Chatbox from Sunday Lesson on 10/24/21

09:40:47 From Kieran Swanson : Sounds great!
09:59:44 From K  To  Colette Pervette(privately) : Are you ok with the crazy storm over there? Feeling curious and care. Excitement!
10:02:33 From meganmillington she/her : Hey everyone, excited to be here 🙂
10:02:39 From Olivya (she/her) : hiiiiiiiiiiiii!!
10:02:43 From Addison Li : HIIII ~!
10:02:45 From Hannah  : Hi hi!! Same! 😀
10:02:51 From Ivy Huynh : Hi everyone!
10:02:52 From Sofia : Hello everyone!
10:02:54 From Priya Mishra (she/her) : Hi!! Beautiful playing <33
10:02:54 From Chloe Mello : Hello!!!
10:02:56 From Jisoo : hello everyone:)
10:02:59 From meganmillington she/her : This is lovely!
10:03:01 From Lily T : Haiii!
10:03:02 From Chloe Mello : Yes the music is gorgeous
10:03:09 From M. Xuan (they/she) : Hello everyone~~
10:03:10 From Kat Chan : Hi all! 🙂
10:03:11 From Rikki : Hi everyone!! I am so excited to be learning with you all.
10:03:12 From Quinn : So beautiful! Hi everyone!
10:03:13 From Desiree Zwaga : hello 😀
10:03:13 From Lily T : Loving the piano Jade thank you <3
10:03:13 From Alexa : Amazing way to start my sunday
10:03:21 From Fran Sales (she/her) : Francesca, NYC. Hi everyone!
10:03:22 From Rikki : Rikki Las Vegas
10:03:22 From meganmillington she/her : Megan- Toronto, Ontario, Canada
10:03:22 From Domina Flora : Hello all,
10:03:23 From alexakmhughes : Alexa, Venice, CA
10:03:24 From Gillian Moore : Hello everyone!! Gigi / Los Angeles
10:03:25 From Quinn : Quinn, Oakland
10:03:26 From Sam : Sam in Seattle🖤🖤🖤
10:03:28 From Alexa : Alexa, San Diego, CA
10:03:28 From aprillexilee : Hi I’m April, in LA! 🙂
10:03:29 From C : Chelsea, NYC
10:03:29 From Jisoo : jisoo; chattanooga, TN
10:03:29 From DT AI : Hello~ I’m DT from Westminster, CA 🙂
10:03:30 From Ann : Ann in Koh Phangan, Thailand
10:03:31 From Hannah  : I’m Hannah from Toronto, Canada. Nice to be growing together with all you beautiful ladies!
10:03:32 From Priya Mishra (she/her) : Priya from NYC 🙂
10:03:33 From Desiree Zwaga : My name is Desiree, I’m from Leuven (Belgium)
10:03:33 From Jacqueline Cheng : Jacqueline, New York City
10:03:34 From Susanō Surface : Susanо̄ in Seattle
10:03:34 From Andrea Barrica : Andrea – Oakland/Sacramento 😀
10:03:34 From Corey Vignola : HI everyone ~ I’m Corey and arriving from Oakland, CA <3
10:03:35 From H (they/she) : Hi! Hannah in Seattle <3
10:03:35 From Addison Li : hi Addy from NYC
10:03:35 From VoodooPriestess : VoodooPriestess, Houston
10:03:36 From Ivy Huynh : Ivy, San Jose, CA!
10:03:36 From Mistress Malissia : Hello ladies, I’m Malissia from Montreal
10:03:36 From anqi : Hi! Anqi, San Francisco
10:03:36 From creepyyeha : Lisa, NY
10:03:37 From Mei XS : Hi! I am Mei from Toronto Canada!
10:03:38 From kiala (they/them) : Kiala, Vancouver
10:03:38 From Sofia : Sofia, Berlin
10:03:38 From Ellen Herra : Ellen Oakland
10:03:39 From M. Xuan (they/she) : M. Xuan, Los Angeles / Land of the Tongva
10:03:40 From Dani : Hello, my name is Dani and I am living in Madison, WI
10:03:40 From Krupa : Krupa near Pondicherry in India 🙂
10:03:40 From Kira Lune : Kira, from Denver
10:03:40 From Seonjae : Seonjae, based in NYC but currently in Seoul, South Korea
10:03:40 From Katerina Meyer : Katerina in Venice CA
10:03:40 From rachel : Rachel in westside of LA! 🙂
10:03:41 From Erin : Erin; Los Angeles!
10:03:41 From Morgan (she/her) : I’m Morgan from Amsterdam! So lovely to be here.
10:03:42 From Mari de Luna (ella/she/her) : Mari from New Jersey
10:03:42 From kelsea : HI 🙂 Kelsea from Cincinnati
10:03:42 From Venus Fly Strap : Venus Fly Strap, Geneva, Switzerland
10:03:42 From Chloe Mello : Chloe in Chestertown Maryland <3
10:03:43 From Domina Flora : Domina Flora, Bay Area
10:03:44 From Kat Chan : Kat, Santa Cruz, CA 🙂
10:03:44 From Stacy : Stacy, Santa Rosa
10:03:45 From Cynthia : Cynthia, Oakland CA
10:03:45 From Olivya (she/her) : Olivya, Bay Area!!
10:03:45 From Samantha M : Samantha, Berkeley CA
10:03:46 From Damiana : NYC
10:03:49 From Lily T : Lily ~ OC/LA
10:03:49 From Cameron B : Cameron- Calgary, Canada
10:03:50 From Coral : Coral, san francisco
10:03:51 From Audrey : Audrey, NY
10:03:51 From Miss K : Karla, Los Angeles – Hello everyone
10:03:52 From Cheyenne Sapphire : Cheyenne, Toronto
10:03:52 From Kristin : Kristin from San Anselmo. Hey everyone!
10:03:53 From Jessica Zhang : Jessica from SF
10:03:54 From SG : Sarah from Palm Springs
10:03:55 From Shalini Sarena Bahad : Hi fellow Dommes in training <3, I’m Shalini, I’m based in the Palisades in LA currently
10:03:56 From Wednesday Dienatter : Wednesday, Santa Ana CA
10:04:02 From Lady Grace : Lady Grace, Bay Area
10:04:14 From emily : Emily in Portland, OR!
10:04:32 From emily kothe, she/her : Emily, St Louis MO
10:04:37 From MM : Hey! Maya from NYC!
