Chatbox from Sunday Lesson 11/7/21

09:57:11 From Vy N. : your outfit today!!! @creepyyeha!!! <3
09:57:21 From Vy N. : good morning everyone 🙂
09:57:23 From Lady Violetta : seconded!!
09:57:57 From Domina Desirae : Thirded!!!! lol
10:00:10 From Laceleaf : Beautiful!
10:00:15 From Leiti : Pleasure to be back! ❤️‍🔥 Woo, Jade!
10:00:25 From Domina Darla : so happy to be here with all of you!
10:01:36 From Chelsea Burka  To  Colette Pervette(privately) : Hello! Feeling a little under the weather so off video today but I am fully present and here <3
10:02:04 From Louisa Ferre : Everyone is so beautiful!
10:02:15 From Mistress Serenity (Rachel) : So so beautiful!!
10:02:16 From Mistress Jisoo : agreed:)
10:02:55 From Mistress Kira Lune : I am so happy to see everyone! I’ve been looking forward to this since the last class 🥰
10:03:07 From Coley (Lady Lore) : 💖🖤💖🖤
10:03:18 From Mistress Kira Lune : Omg yay!! I love discord!
10:03:35 From DT AI : Yayyyy discord 😄
10:03:47 From Domina Desirae : 👍👍👍✨
10:04:02 From Lady Ottilyne : yay!!
10:04:17 From meganmillington she/her : How long will it be? I’m scheduling time tomorrow
10:04:26 From Chelsea : 6pm PST?
10:05:17 From Priya Mishra (she/her) : You’re doing so so well!! We’re all grateful- thank you so much!
10:05:31 From Ai : Love it :’)
10:05:36 From DT AI : thankkk you for your hard work and building this community Colette <3
10:05:39 From DOMINA AKARI : Thank you Colette!!! <3 <3 <3
10:05:40 From S : Hallmark of an outstanding educator to be transparent with your own growth
10:05:43 From meganmillington she/her : haha yes!
10:05:50 From Laceleaf : yayyy
10:05:53 From Mistress Arcturus : We are with you Momma!
10:06:03 From Mistress Esmee/Desiree : yees!
10:06:06 From Mistress Serenity (Rachel) : 💖
10:06:14 From Chelsea : We are honored to do this with you! We’re all learning together
10:06:22 From Mistress Kira Lune : Ooh I had a dream about faciliating a birth last night
10:06:23 From Domina Darla : You’ve done beautifully
10:06:29 From Mistress Kira Lune : Facilitating*
10:06:31 From Mistress Jisoo : thank you so much for your hard work
10:06:38 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : I LOVE MONEY TALK hehehe
10:06:43 From Princess Coco Celeste : Thank you Colette <3 !
10:06:47 From meganmillington she/her : To be clear, discourse will be used instead of telegram?
10:07:28 From meganmillington she/her : Love talking Money! Bring it out of the shadows and lets integrate. yesss!
10:07:33 From meganmillington she/her : woohoo!
10:07:34 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : !!!!!!!!! <3333333
10:07:39 From Domina Fawn : excited for you!
10:07:46 From DT AI : Awwww yaaaaay <33333
10:07:46 From Ai : OMG <3
10:07:46 From meganmillington she/her : yes!!!!!@!@!
10:07:50 From Mistress Kira Lune : Omg this is so exciting!!!
10:07:50 From Cheyenne Sapphire : <3 <3 <3
10:07:53 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Aaaaaah what a lovely lovely thing for the money to go to!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10:07:53 From Laceleaf : Oh lovely!
10:07:53 From Mistress Eve : <3
10:07:58 From Lady Ottilyne : so much love
10:08:00 From Erin : Awwwww…love this so much
10:08:00 From Marlowe (they/them) : This is divine <3
10:08:02 From Leiti : Ahhhhhhh ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
10:08:04 From Gillian Moore : Sending love and light to you and your future family <3
10:08:06 From alexakmhughes : YES
10:08:11 From Domina Desirae : This is beautiful Colette!!
10:08:11 From Coral : Most important job on the planet, raising a human is magical
10:08:12 From Domina Darla : OMG Colette!!!!
10:08:12 From Chelsea : WOWWWW
10:08:13 From S : Congratulations. I was an egg donor (5x) and if you ever want to talk about the IVF process, please reach out. We are the same age precisely.
10:08:18 From mistress zina (they/them) : That is soooo beautiful!!!!!!cryingggg
10:08:18 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : yesssss baby colettes!
