to share with you my three wildest dreams:

To create a radical education of the heart1that not only changes your mind, but opens your heart and turns you on

Change a millions lives2and know it (by having you share your story and dreams

Bring back the Power of the Feminine

These are my innermost desires that I used to keep close and hidden from the world because I was afraid to share something so wild and not be able to live up to it. It’s taken me 7 years of doing the deep work on self to find this power that’s allowing me to boldly share these dreams with you and ask you to watch me. Track and trace my journey.

See how I do it. How I make my dreams come true.

I’ll take it one step further. Not only do I dare you to watch me.

I dare you to play with me, and be a a part of this wild dream coming true.


It’s very simple. 

If you are a Femme desiring to become a Domme and master yourself and be the Mistress of your Destiny, be a part of my radical education, MistressClass.

If you are a sub, you can submit your dream and “audition” to be a part of my mastristic revolution where you can support the Mistresses of MistressClass into coming into their FemDom power.

If you a dreamer and resonate with my dreams,

 share with me yours and together we can find a way to play..3I’m mostly based in the Bay Area. But I also reside in LA and Miami. And I frequent NY from time to time. You can follow me here and here and here.