10:04:48 From Jisoo : everyone looks beautiful
10:04:49 From Sara D : Sara Seattle 🙂
10:04:56 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : Anna Lisa from Sacramento 🙂
10:05:06 From Laura (she/her) : Laura, BC
10:05:47 From Desiree Zwaga : me
10:05:53 From Sara D : Me too!
10:07:12 From Yumi : HELL YEA <3 <3 <3
10:07:17 From meganmillington she/her : Yasss!
10:07:19 From Priya Mishra (she/her) : Thank you so much
10:07:35 From Yumi : Thank YOU Colette 🔥
10:07:43 From DT AI : lol omg im gonna cry already T_T
10:07:46 From Jisoo (she/they) : I am so grateful.
10:07:51 From creepyyeha : Yes! Thank you <333
10:08:15 From Kira Lune : Thank you so much, I am so glad I’m here
10:08:28 From rachel : Got chills
10:08:30 From Kristin : beautiful, Colette.
10:08:31 From H (they/she) : Deeply grateful for you.
10:10:55 From Sofia : Love this Laura!
10:11:01 From kelsea : totally resonate with that, laura
10:11:30 From Shalini Sarena Bahad : how does one “raise their hand” in the zoom function?
10:11:34 From Addison Li : what a sexy voice Chelsea
10:11:36 From Desiree Zwaga : through reactions
10:11:47 From Kat Chan : It’s under reactions 🙂
10:12:15 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : 👏 yessss
10:12:17 From Jisoo (she/they) : Same, Chelsea
10:12:20 From Desiree Zwaga : awesome
10:12:24 From Morgan (she/her) : yes can totally relate to that chelsea
10:12:37 From C : <3
10:13:00 From Priya Mishra (she/her) : I really feel that Chloe 🙂
10:13:20 From Chloe Mello : <3
10:13:28 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : 👏 yes
10:13:30 From Desiree Zwaga : yees<3
10:13:37 From creepyyeha : Oh yes!!
10:13:41 From Priya Mishra (she/her) : Absolutely!!!
10:13:41 From Morgan (she/her) : hell yes!
10:13:42 From kiala (they/them) : Yesssss!!!
10:13:42 From Jisoo (she/they) : yes hannah!!!!
10:13:44 From Miss K : yess Hannah
10:13:46 From Erin : Yes girl!!
10:13:50 From H (they/she) : Hell yea Hannah!
10:13:51 From Sarah : Hell yes
10:13:52 From Shade : Hello everyone.  Hannah – I totally resonate with that.
10:13:54 From Dei : same here
10:13:55 From Yumi : yesssss <3 <3 <3 our one precious life! xoxo
10:15:04 From Kat Chan : That
10:15:07 From Kat Chan : Is so awesome
10:15:07 From Yumi : sounds like an amazing vision <3
10:15:18 From M. Xuan (they/she) : ❤️
10:15:19 From creepyyeha : That’s beautiful!
10:15:29 From Desiree Zwaga : yes!
10:16:21 From emily kothe, she/they : yesssss
10:16:27 From emily kothe, she/they : I am feeling this!
10:16:29 From Kira Lune : Yess this is amazing!
10:16:46 From Cheyenne Sapphire : Woo chiiiills
10:16:47 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : Giving me chillsssss
10:17:09 From Coral : I’m not sure how to raise my hand
10:17:19 From Kira Lune : Reactions at the bottom of the screne
10:17:22 From Kira Lune : screen*
10:17:31 From emily : Amazing!
10:17:40 From Morgan (she/her) : so beautiful, thanks for sharing !
10:18:23 From Kira Lune : Omg which Westminster?1
10:18:51 From Yumi : oh heeyyyy (I grew up in orange county if that’s the westminster you’re referring to :D)
10:18:54 From Laura (she/her) : So beautiful to behold all these magnificent beings! I feel honoured to be in this container  💕
10:19:10 From Hannah  : Everyone is so incredibly striking!
10:19:18 From Lily T : I’m from Garden Grove which is right next to Westminster
10:19:34 From priscilla : Seriously Hannah!
10:19:36 From DT AI : Omggg hiiiii Lily! We are neighbors 😄
10:19:58 From DT AI : @yumi yesss that’s the westminster I’m referring to 😄
10:20:24 From Yumi : ooo yay! (I’m in LA if in the future there’s an opportunity for a mistress socal meet-up <3)
10:20:26 From Wednesday Dienatter : I’m in Santa Ana, hi neighbor Dommes!
10:20:52 From Louisa Ferre : I feel this! I also love your name!
10:21:03 From Desiree Zwaga : yes! 😀
10:21:06 From emily kothe, she/they : I cant wait to meet some of you IRL! any other Midwest dommes??
10:21:06 From Sarah : Here for the TRANSFORMATION. Love the butterfly energy!
10:21:08 From Priya (she/her) : I am also a director Nabi! So excited to see the intersections between being a Domme and Director <3
10:21:10 From Miss K : Im in for the meet up!
10:21:10 From Sofia : <3
10:21:13 From emily kothe, she/they : yes butterflies!
10:21:41 From DT AI : @yumi aaa that would be amazing to do a mistress social meetup <3 plsssss
10:21:50 From Kieran Swanson : We will have more opportunities for shares throughout the session!
10:22:04 From Yumi : 💗😚
10:22:29 From priscilla : I would love to meet up with California. I am up in the bay but originally from southern california
10:22:54 From Louisa Ferre : I would love that! I am also in the bay area
10:23:09 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : Im close by in Sacramento so that would be amazing
10:23:18 From Coral : Yes, would love to meet in bay area also, I’m south bay but in the city often
10:23:18 From priscilla : Carpool!
10:23:19 From Domina Flora : I”m in the Bay Area as well sisters
10:23:28 From Yumi : omg i’m getting chillsssss
10:24:04 From Yumi : YES!!!!!
10:24:11 From kiala (they/them) : Hell yessss
10:24:20 From DT AI : Yessss yesss yesss <3
10:24:20 From emily kothe, she/they : chillzzzz
10:24:26 From Goddess Midnight : Wow AMEN
10:24:40 From meganmillington she/her : ouff…yes
10:24:41 From Sarah : YES, amen is right!