10:08:21 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : What an honor!!! To be able to be a part of this!!!!!! <333
10:08:24 From Coley (Lady Lore) : That’s amazing congratulations!!!
10:08:28 From Louisa Ferre : ♥♥♥
10:08:29 From Empress Eden : omg!! Congrats! Im so honored to be a part of this
10:08:29 From Domina Darla : Holy shit!
10:08:31 From meganmillington she/her : I have chills!!!!
10:08:34 From Michelle Vong : Congratulations
10:08:35 From meganmillington she/her : Love you!
10:08:41 From Mistress Serenity (Rachel) : Wow!!!
10:08:41 From DT AI : Love youuuu so muchhh coletteee <333
10:08:42 From Michelle Vong : Thank youuuuu so much!
10:08:42 From Domina Darla : wow wow wow wow
10:08:47 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Cannot wait!!!!! So so excited!!!!!!!!
10:08:48 From Mistress Kira Lune : Thank you for sharing that with us!!
10:08:53 From Mistress Esmee/Desiree : you are so so welcome<3
10:08:54 From Lily / Mistress Tien : Truly an honor. We love you Colette <3
10:09:01 From Domina Fawn : ❤️
10:09:02 From M. Xuan (they/she) : 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍
10:09:03 From Mistress Eva Lucette | Cynthia : 💛💛💛
10:09:12 From Mistress Jisoo : it is an honor to be a part of this journey
10:09:16 From Kira (Mistress Dahlia) : ❤️❤️❤️
10:09:28 From Lady Midnight : ♥️
10:09:44 From Chelsea  To  Colette Pervette(privately) : I remember us talking about it this time last year!!
10:09:48 From Mistress Arcturus : I am honored! Your body, your baby and your home are already full of love.
10:10:20 From Domina Desirae : Your soul is so breathtaking Colette
10:10:24 From Leiti : Birth Birth Birth 💝 I can feel HER presence already
10:10:48 From DT AI : <3
10:10:52 From meganmillington she/her : yes!!!
10:11:01 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Omgggggggg!!!!!!
10:11:01 From Christina Kim : Life changing memories have happened in that place!!
10:11:02 From DT AI : HOLLLLYYYYY
10:11:03 From Cheyenne Sapphire : omgggggg
10:11:04 From Coley (Lady Lore) : YESSSS
10:11:07 From Cheyenne Sapphire : yesssssss
10:11:08 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : YESSSSSS
10:11:09 From meganmillington she/her : ahhhh!
10:11:10 From Mistress Serenity (Rachel) : YESSS!!!
10:11:10 From Ai : I’m so there!
10:11:10 From S : I’m so there 🙂
10:11:11 From soughter : yaaaaa!
10:11:12 From Cheyenne Sapphire : YESSSSSS
10:11:15 From Shalini Sarena Bahad : yesss!! I’ll head up for sure!!
10:11:16 From Louisa Ferre : Yesssss! ♥
10:11:17 From Coley (Lady Lore) : TEA TEA👏👏
10:11:18 From Chelsea  To  Colette Pervette(privately) : YESSSSSSS!!!
10:11:19 From Lady Ottilyne : Yyayyyyyyy!!!!! <3
10:11:20 From Lady Violetta : Uhm YESS
10:11:21 From Mistress Jisoo : omggggggg
10:11:30 From Wednesday DieNatter : I’m so THERE!!! YES! Thank you for opening your home to us <3
10:11:33 From DT AI : yaaaaayyy
10:11:46 From Venus Fly Strap : The only time I ever wish I lived in the US 😅
10:11:46 From Lily / Mistress Tien : I used to do an underground tea lounge at warehouse parties in LA! I’ll be there!
10:12:11 From Sofia M. : Ahhh I so wish I could be there…..
10:12:23 From Domina Desirae : That sounds amazing!!
10:12:31 From DT AI : yaaaay
10:12:36 From Domina Darla : Yay! I can’t wait!
10:12:37 From Domina Desirae : I will definitely be there virtually. :3
10:12:48 From meganmillington she/her : yassssss Qweeeeennnn!!
10:12:50 From Domina Desirae : (Wish I could be there physically!)