10:25:09 From Shalini Sarena Bahad : few things warm my heart more than witnessing empowered and embodied women showing on UPPP <3
10:25:16 From Kira Lune : Yesss same
10:25:29 From Ivy (she/her) : <3
10:25:44 From Shalini Sarena Bahad : excited for this unfolding! Thank you Colette and fellow sister Dommes for your energy here x
10:25:54 From Yumi : I AM READY!!!! haha
10:27:03 From Shalini Sarena Bahad : Why I want to study the Dominatrix arts: unapologetic power and expression, and safety in that.
10:27:18 From Yumi : SO😍 ready to meet my inner domme
10:28:13 From Colette Pervette  To  Kieran Swanson(privately) : Can you make sure speaker view is on me when I’m speaking it was on you earlier
10:28:37 From Kieran Swanson  To  Colette Pervette(privately) : will do
10:29:09 From Priya (she/her) : Thank you so much for sharing, Anna-Lisa
10:29:10 From Sofia : I relate so much to this Anna-Lisa! Thanks for sharing.
10:29:18 From Ivy (she/her) : Love it!
10:29:29 From Lily T : Thank you for your openness Anna-Lisa <3
10:29:55 From Sarah : Amazing mission Anna-Lisa! <3
10:30:01 From Shade : That is beautiful @Anna-Lisa!
10:30:37 From Kieran Swanson  To  Colette Pervette(privately) : How many shares do u want to take here?
10:30:46 From Colette Pervette  To  Kieran Swanson(privately) : 2 more
10:30:49 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : Thank you all so much for giving me the space to share <3
10:31:20 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : 👏 oh my gosh yes
10:31:20 From Kira Lune : Yess I love the rebalancing of the masculine and feminine!
10:31:25 From Yumi : Really loving the energy of everyone here! 😻
10:31:30 From Hannah  : Amazzzing point Cheyenne
10:31:30 From Kira Lune : Yes yes yes
10:31:31 From Morgan (she/her) : appreciate your vulnerability and honesty anna-lisa! <3
10:31:43 From M. Xuan (they/she) : 👏🏼
10:31:50 From Colette Pervette  To  Kieran Swanson(privately) : 3 more
10:31:54 From Kieran Swanson  To  Colette Pervette(privately) : perfect
10:31:56 From Lily T : I’m feeling your vision!
10:32:06 From Jisoo (she/they) : yes!
10:32:11 From Morgan (she/her) : wow love that!!
10:32:14 From Sarah : Absolutely re-balancing. This healing and empowering of the divine feminine is crucial!
10:34:10 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : I love when cats drop in lol
10:34:10 From Jisoo (she/they) : i have black cats too!
10:34:54 From Priya (she/her) : I very much relate, Daniela!
10:35:20 From emily kothe, she/they : the energy of this group is so powerful!!
10:35:30 From Sarah : Banishing shame is def a magical power!
10:36:13 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : Unconscious domme 🤯
10:36:28 From Rachel💜 : An “unconscious domme”… that phrase resonates with me
10:36:30 From emily kothe, she/they : I so relate to being an unconscious domme
10:36:44 From Louisa Ferre : Same here
10:36:47 From Fran Sales (she/her) : I am relating to the “unconscious domme” idenficiation so much
10:37:02 From Desiree Zwaga : same
10:37:27 From Jisoo (she/they) : same, but i also fell prey to trying to surpress it
10:37:39 From Fran Sales (she/her) : @jisoo exactly me too
10:37:43 From Rachel💜 : Maybe even beyond an unconscious domme… a suppressed domme in this society!
10:37:59 From Rachel💜 : Yess same here @jisoo
10:38:15 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : shadow work <3
10:38:15 From DT AI : loooooooool
10:38:19 From Priya (she/her) : omg
10:38:23 From Goddess Midnight  To  Colette Pervette(privately) : I have power outage from the storm in SF/Bay area, so thank you for your understanding and opportunity to speak 🙂
10:38:34 From Yumi : awwwww baby colette lol
10:39:10 From Yumi : !!!!!!!!! “how much you can get your sub to want” 😱
10:39:15 From meganmillington she/her : ouf!!!
10:39:20 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : already crying lol
10:39:29 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : Yes 👏
10:39:40 From Dei : thats so beautiful
10:39:41 From Domina Flora : ❤️
10:39:42 From Chloe Mello : love lovee love that
10:40:15 From Yumi : that makes me realize I already however unconsciously channel that in my business (with shadow integration / healing) but want to lean into that EVEN MORE !!!!!
10:40:51 From Desiree Zwaga : yes!
10:41:24 From Yumi : “how you define her is how you become her” wow wow wow
10:41:36 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : 👏 yesssss
10:44:23 From Kira Lune : I love the space of being Domme who isn’t just here to serve themselves, but to facilitate power and transformation with those under them.
10:44:59 From Susanō Surface : I was specifically drawn to this group because it’s led by women/femmes of color; the only context in which I wanted to invest in developing this tendency.
10:45:15 From Yumi : ^^ THIS!!!!! / amen
10:45:25 From Venus Fly Strap : Thank you for sharing that Colette.
10:45:26 From Kira Lune : Yes that
10:45:31 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : YES YES YES YES YES
10:45:31 From Jisoo (she/they) : same @susanō
10:45:31 From Dei : thank you for sharing
10:45:32 From Kira Lune : Thank you Colette
10:45:34 From Leiti : ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
10:45:37 From Desiree Zwaga : yes <3
10:45:39 From Lily T : YE$ to financial freedom!
10:45:40 From DT AI : Beautiful <3
10:45:40 From kiala (they/them) : Crying happy tears internally right now. So grateful to be here!
10:45:43 From Yumi : <3 <3 <3 ty for sharing colette
10:45:45 From Jisoo (she/they) : thank you for sharing colette.
10:45:49 From Cameron B : Thank you sharing!!
10:46:00 From Dei : thats really inspiring
10:46:10 From Leiti : I love you.
10:46:26 From Shalini Sarena Bahad : amazing! I love this.
10:46:26 From Priya (she/her) : Thank you so much for sharing that Colette, I’m sorry you had to face that so young <3
10:46:58 From Yumi : WOC / femmes of color with financial freedom make me sooooo happy <3
10:47:07 From Lily T : I’m adopting TIEN as my domme name because it means money or fairy/angel/goddess in Vietnamese depending on different accent marks but I don’t want to be a slave to money
10:47:25 From Yumi : ^^ beautiful!!!
10:47:25 From DT AI : @lily omg that is so beautiful
10:47:50 From Ivy (she/her) : Love that youre embracing your Vietnamese roots! (:
10:48:02 From Miss K : thank you for sharing. I didn’t know Id be crying this morning lol. Resonates so much with my childhood
10:48:32 From Domina Flora : That’s a beautiful Domme name
10:49:30 From DT AI : “How we define power is how we carve our path” – wooooow
10:49:55 From Yumi : golden handcuffs are real
10:50:29 From Susanō Surface : I was assigned my domme name at birth 😉 … I’m out in every aspect of my life & just haven’t really ever been able to think of another name. (Including nicknames.)  SO for now I’m just rolling with my legal name. ha.
10:50:31 From Yumi : “the more expansive your definition of power is, the more expansive your path” wowwwwwwwwwwww
10:50:54 From Cheyenne Sapphire : Power is sovereignty
10:51:03 From Louisa Ferre : That was beautiful and thank you for sharing this, Colette. Your words are so helpful for my own journey into becoming My Dominatrix and the reasons as to why I have gotten into, and deeper into this work.
10:51:34 From E (oakland) : ^ agree cheyenne
10:52:39 From Priya (she/her) : To me, power is making your own choices regardless of what’s happening around you
10:52:42 From meganmillington she/her : Power to me right now is: being with what is, finding your centre in the middle of it all, centre in your truth. Letting life flow through you and the power of choice
10:52:47 From Priya (she/her) : Oh v much same Yumi!
10:53:14 From Lily T : Ooof minimizing obligations! So necessary
10:53:45 From Colette Pervette  To  Kieran Swanson(privately) : 3 more
10:54:19 From Samantha M : Priya, I SO much agree with you
10:54:31 From emily kothe, she/they : yesssss
10:54:43 From kelsea : congratulations desiree
10:54:44 From Priya (she/her) : So strong of you Desiree- it’s not easy to break that hold
10:54:49 From Priya (she/her) : !
10:54:49 From Rachel💜 : I used to outsource my decision making; now I realize I’m the only person who can choose for myself
10:54:54 From Sofia : do we still raise our hands or just go?
10:55:06 From Priya (she/her) : On Mac- option + y raises your hand
10:55:09 From Kieran Swanson : please raise your hand! We’ll have 2 more
10:55:11 From meganmillington she/her : @coral thank you for your share. I was in a 5 year sexless engagement. I have been in same around it, but realize that there wasn’t space for me to be my full sexual self. In this moment I feel grateful for the intelligence of my body for shutting down, because body and pussy knew they could not handle my sexual power.
10:55:15 From Rachel💜 : Desiree your story resonates
10:56:03 From Coral : it’s such a journey, so many great stories here
10:56:06 From Mistress Isla : For me Power is not about power over someone else -but rather it is about having the skills, confidence, influence and resources to make my ideas and desires real in the world.
10:56:26 From Cheyenne Sapphire : Yesss fav movie
10:56:28 From Lady Nabi : Yes. Huge Bowie fan here
10:57:25 From Kieran Swanson : We’ll have 1x more share after Wednesday 🙂 thank you all so much!
10:57:29 From meganmillington she/her : Yes, love this Wednesday!
10:57:42 From Priya (she/her) : We love influential cinema!! <333
10:58:15 From Desiree Zwaga : yes!
10:58:39 From Alexa : yeah i feel you DT i always thought of it in terms of what does it mean to mean to me but not what it is exactly.
10:58:47 From Priya (she/her) : I think for a long time I thought power was something people wielded over other people? And it was so frightening. But it’s been liberating and also a bit scary to think differently
10:59:01 From Priya (she/her) : Scary in a nervous exciting way!
10:59:14 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : 👏🏻YES
10:59:34 From Yumi : “power is similar to love” omg wow!!!!
10:59:39 From Lily T : YES to power = love, also your eyeliner game is powerful
10:59:42 From Hannah  : Wowm incredibly true Malissia
10:59:46 From Desiree Zwaga : yes!!
10:59:46 From meganmillington she/her : yes!!
10:59:47 From emily kothe, she/they : Poweful….damn
10:59:54 From Morgan (she/her) : that is so beautiful and strong!!
11:00:00 From Lady Nabi : Right now, for me, Power is the the courage to tackle any situation with accountability, acceptance, and action. I’m mustering up the courage to tell someone that I love them right now. :))) And for a long time I didn’t even want to acknowledge that for myself, because I felt terrified and that made me feel weak. But I realized that what would truly be powerful is to own my love. and have the courage to say it.
11:00:04 From Dei : i find my power in my kindness
11:00:36 From Mistress Malissia (She/Her) : Thank You Ladies !
11:02:13 From Ivy (she/her) : Looking fabulous!
11:02:14 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : I LOVE LEG FUTOS
11:02:29 From Leiti : Love the hairdo 🤓
11:02:31 From Jisoo (she/they) : so pretty
11:03:42 From meganmillington she/her : love that!
11:04:46 From Coral : fun!
11:05:03 From Hannah  : Nice!!
11:06:52 From Kira Lune : I love how Colette is humming while doing this
11:07:00 From Fran Sales (she/her) : Same haha <3
11:07:02 From priscilla : Lol the humming!
11:07:09 From Louisa Ferre : That was so adorable
11:07:09 From Lily T : Haha I know I was thinking same 🙂
11:07:17 From meganmillington she/her : Would you ask all of these things, before getting into “role”?
11:07:44 From Fran Sales (she/her) : 👆
11:07:57 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : Non verbal limits 👏🏻
11:08:01 From Leiti : She really is always so elegant, calm, cool and collected.
Besides, power is FUN!
11:08:23 From Coral : lol
11:09:33 From Yumi : wowwwwww
11:10:05 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : WOAH 🤯
11:10:26 From Daniela Cordomi : The decision to relinquish power is power in itself 🖤
11:10:36 From DT AI : Omg faaaaacts
11:10:46 From Yumi : wow i feel so called out it hurts lol
11:10:47 From Priya (she/her) : Oh I didn’t even think of that
11:11:14 From Miss K : Sooo many gems of wisdom, i can’t take them down fast enough lol
11:11:23 From Chloe Mello : ^^
11:11:29 From Yumi : “what has you gagged? what’s taking away your voice” fuuuuuck!
11:11:33 From Cheyenne Sapphire : !!!! Holy shit!!!
11:11:47 From DT AI : T_T
11:11:47 From Yumi : “who has you on a short leash? who are you slaves to?” 😱
11:11:51 From DT AI : fuuuuuuuuuuu
11:12:08 From DT AI : now that’s some shadow work
11:12:18 From Krupa : Sitting here in the lap of deep-seated patriarchy in south India, I realize there is a LOT of cultural bondage.