10:13:10 From Mistress Esmee/Desiree : yes virtually me too
10:13:29 From S : Tea in the Pyrex = SOULMATE
10:13:37 From Mistress Kira Lune : Also can I just say that I love Colette’s tea pyrex cup
10:14:27 From Lady Violetta : omg pyrex fans?? love this group
10:14:59 From Shalini Sarena Bahad : i treat this as Sunday School
10:15:07 From Mistress Jisoo : ^^^
10:15:10 From Mistress Kira Lune : Yesss the dark Sunday school
10:15:11 From Domina Darla : Yes running overtime
10:15:11 From jude salazar : So excited to get to meet all of you and share this space!
10:15:13 From Leiti : Thank you for your time 💝
10:15:27 From Mistress Jisoo : telling my parents this is a “leadership workshop” lol
10:15:35 From Domina Darla : where is this poll?
10:15:43 From Lady Midnight : can you share result public?
10:15:49 From Mistress Kira Lune : “Leadership workshop” love it
10:15:51 From Michelle Vong : It should be on a different tab
10:15:56 From Lady Midnight : You can “Share with audience” So we can all see the result
10:16:25 From Louisa Ferre : The pyrex is iconic
10:16:29 From Mistress Serenity (Rachel) : I told my parents I’m doing a self empowerment class LOL
10:16:43 From Domina Fawn : LOL Big brain
10:16:44 From Mistress Jisoo : yass hahaha
10:17:04 From S : I told my sub I’m in a leadership mentor cohort
10:17:15 From lady pink : LOL
10:17:34 From Leiti : Hahaha
10:17:57 From Erin : It’s absolutely self empowerment!! …just more real/raw and in a cuter outfit 😉
10:18:51 From Leiti : Wouldn’t miss Jan 5 for the world.
Colette, happy to help make it exxxtra delicious 🍣🥂🍜 Queens, hit me up @leitihsu if you wanna travel plan together
10:19:22 From Mistress Kira Lune : January 15th, I believe? Not the 5th?
10:19:41 From Shalini Sarena Bahad : 15th yes
10:20:11 From Leiti : Oops, I misheard. Thanks! Calendar marked
10:20:27 From Donna Valentina : Yes Alexa same! Wanted to share it with everyone i know
10:20:59 From mistress zina (they/them) : Babesss if there is anyone who wants to hop in my car & carpool down let me know!!  (I’d be driving from Vancouver, so anywhere along the way i could pick ya up!)
10:21:25 From Marlowe (they/them) : @Mistress Zina, I was going to ask/offer you the same thing! Would love to carpool
10:22:10 From Melinda Molenda : Maybe we can do an RV trip for anyone from LA to the tea party
10:22:21 From Laceleaf : Ill be in LA!
10:23:09 From Naadia : I’m in LA!
10:23:11 From M. Xuan (they/she) : I’ll also be coming from LA ✨
10:23:18 From alexakmhughes : I’m in LA as well!
10:23:22 From Seta Avedissian : In LA as well 🙂
10:23:25 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : LA meet-up pleaaaase 😍
10:23:29 From Seta Avedissian : YESSSSS
10:23:34 From Shalini Sarena Bahad : yesss to an LA meetup x
10:23:50 From Mistress Arcturus : Anyone from east coast?
10:23:56 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : scorpio moon circle in LA somehow / somewhere? <3
10:23:57 From Leiti : I’ve been in LA/SF this week but am NYC based. Anybody else a New Yorker?!
10:24:01 From Princess Coco Celeste : LA please <3
10:24:02 From Mistress Jisoo : me! sort of lol
10:24:09 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Ny based here!! <3
10:24:21 From Goddess Nalini : I live in Vancouver! <3
10:24:24 From Lady Luna : NJ based here
10:24:28 From Lady Violetta : east coast, mid atlantic 🙂
10:24:30 From Duchess Dani Diamond : Brooklyn bby!
10:24:44 From Domina Darla : Colette is easy to love
10:25:31 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : So easy!
10:25:38 From Leiti : We should do dinner/drinks in SF area before/after Jan 15 maximize time in the same place together like a moveable domme retreat feast 💃🏻
10:26:13 From Donna Valentina : love that elite!
10:26:21 From Donna Valentina : Leiti*
10:26:31 From Mistress Diana : Would love to meet up in bay area
10:26:37 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : Trust is built through vulnerability
10:26:41 From Coral : +1 bay area
10:26:51 From S : Let us rent us a big-ass BNB
10:26:52 From soughter : I’m down in the bay
10:27:30 From Laceleaf : Beautifully said! Yes!
10:27:42 From Mistress Serenity (Rachel) : **shivers**
10:27:43 From Lady Mae : ~ Exploring, examining, expressing ~
10:27:52 From Lady Mae : Yes!!! <3
10:28:09 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : Yesssss bay area retreat in January!!! <3
10:28:26 From lady pink : owww
10:28:27 From Leiti : ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
10:28:31 From Laceleaf : Yes !