11:12:31 From Lady Libertine (she/her) : Can new people still join this cohort?
11:12:55 From Lily T : Cultural bondage, family ties, societal constructs
11:13:09 From Yumi : ready to CUT THE LEASH from asian and white patriarchy
11:13:11 From Priya (she/her) : Thank you!!
11:13:16 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : Thank you so much!
11:13:16 From creepyyeha : So sweet
11:13:19 From Jisoo (she/they) : yes yumi!
11:13:23 From Yumi : <3 <3 <3
11:13:26 From aprillexilee : @Krupa born and raised in Singapore, even though I am in the US now I still feel the leash of cultural bondage too
11:13:32 From Louisa Ferre : I feel that so much power comes from just being open to being vulnerable, so this exercise is very beautiful.
11:16:12 From creepyyeha : Yes, I feel that so much 🙁
11:16:23 From Mari : I feel this so much, crying
11:16:33 From Yumi : 💔wounds of internalized racism cut so deep.
11:16:41 From Lily T : This breaks my heart because I feel this so much
11:17:25 From Cheyenne Sapphire : <3 <3
11:17:42 From Dei : fuck,,
11:17:55 From Kira Lune : Thank you for sharing this, I am honored to be here and help hold space with you, Colette, and everyone else .
11:18:07 From Lily T : Perfection causes paralysis
11:18:29 From Dei : thats so powerful
11:20:23 From Lily T : You are their living and breathing American dream Uyen
11:20:23 From creepyyeha : beautiful
11:20:29 From Ivy (she/her) : ❤️❤️❤️
11:20:32 From Jisoo (she/they) : so beautiful
11:20:33 From Priya (she/her) : Thank you so much
11:20:38 From Miss K : chills when you shared your name
11:20:38 From Leiti : Uyen!!!!!!
11:20:39 From DT AI : Thank you chi Uyen for sharing T_T
11:20:40 From Shalini Sarena Bahad : thank you for owning and embracing all parts of yourself Queen
11:20:44 From Mistress Malissia (She/Her) : Thank you, this is so powerful.
11:20:45 From Jisoo (she/they) : thank you for sharing
11:20:45 From Mari : thank you so much for sharing
11:20:45 From Desiree Zwaga : wow, thank you so much for sharing
11:20:46 From Dei : thank you for inspiring us
11:20:47 From Miss K : Thank you
11:20:47 From Yumi : Thank you for sharing. <3
11:20:48 From Goddess Lila : Thank you so much for sharing. Sending love + light
11:20:48 From Alexa : thank you
11:20:48 From annemarie : thank you for sharing that
11:20:49 From Sara D : Thank you for sharing w us
11:20:52 From Lady Nabi : Thank you
11:20:53 From Angela  : thank you
11:20:54 From Susanō Surface : Thank you
11:20:55 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : I receive that <3 thank you Colette
11:20:55 From Daniela Cordomi : so much love
11:20:55 From priscilla : Thank you !
11:20:55 From Cameron B : thank you
11:20:57 From Kat Chan : Thank you so much <3
11:20:58 From Rachel💜 : 🙏🏽
11:20:59 From Quinn : Thank you
11:21:00 From kiala (they/them) : So powerful thank youuu
11:21:01 From Priya (she/her) : So so appreciative
11:21:02 From Morgan (she/her) : wow that is true power, thank you so much fr your trust and honesty
11:21:02 From Corey Vignola : Thank you for your vulnerability Uyen <3 I’m honored, bowing down!
11:21:02 From Domina Flora : Thank you for sharing that was so powerful and moving❤️
11:21:03 From Audrey : Thank you
11:21:06 From Louisa Ferre : Thank you so much, Uyen ♥ You are so beautiful and inspiring!
11:21:13 From H (they/she) : Thank you, it is privilege to be here with you.
11:21:19 From anqi : thank you for sharing, so much of this resonates with my experience growing up <3
11:21:21 From Adriana(she/her) : Thank you.
11:21:30 From Shade : Wow, thank you so moved. Xo
11:21:31 From Melinda Molenda : 💗💗💗so beautiful. Thank you for sharing that.
11:21:35 From Betty : <3 Thank you
11:22:10 From Leiti : Mushrooms grow from shit.
You are absolutely your name
I showed somebody your profile, and he was like PhD?!! 🧠
11:24:36 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : ✨vulnerability ✨
11:24:44 From Yumi : “The parts of us that’s most painful to see and share” wow.
11:25:56 From Dei : i didnt think you would make me self reflect so much
11:26:18 From Miss K : ^^^^
11:26:21 From Rachel💜 : “Alchemy happens in the moment of expression” *chills*
11:26:41 From Kali Alida : The author is the authority
11:26:49 From Yumi : ^^ wow
11:27:03 From Kali Alida : Love you all 🖤 so grateful
11:27:40 From Lily T : Thank you for this Sunday sermon!
11:27:50 From C : Aho <3
11:27:54 From Yumi : i would go to colette church every sunday
11:27:54 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : This is better than church
11:27:54 From Priya (she/her) : It feels like such a betrayal to listen to and make our voices- I hope one day I’ll be able to step into it
11:28:19 From Leiti : Truth as religion 🦄
11:29:03 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : PLAY FOR OUR DREAMS 👏🏻
11:29:33 From DT AI : This is the best kind of church
11:29:47 From Leiti : Instant knowing
No to small talk
11:30:05 From Yumi : already changing my world listening to you! 😵
11:31:15 From Yumi : when we share our fantasies inside / outside the dungeon, other people can help make it come true. WOW.
11:32:25 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : unequal power dynamicsmics in generational trauma
11:33:58 From Shalini Sarena Bahad : LOVE THAT!
11:33:58 From Shalini Sarena Bahad : writing is such a powerful process
11:33:58 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : “I write to know what I think”
11:34:24 From Mistress Malissia (She/Her) : Journaling has always been my number one way of processing and introspecting and discovering my thoughts.
11:35:03 From Yumi : YES to meditation and morning pages <3
11:35:14 From Dei : it’s so scary
11:35:33 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : How does one meditate while autistic? I’ve always had so much trouble with that…
11:35:59 From Corey Vignola : Hi Anna-lisa, I’m autistic too. Would love to connect more on this <3
11:36:01 From Kira Lune : @Anna-Lisa, same.
11:36:09 From Susanō Surface : Me four 🙂
11:36:17 From Kira Lune : I don’t meditate, but I do use other methods of quieting my minds
11:36:23 From Lily T : I struggle with meditation but breath work is much easier for me
11:36:24 From Mistress Malissia (She/Her) : See the thoughts like passing cars and observe them, without trying to connect with them, identify with them, getting in that traffic. Just sit and watch them.
11:36:57 From Yumi : Sometimes meditation can be as simple as listening to the sounds that are around you and paying attention to that
11:36:59 From Shalini Sarena Bahad : meditation is simply choosing to be in the present moment. Free of attachment, simply witnessing what is.
11:37:09 From priscilla : I am neurodivergent as well. I used the app insight timer and the “learn how to meditate in seven days” course
11:37:30 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : Thank you for the recommendations <3
11:37:32 From Fran Sales (she/her) : I’ve been trying to change up what kind of meditation I’m doing … interesting to see all these ideas. I started doing binaural beats recently
11:37:41 From Lily T : Meditation doesn’t always have to be sitting still with your thoughts – it can be a mindfulness practice in everyday life to live fully in the present
11:37:48 From Daniela Cordomi : To meditate is not to not think, but to be an observer in your own body, your own mind.
11:38:10 From alexakmhughes : I really recommend the Calm app.  Learn how to meditate for 7 days series first, and then I think there is either a 21 day or 30 day set of meditations after.  It is teaching you how to meditate while meditating.  It is great.
11:38:33 From Betty : “The voice that judges others is the voice that judges yourself” I really love this.
11:38:34 From Ivy (she/her) : oh yes! Calm is awesome
11:38:36 From Melinda Molenda : Insight timer app is really good too.
11:38:47 From Dei : “the voice that judges others is the voice that judges yourself” ❤️
11:38:59 From Leiti : +1 to writing constantly thoughts/ideas. And meditation 🧿
11:43:16 From Colette Pervette  To  Kieran Swanson(privately) : I’m going to have them group in pairs to share
11:44:05 From Colette Pervette  To  Kieran Swanson(privately) : They’ll each have three minutes each is there a way to give them that cue when thryr
11:44:11 From Colette Pervette  To  Kieran Swanson(privately) : In group
11:47:36 From Dei : hello!
11:47:46 From Dei : i cant talk rn im sorry
11:47:50 From Dei : i can only type
11:48:06 From Dei : okay!
11:48:10 From Dei : the truth that i’ve been hiding from myself is that i pretend to be idea of myself that i want to be, without actually working towards it
11:48:59 From Dei : it took me a long time to think about something so i dont have more, im sorry
11:49:32 From Dei : for example i pretend to be confident when im insecure
11:49:54 From Dei : yeah
11:50:05 From Dei : i want to take care of others so i dont show my vulnerable side
11:50:42 From Dei : yeah
11:51:15 From Dei : yeah that’s exactly it, i want to dedicate more time to myself
11:51:48 From Dei : thank you
11:52:25 From Dei : thank you sm ! i will do my best
11:52:54 From Dei : thats very true
11:53:43 From meganmillington she/her : sensational, intimate and expansive
11:53:45 From annemarie : vulnerable but safe space
11:55:27 From Leiti : Fun! No time wasted. Cathartic. Empowering. Connected. I immediately had love for my share partner. And how we are mirrors and in fact ONE, with more truths in common than expected.
11:55:46 From Miss K : ^^^
11:56:12 From Rachel💜 : I WANT POWER
11:56:16 From Yumi : I WANT POWER!!!!!
11:56:19 From Rachel💜 : YESSSSSS
11:56:21 From Priya (she/her) : I so relate to that!!!
11:56:24 From emily kothe, she/they : I want power!!!!
11:57:31 From Yumi : <3 thank you for your vulnerability, daniela
11:58:30 From Sarah : We are never alone. So nourishing to share and hear other’s stories.
11:59:25 From Desiree Zwaga : absolutely
11:59:56 From Kieran Swanson  To  Colette Pervette(privately) : this is the last hand raised!
12:00:16 From meganmillington she/her : The truth will set you free
12:00:53 From kiala (they/them) : Omg i so agree with loving strangers!!!
12:01:49 From Leiti : Thank you all for sharing ♥️
What an army of powerful, loving women gathered here. Colette, THANK YOU
12:02:11 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : Thank you so much Priya + Anne <3
12:02:19 From creepyyeha : Thank you Colette!  A beautiful session 🙂
12:02:30 From emily kothe, she/they : Mistress Galore
12:03:00 From Shade : Shade is my Dom name
12:03:11 From Lily T : Thank you for a beautiful Sunday morning – also sharing my “meditation” playlist
12:03:19 From Mistress Arashi : ARASHI (Japanese for STORM) (you can call me ARA too)
12:03:21 From Lady Violetta : I’ll have to remember to switch this for uni courses haha
12:03:22 From Rachel💜 : A consideration is if you use this zoom account for work or other things, you may not want to rename as it keeps the name on the other videos
12:03:23 From priscilla : Nyx was my second choice! Love that name- daughter of chaos
12:03:31 From Rachel💜 : Or remember to rename after!!
12:03:36 From Shade : Thank you Lily T.  And thank you to everyone
12:03:36 From Jade Cyr  To  Colette Pervette(privately) : Did you want me to talk for 1 minute?  NP if there isn’t time…
12:03:47 From priscilla : I will go with my alter ego- Mistress Priscilla
12:03:54 From Miss K : I haven’t decided yet, still working on it
12:04:03 From Mistress Lune – Kira : Mistress Kira Lune – Kira Lune means Dark-Haired Moon, plays on my Irish heritage, and gives honor to the tides of the moon and the power of the moon
12:04:06 From Mistress Serenity (Rachel💜) : Mistress Serenity 💜
12:04:08 From Miss K : I have a fear of commitment lol
12:04:20 From Quinn : Mistress Kali
12:04:23 From Goddess Lila : Thank you so much for an amazing and cathartic first class, Mistress Colette.
12:04:33 From Mistress ARASHI : LOOOVE them all!
12:04:35 From Empress Eden : same miss K, im accepting that this might evolve
12:04:45 From Mistress (Juinnim) Jisoo : love everyone’s names
12:05:06 From Goddess Shalini : if we change our name here, that doesn’t change it for all Zoom calls going forward, does it? lol
12:05:10 From Mistress Damiana : s/o to my inspiration, damiana (Turnera diffusa), an aphrodisiac herb used in magical works of domination
12:05:12 From Mistress ARASHI : I LOVED this exercise.