10:28:32 From Domina Darla : Yes, Lady Zi! Me too.
10:28:42 From Mistress Serenity (Rachel) : Lady Zii 💜
10:28:44 From Leiti : Ziiiii
10:28:47 From meganmillington she/her : Holding you Lady Zii
10:28:49 From Lena Xiao : 🖤🖤🖤
10:29:00 From Louisa Ferre : ♥♥♥
10:29:16 From Domina Desirae : Lady Zii! Thank you for pouring your heart out <3
10:29:24 From Shalini Sarena Bahad : tears are alchemical for sure
10:29:24 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : 💗💗💗
10:29:39 From Lily / Mistress Tien : Truth drops!
10:29:40 From Shalini Sarena Bahad : vulnerability and strength go hand in hand
10:29:43 From Leiti : It’s about to be turnt upppp🧋
10:29:49 From meganmillington she/her : truth drops!!
10:31:12 From Mistress Serenity (Rachel) : I used to think being emotional and crying were a weakness. Someone recently told me that it’s energy in motion. “E” , “Motion”. It was a profound shift for me
10:31:14 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : It becomes so hard when it comes to ourselves!!
10:31:18 From Venus Fly Strap : I think S had a hand up for a while.
10:31:19 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : Brene Brown has a great audible talk on vulnerability btw!
10:31:30 From Domina Fawn : Nicely said, Mistress Serenity
10:31:46 From Mistress Jisoo : same Serenity
10:31:46 From Domina Desirae : Yesss!!
10:32:59 From Mistress Diana : I was taught that being too emotional was “unseemly” and you would not be taken seriously.  It’s difficult to embrace that part of myself without hearing voices in my head that I am being “weak”
10:33:46 From Mistress Diana : thank you Colette for helping me realize I can release that part of myself.  And embrace that inner child
10:33:50 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : We should do scream therapy / breathwork in the bay area retreat in January 😜
10:34:03 From Louisa Ferre : Omg yes
10:34:16 From Lady Zii : Yeah i’ve always felt a lot of shame crying especially in front of people so I whenever I would cry, I would go to the shower and cry so no one would see me and ask me what was wrong. But only recently I felt safe and okay about crying. crying is part of the healthy spectrum of emotions that all humans experience <3
10:34:21 From Michelle Vong : =[=090
10:34:27 From Melinda Molenda : Yes to scream therapy!! It feels so good!!!
10:34:48 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : all of us mistresses cathartic crying and screaming in a room together — that is my sexual fantasy lol
10:34:56 From Lady Zii : ^ ahahah yessssss
10:35:10 From Mistress Diana : OMG!  I cry in the shower too.
10:35:19 From Lily / Mistress Tien : Yesss 111% what a fantastic fantasy
10:35:25 From Mistress Kira Lune : I told a friend that tears are letting us release the things we need to and to sit with the feelings that feel so overwhelming.
10:36:22 From Venus Fly Strap : Ahaha Domina Akari, throw in everyone being mean to me, and we’ve hit the jackpot
10:36:39 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : ^^ lollll!
10:37:46 From Michelle Vong : <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<z
10:39:17 From M : I just got to work so will have to catch the recording later. lovely to be here with all you and so excited for when we can finally meet!
10:41:49 From jade  To  Colette Pervette(privately) : I’m back…
10:57:19 From Ai  To  Colette Pervette(privately) : 4084383560
10:57:33 From Colette Pervette  To  Ai(privately) : 510-759-6692
10:57:41 From Mistress Diana  To  Colette Pervette(privately) : Mistress Diana:  415-786-7284
10:59:01 From Lady Midnight : I’ll see you both on Discord Lady Echo and Mistress Jisoo 🙂
10:59:18 From Louisa Ferre : Would it be possible for Anqi, Venus Fly Strap, and I to be put in a breakout room again? We got cut off by time T_T
10:59:42 From Lady Zii : This exercise WAS SO FUN to see the growth in me
10:59:45 From priscilla : Ended up being a  very similar message
10:59:46 From meganmillington she/her : My truth got MUCH  deeper the 2nd time, burt shared my truth both times
11:00:05 From soughter : Loved the exercise
11:00:20 From Lady Violetta : Also Leiti is raising her hand ut without the emoji 🙂
11:01:03 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : I must say, this isn’t my first Zoom rodeo—but I can’t find the hand raising tool
11:01:20 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Option + y for Mac <3
11:01:20 From S : It is in “reactions”
11:01:25 From Kieran : Under reactions along the bottom!
11:01:26 From Lady Zii : @leiti the hand raising tool can be found in the reactions button at the bottom
11:01:44 From Lily / Mistress Tien : Smiley face on bottom right where it says Reactions
11:02:05 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : My reactions are missing all emoji but the thumb and clap
11:02:32 From Kieran : feel free to use either & I will know you would like to share 🙂
11:02:38 From Sofia M. : omg this is too funny I always just raised my hand physically in the video haha, such a noob
11:03:06 From Empress Eden : yes mistress jisoo!! resonate with that, on a similar journey
11:03:07 From Ai : Wow, yes, Jisoo
11:03:24 From Donna Valentina : @mistressjisoo that is so relatable, thanks for sharing with us.
11:03:48 From Mistress Kira Lune : @Quinn can you message me your number again? And @ladymae? I want to make sure I wrote them down correctly
11:04:52 From Quinn : Yah! 510-282-2607
11:05:05 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : Ooof… that is so relatable. My friend came up with the phrase being a “blank check” – being whatever you want you think the other person wants you to be for their comfort
11:05:24 From Lady Leona : I relate to that so much Colette
11:05:40 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : Un truths ultimately a disservice to not just myself but others too
11:05:41 From lady pink : god me too
11:06:13 From Mistress Kira Lune : Thanks Quinn!
11:06:27 From soughter : I think that integrity is so important
11:06:27 From Mistress Arcturus : Lady Libertine & Domina Diana can you message me your number? @deborahcautela
11:07:06 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : “every part of you will become true, even your wildest dreams” <3 <3 <3 omg yes
11:07:07 From Goddess Shalini : 10000%%%
11:07:12 From Goddess Shalini : may the Truth set us free
11:07:19 From Quinn : amen
11:07:25 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : YESSSSS
11:07:36 From Goddess Lila : +++ <3
11:08:20 From Quinn : mistress bodhissatva
11:08:23 From Lady Zii : WOW
11:08:31 From Lady Zii : That was powerful
11:08:37 From Mistress Jisoo : thank you. thank you. thank you.
11:08:52 From Lady Zii : yaaaaay
11:08:58 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Yes please share ! <3
11:09:00 From Lady Leona : Thank you Colette that made me cry
11:09:33 From Lena Xiao : “when you embody the truth and express the truth and be the truth, everything will become true, even your wildest dreams”
11:09:39 From Lady Violetta : yes!!!
11:09:45 From Lady Zii : Yesssssss so much healing happened for me this past 2 weeks as well
11:09:51 From Wednesday DieNatter : Yes I feel that Zina!!
11:10:36 From Laceleaf : Wow yes!
11:10:57 From Cheyenne Sapphire : Ugh yes
11:10:58 From Lady Ottilyne : resonating with you so much, Mistress Zina
11:11:08 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : mmmm yes!!! pain / love alchemy <3
11:12:12 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : we’re all breaking the cycle just being here 🔥
11:12:13 From Anna-Lisa Wagner : We are the cycle breakers
11:12:23 From Mistress Jisoo : healing our generational trauma TOGETHER
11:12:31 From Lady Zii : WOOOOOOOOOW
11:12:34 From Domina Fawn : OMG
11:12:34 From Lady Zii : THAT IS BEAUTIFUL
11:12:36 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : That’s so so sos so sos it!!!
11:12:37 From Mistress Jisoo : wow that is amazing
11:12:40 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : That’s exactly it!!!
11:12:41 From Domina Fawn : Love it!
11:12:42 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : beautiful!!!! <3 <3 <3
11:12:47 From Donna Valentina : that is amazing!
11:12:48 From Mistress Esmee/Desiree : so cool!!
11:12:51 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : can that be our team sweatshirt lol
11:12:51 From Laceleaf : lovely
11:13:01 From Naadia : beautiful
11:13:02 From meganmillington she/her : wowowoowwo!!! powerful art!!
11:13:23 From Laceleaf : Its so beautiful to hear from everyone. I resonate with everyone’s story. It feels better than therapy. Feels free!
11:13:25 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : Yes, this is the year
11:13:30 From Goddess Nalini : Thank you for sharing Mistress Zina. Your words resonate deeply within me, thank you❤️
11:13:31 From meganmillington she/her : for me its 9
11:13:36 From Mistress Serenity (Rachel) : WOW
11:13:56 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : wowwwwwww
11:13:58 From Cheyenne Sapphire : How many years ago was this?