12:05:21 From Mistress Lune – Kira : Oh I love damiana!
12:05:49 From Mistress ARASHI : I can’t wait to get to know her more <3 <3 <3
12:05:53 From Goddess Anna Lisa : I’ve learned to accept my name over the years – for branding purposes mostly – but now I have a sense of self attached to it
12:07:18 From Leiti : Dining Dominatrix
Food, Love, Permission
12:07:38 From Goddexx ARASHI : omgggggg……. i can’t wait for the next class!!!!!
12:08:10 From Mistrix Marlowe (they/she) : Hell yea to feedback!
12:09:01 From Mistress Serenity (Rachel💜) : Working out the “kinks” 😉
12:09:06 From Leiti : Hehe. Kinks!!
12:09:50 From Lady Layla Chrysanthe (she/her) : The thought that the only reason I’m not perfect is because I think I am not. I always always feel so lacking and inadequate— but this really shifted my perspecitve
12:10:12 From Princess Dei : that i want to be in control of my own life and self reflect on what i actually want
12:10:12 From Princess Dei : same for me lady layla!
12:10:30 From Mistress Lune – Kira : The “inadequate” part is coming up a lot for me right now too
12:10:31 From Mx. Moss : being intentional in who I exert my power to
12:10:34 From Lady Layla Chrysanthe (she/her) : <3 The control will come Princess Dei <33
12:10:45 From Lady Shade : My most powerful takeaway was becoming conscious of my unconscious bondage(s).  Thank you..
12:11:19 From Raena : I have to go but thank you Colette, Keiran and all the women here – can’t wait until next class <3
12:11:40 From Goddexx ARASHI : I have to go but THANK YOU COLETTE! See you all in 2 weeks xoxoxoxoxo
12:11:41 From Lady Violetta : I also have to leave but I am eternally grateful for this session!
12:12:04 From Lady Taurus Lane : so grateful for you as well 🙂
12:12:04 From Leiti : We found one another!!!!!
12:12:20 From Mistress (Juinnim) Jisoo : yes!
12:12:28 From Goddess Anna Lisa (she/her) : Yes Lady Shade 👏🏻
12:12:38 From Lady Layla Chrysanthe (she/her) : Probably some non-women in this group too <333 lots of lovely people to learn from 🙂
12:13:05 From Goddess Anna Lisa (she/her) : Yes, thank you lady Layla
12:13:15 From Lady Layla Chrysanthe (she/her) : <33
12:13:25 From Mistress Zina Lussuria : Yesss thank you lady Layla. Nonbinary trans here, not a woman 🙂
12:13:30 From Miss K : “I don’t have to do this alone” yess
12:13:36 From Mistress Lylah (Francesca) : If anyone is in NYC and would like to grab a coffee DM me! 🙂 @fransales
12:13:39 From Mistress Tien : Love what you said about turning down the intensity
12:13:59 From Mistress Esmee : YES
12:14:08 From Mx. Moss : If anyone is in Seattle, I’d love to meet up too!🖤
12:14:33 From Sweet Lady Laura (she her) : Bell Hooks!
12:14:38 From Mistress Lune – Kira : Is there anyone in Colorado?
12:14:43 From Mistress Tien : Going to this goth rollerskating party later today in Burbank if anyone is in LA – my friend from grad school will be doing free tarot readings
12:14:45 From Mistress Tien :
12:15:04 From Domina Fawn : Yes, I can totally relate Mistress Zina!
12:15:07 From Mistress Talia : Madison, WI?
12:15:19 From Mx. Moss : yesss please, Lady Libertine!
12:15:26 From Lady Libertine (she/her) : I’m in SF would love to connect to any Bay Area participants!
12:15:38 From Mistress Esmee : yaay Netherlands!
12:15:38 From Domina Fawn : I am also based in the Bay Area (:
12:15:39 From Domina Flora : I’m in the Bay Area
12:15:44 From Lady Mae : I’m in the bay 🙂
12:15:48 From Mistress Hera : Im in the bay too!
12:15:59 From Mistress (Juinnim) Jisoo : I’m in tennessee so i’m jelly of alll of y’all
12:16:00 From Mistress Pearl : also in the bay!
12:16:04 From Goddess Anna Lisa (she/her) : Im close by! Sacramento
12:16:04 From Mistress Hera : sorry ya’ll I gotta dip thank you all so much
12:16:04 From priscilla : Out of town in Oklahoma until the 1st but I’d love to be a part of a Bay Area meet up
12:16:05 From Lady Libertine (she/her) : Haha amazing! Feel free to Signal me 256.520.6560
12:16:09 From Quinn : Also in the Bay!
12:16:19 From Lady Sapphire : Thank you so much! Absolutely incredible <3 <3
12:16:45 From Mistress Arcturus : This is the breath of change. Thank you for being on this journey. I relish our time together. Thank you Collette, Kuerab & the wise wisdom of every persons hands. Bye for now.
12:16:50 From Goddess Louisa Ferre : I’m also in the bay!
12:17:11 From Anastasia : I too am in (North) Bay
12:17:19 From Quinn : So grateful. Thank you for today.
12:17:40 From Empress Eden : I have to get going. Thank you for an amazing class. Looking forward to the next
12:17:56 From Mistress (Juinnim) Jisoo : grateful for this opportunity and connection!!! see y’all next time:)
12:17:59 From aprillexilee : wow. Mind blown
12:18:06 From Mistress Isla : Sweet Lady Laura – wow wow wow! Love all of this.
12:19:01 From Goddess Anna Lisa (she/her) : Thank you for that insight Sweet lady laura
12:19:21 From Domina Flora : I’m on Telegram Domina Flora, it would be wonderful to meet up
12:19:30 From Sweet Lady Laura (she her) : Hell ya
12:20:34 From Princess Dei : thank you so much for your time
12:20:38 From Lady Juno : WOW thank you so so so much
12:20:49 From Lady Layla Chrysanthe (she/her) : Thank you so much !
12:20:52 From Mistress Anahata : Thank you!
12:20:58 From Laceleaf : It was a great pleasure to meet everyone!
12:21:29 From Ivy (she/her) : Looking forward to this journey with everyone!
12:21:37 From Goddess Anna Lisa (she/her) : Thank you so much everyone, you’re all SO LOVELY
12:21:41 From The Lady Alecto (She/They) : This was such a remarkable experience, thank you Colette for bringing all of us together.