11:14:15 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : WOW
11:14:24 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : Not truths contribution to not truths
11:14:25 From Goddess Shalini : I’m guiding a free mindfulness and morning practice Masterclass on 11/11 at 11am ET btw – DM if you’d like the details. <3
11:15:05 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : i am getting chills
11:16:29 From Lady Violetta : same luna, I saw the info and just knew something inside that told me I had to do this!
11:17:34 From Mistress Jisoo : same, it was a true impulse decision guided by fate
11:17:49 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : Intuition does not lie!!!!
11:18:40 From Laceleaf : That is so inspiring! I hope I can get to that place
11:18:56 From meganmillington she/her : the truth will set you free
11:21:33 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : You’re absolutely lovely M Xuan- thank you for sharing
11:22:29 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : i’m sooooooooooo excited 😀 😀 😀 😀
11:23:35 From Goddess Anna Lisa : YES
11:23:40 From Mistress Serenity (Rachel) : “Owning our full radiance and power” that statement resonates
11:24:15 From Lily / Mistress Tien : YESSS
11:24:33 From Cheyenne Sapphire : yesssss
11:24:52 From Wednesday DieNatter : love that, so powerful
11:25:20 From Mistress Serenity (Rachel) : Goddess Shalini, you radiate ☀️
11:25:45 From Mistress Jisoo : totally resonate with the name thing shalini
11:25:46 From Cheyenne Sapphire : I am doing the same thing!!!
11:25:50 From Cheyenne Sapphire : With my name <3
11:25:50 From meganmillington she/her : yes! all of it in sacred!
11:25:54 From meganmillington she/her : is
11:26:09 From Goddess Anna Lisa : Definitely resonate with that, thank you
11:27:07 From Catherine’s iPhone : My OnlyFans is under my legal name. I am so here for destigmatizing.
11:27:37 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : Love that, Catherine. Thanks for sharing, Jude.
11:27:59 From Lily / Mistress Tien : Holding you Jude <3
11:28:07 From Lady Zii : Yesss Jude stepping into your power <3
11:28:08 From Laceleaf : beautiful
11:28:08 From meganmillington she/her : YES!!!!
11:28:13 From Mistress Diana : I love you Jude, I love that you are sharing this.  I can sympathize with so much of what you are saying!
11:28:14 From Mistress Jisoo : proud of you jude!
11:28:16 From Michelle Vong : Thank you!!
11:28:22 From mistress zina (they/them) : Hell yes Jude! You are so seen and loved here!!!
11:28:23 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Thank you so much Jude- you’re so deeply powerful and your sexuality is yours to take <3 I can’t wait to watch you step into it <333
11:28:27 From Wednesday DieNatter : Jude, we all feel that shame. Society no longer tells me how I live my life. Good for you!!!
11:28:29 From Louisa Ferre : Thank you so much Jade for sharing that ♥
11:29:17 From Coral : Jude, so happy for you to be away from that shaming partner
11:30:51 From meganmillington she/her : yes, support our goddess bladders!
11:31:16 From Wednesday DieNatter : lol @meganmillington
11:31:35 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : Oh my Goddesses!
11:32:04 From Laceleaf : Jade you play wonderfully!
11:32:07 From Lady Midnight : <3 <3 Jade
11:32:17 From Mistress Jisoo : peep that steinway!!
11:32:28 From Ai : Love Satie <3
11:32:34 From Lady Violetta : its one of my favorite pieces, I was thrilled to hear it
11:33:32 From S : Request – Handel,  lascia ch’io pianga 🙂
11:34:19 From Louisa Ferre : Gender play is so beautiful
11:34:20 From Mistress Jisoo : I’ve sung that before!
11:34:28 From Goddess Shalini : i am loving this so much <3
11:36:15 From Mistress Serenity (Rachel) : Gender euphoric
11:36:17 From Mistress Mina : Yes !! Gender euphoric!!
11:36:28 From Lady Midnight : Super informative!
11:36:41 From Lady Violetta : I was reading Miss High Heels per Colette’s suggestion and have been adoring the exploration of gender play
11:37:10 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : This all is the kinda stuff missing from school curriculums ‘round the world 😉
11:40:00 From Goddess Anna Lisa : Thank you so much for your offerings Jade
11:40:00 From Empress Eden : really love the reading list, my nerdy side is so happy
11:40:05 From Coral : this one?
11:40:07 From Lady Zii : Wow jadeee thank you so much for sharing <3
11:40:09 From Lady Midnight  To  Colette Pervette(privately) : Hi Uyen, can you let the other account in for me? My computer is out of battery so i’m switching to my phone. Thank you 🙂
11:40:16 From Lady Midnight  To  Colette Pervette(privately) : thank you 🙂
11:40:17 From Mistress Serenity (Rachel) : Thank you Jade!! So informative
11:40:18 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Was so lovely to hear from you Jade!!
11:40:21 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : JADE <3
11:40:21 From Coral : sorry, this one?
11:40:29 From Goddess Lila : Thank you so much for imparting this wisdom Jade, love this!!
11:40:36 From Mistress Jisoo : thank you jade!!
11:40:42 From Donna Valentina : Yes thank you so much Jade! I already ordered most of the books and I’m diving in – thank you sincerely for the recommendations
11:40:43 From Lily / Mistress Tien : Love love love hearing from you Jade. Thank you so much!
11:40:49 From mistress zina (they/them) : Thank you jade!! This expansion of gender identity is so sacred!
11:40:50 From Lady Zii : <I
11:40:54 From Princess Coco Celeste : you’re amazing Jade! Wow thank you for touching upon all these fascinating parts of history too
11:40:54 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : Thank you Jade! <3 <3 <3
11:40:55 From Empress Eden : thank you jade!
11:40:56 From meganmillington she/her : thank you Jade!!!
11:40:57 From Laceleaf : Beautiful!!!!
11:40:59 From Goddess Shalini : so powerful!
11:40:59 From alexakmhughes : Thank YOU!!
11:41:00 From Mistress Mina : Thank you, Jade !! <3
11:41:01 From Lady Leona : Thank u Jade!!
11:41:01 From M. Xuan (they/she) : Thank you dear Jade 🤍
11:41:02 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : Love to hear that yum yum
11:41:04 From Domina Desirae : You are so beautiful Jade, thank you!!!!! <3
11:41:07 From Louisa Ferre : Thank you so much, Jade!
11:41:12 From Goddess Shalini : what a gift full freedom is – wow, my heart is warm <3
11:41:23 From Laura (she/her) : Wooow, I feel so edified by that incredible transmission of wisdom Jade 🙏🙏
11:42:04 From Laura (she/her) : Anyone want to connect who’s in the Vancouver or lower mainland area?
11:42:30 From Laceleaf : What a bright lovely gathering. I really look forward to this class! Everyone is so beautiful <3
11:46:09 From Laceleaf : I believe you are muted
11:46:09 From Mistress Esmee/Desiree : you’re muted Colette (in case you are speaking)
11:46:13 From Chelsea : We can’t hear you Colette 🙂
11:46:14 From Mistress Kira Lune : You need to unmute Colette
11:46:14 From Domina Fawn : Youre muted!
11:46:55 From Lady Ottilyne : Michael!
11:47:03 From Domina Fawn : Michael!! <3
11:47:44 From meganmillington she/her : Thank you Michael and your bravery!! So inspired!
11:48:14 From Goddess Shalini : the questioning she’s moving through, is this typically how “negotiating talk” goes?
11:48:22 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : RIP the power exchange
11:49:01 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : i remember! lol
11:49:19 From Mistress Kira Lune : Omg I remember that. Especially the cage
11:50:12 From Mistress Kira Lune : Can someone let Lena X back in? they got dropped out
11:50:17 From Louisa Ferre : That “hehehe” was so great
11:51:13 From Mistress Jisoo : need some heels
11:51:16 From Goddess Shalini : I’m excited to get a soft hood like Colette
11:51:44 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : if anyone has recs for domme sexy costume accessory shopping in LA lmk~~~ 🙂
11:51:51 From Goddess Jude : im also here for this nude palette in the home
11:51:53 From Coral : Collette has a really cute evil laugh
11:52:02 From Goddess Shalini : I feel that’d be a whole vibeeee. Pumped to get more gear in general. Torture Garden was good research ground for me yest lol.
11:52:06 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : Sooo subtle her giggle
11:53:46 From Empress Eden : love colettes smile
11:53:54 From Goddess Jude : yeah the smile is great
11:53:56 From Mistress Jisoo : agree
11:54:12 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : omg really wanting to paint my nails red now !!!