12:21:49 From Zie : Thank you so much Colette. This session was so freaking powerful. My heart is so much more open after this. I am so grateful to go on this journey with everyone. My deepest gratitude. <3
12:22:17 From Mx. Moss : thank you so much everyone🖤🖤🖤
12:22:18 From Mistress Marcella : Thank you Colette and everyone! Excited to begin this journey with you all
12:22:26 From Sofia : I am so glad I followed my intuition with this course. It already shows to be so much more than what I hoped for. Very grateful and excited. <3
12:22:28 From The Lady Alecto (She/They) : Unfortunately I have to leave now, but I’ll see everyone in a couple of weeks! xoxo
12:22:40 From Princess Dei : can i ask here??
12:22:41 From Lady Mae : I’m in the bay if anyone wants to connect: (707) 365-0568
12:22:45 From Aurora Andora : It was so wonderful meeting all of you. I
12:22:46 From Goddess Louisa Ferre : Thank you so so much Colette, for you wisdom and generosity.
12:22:46 From Lady Mae : Message or signal <3
12:23:16 From Domina Desirae : Thanks for a wonderful session everyone!! 😍
12:24:11 From Miss K : no question, I just wanted to let you know that this course is already exceeding my expectations and I deeply appreciate your vulnerability
12:25:13 From Zie : THIS IS SO CUUUUTE
12:25:17 From Eden : Thank you to everyone here; I so look forward to these next few weeks, and thank you very much Colette for this space. <3
12:25:23 From Lady Layla Chrysanthe (she/her) : That’s so precious
12:25:47 From Mistress Malissia (She/Her) : I have to leave, thank you all for today.
12:25:59 From Princess Dei : so true
12:26:23 From Princess Dei : the most awesome feeling is being a good influence to others
12:27:20 From Sofia : I have to leave, thank you everyone!
12:28:14 From Zie : Thank you <3
12:28:30 From Princess Dei : imo judge the actions not the feelings, jealousy is not bad
12:29:48 From Princess Dei : me too , i struggle with that a lot
12:29:56 From Sofia : Very good question re voice!!!
12:30:03 From Mistress Esmee : great question!
12:31:20 From Mistress Tien : You’re not alone in this Domina Desirae! Thank you for asking this question
12:33:21 From Zie : “When you are not in your head. You are in the moment.” – wow yesssssss
12:34:08 From Lady Layla Chrysanthe (she/her) : Ty kieran!!
12:34:23 From Mistress Valentina : Yes thanks so much for your support Kieran~
12:34:26 From Zie : i have to leave now but thank you everyone for your energy and sharing. So many beautiful souls here. <3
12:34:39 From Domina Flora : Thank you
12:35:44 From Mistress Valentina : venus fly trap is an epic name, my compliments! and fantastic question
12:36:00 From Queen Lune | Kira : ^^ absolutely agree!
12:36:34 From Goddess Anna Lisa (she/her) : 👏🏻 YES
12:37:20 From Mistress Zina Lussuria : The incredible mutual support on sex worker communities is forever inspiring!!!
12:37:39 From Sweet Lady Laura (she her) : Mutual aid ❤️
12:37:58 From Mistress Valentina : If anyone is interested in sex workers rights, Revolting Prostitutes is an incredibly insightful and powerful work… highly recommend
12:38:20 From Goddess Anna Lisa (she/her) : ^^^ YES
12:39:33 From Princess Dei : you are so beautiful colette
12:40:45 From Venus Fly Strap : No thank you Colette!
12:41:16 From Princess Dei : can someone ask a question for me?
12:41:31 From Lady Libertine (she/her) : Sure @princess Dei
12:42:00 From Lady Libertine (she/her) : I think every d-type should be trauma-informed ideally
12:42:02 From Goddess Anna Lisa (she/her) : Such a great questions sweet lady Laura
12:43:12 From Domina Desirae : YES I’m trying to find that “no” for myself too
12:43:12 From Queen Lune | Kira : I agree about being trauma informed, absolutely
12:44:02 From Princess Dei : thank you! can you ask her if she ever felt like she couldn’t be a good dominatrix? i struggle a lot with fearing not being up to other’s expectations so im curious
12:45:15 From Queen Lune | Kira : I like to say now that I can provide a space and honor and respect your boundaries, but it is up to you to decide if it is safe or not.
12:46:32 From Princess Dei : im also wondering what your family think of your job since you mentioned they are very conservative
12:46:43 From Miss K : Really great meeting you all. Have a good week.
12:47:05 From Goddess Anna Lisa (she/her) : Emotional pain is a messenger for a deeper look within
12:47:16 From Goddess Anna Lisa (she/her) : a symptoom
12:50:56 From Princess Dei : this is so inspiring
12:51:29 From Mistress Tien : My heart is with you Colette/chi Uyen. Thank you for sharing this. I relate to so much of it with my own family and what I went through with my mom with judgment and showing up through that
12:51:58 From Mistress Valentina : thank you so much for sharing your wisdom
12:52:29 From Domina Flora : Bay Area sister Domme Lady Libertine is trying to set up a meet up. You can use Signal to c
12:52:49 From Sweet Lady Laura (she her) : I’m in the epicentre of a Bible Belt… 😵
12:52:53 From Domina Flora : Connect 256-520-6560
12:53:36 From Domina Flora : or you can also connect with me via Signal or Telegram under dominaflora
12:55:34 From Mistress Esmee : i could stay here for hours haha
12:55:44 From Mistress Tien : Thank you Colette and everyone. Can’t wait for next class!
12:55:50 From Aurora Andora : I’m in the LA area, and I’m looking forward to connect with all of you more.💗 Thank you so much, Collette,  and thank you to all of you who have shared.
12:55:54 From priscilla : Thank you for your time and energy today. Can’t wait for next time
12:55:57 From Mistress Lylah (Francesca) : 🙏 thank you everyone
12:55:58 From Princess Dei : thank you
12:56:00 From Sweet Lady Laura (she her) : Such generous energy ❤️
12:56:03 From Domina Desirae : Thank you everyone, this was such a powerful space!
12:56:04 From Sweet Lady Laura (she her) : Thx
12:56:05 From Mistress Esmee : thank you!!
12:56:06 From Goddess Anna Lisa (she/her) : Thank you so much Colette!
12:56:11 From Venus Fly Strap : Thank you Colette
12:56:12 From Betty : Thank you!