11:54:14 From Goddess Shalini : danggg i miss having my long nails at times. Cut them short for now so I can play the guitar more actively x
11:54:20 From Laceleaf : I love the playfulness
11:54:21 From Mistress Kira Lune : Same about the nails!
11:54:43 From Mistress Jisoo : love how the sound echoes through the huge room
11:54:53 From Lily / Mistress Tien : ASMRRRRR
11:55:04 From Goddess Jude : *sips tea*
11:55:11 From Coral : great foreshadowing, notice how it’s never a complete surprise, but the suspense is there
11:55:15 From Laceleaf : Need to start making playlists!
11:55:15 From Goddess Shalini : lmaoooo to sips tea — yesss hahaha
11:55:19 From meganmillington she/her : lol Goddess Jude
11:55:29 From Empress Eden : yes @ coral, also goes with the build up of the music
11:55:31 From Mistress Kira Lune : *makes a note to ask for that playlist
11:55:53 From Louisa Ferre : Watching this happen it just solidifies that “Yeah, I definitely want to do this.” lol!
11:55:56 From Coral : oof, I stay fully clothed in session, this is a whole other level
11:56:32 From Goddess Shalini : funnnn
11:56:38 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : I was at Torture Garden, Shalini! With Mistress Iris
11:56:39 From Mistress Malissia : It is a very sensual style of domination
11:56:40 From Mistress Kira Lune : Also omg what the perfect ass to be slapped
11:56:48 From Coral : I know, he’s super cute, right?
11:56:56 From Coral : and responsive
11:57:01 From meganmillington she/her : yes!!!
11:57:07 From Catherine’s iPhone : Oh golly
11:57:07 From Lady Violetta : YASS THE FLOGGER COMES OUT
11:57:10 From Lady Zii : Oh yesss flogggggin timeee
11:57:16 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : omg the flogging twirl
11:57:26 From Goddess Shalini : omg loooove tassel floggerssss. it’s like poi. meditative dance and ASMR vibes.
11:57:29 From Lady Zii : Colette is so good at flogging
11:57:30 From Lady Zii : Dat form
11:57:33 From Empress Eden : wow i love church
11:57:38 From Laceleaf : wow
11:57:43 From Mistress Kira Lune : ^^^ yesss sex church
11:57:43 From Laceleaf : Superhero!
11:57:47 From Lily / Mistress Tien : Sunday school is the best
11:57:51 From Aurora Eldora : Praise be
11:57:54 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : best church ever
11:57:54 From Goddess Jude : the interplay between going and stopping is actually perfect
11:58:00 From Catherine’s iPhone : Hallelujah
11:58:02 From Mistress Serenity (Rachel) : Praise be indeed
11:58:02 From Goddess Shalini : yassss Colleteeeeee. Queen Queen
11:58:12 From Mistress Diana : wow – that is artistic!  I need to go shopping..
11:58:18 From Coral : that spin is something else, is the flogger handle weighted
11:58:29 From Mistress Jisoo : look at the flick of da wrist
11:58:34 From Goddess Shalini : stunning dance – how funnnn
11:58:39 From Mistress Kira Lune : Okay I want to learn that twirl now…gotta get out my flogger
11:58:40 From Lady Zii : omg I love watching colette flog
11:58:42 From Lady Zii : She’s sooooo good
11:58:58 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : wowwwwwwwwwww
11:59:01 From Laceleaf : beautiful
11:59:02 From Goddess Shalini : awwwwww <33333
11:59:05 From priscilla : Me too!
11:59:17 From alexakmhughes : 👏
11:59:19 From Michelle Vong : Wow
11:59:20 From Lady Zii : thank you to Colette’s sub for sharing with us this intimate experience ~
11:59:20 From priscilla : I want whip skills
11:59:21 From Goddess Shalini : beautiful
11:59:22 From Ai : These moments of softness after the pain <3
11:59:31 From Catherine’s iPhone : Worth the price of admission
11:59:33 From Lady Zii : After care <3 so sweet
11:59:37 From priscilla : I forgot to go find a bullwhip when I was in Pawhuska, oklahoma
11:59:37 From Laceleaf : Yes yes yes
11:59:42 From soughter : I want a sub like him
11:59:45 From Goddess Jude : after care is definitely the most important [art I feel
11:59:46 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Thank you!!
11:59:49 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : omg… i want the playlist and also can we make a communal spotify playlist or something 😍
11:59:50 From Domina Desirae : Wow… her technique is insane!! So skillful, beautiful, exact and powerful
11:59:53 From Mistress Kira Lune : That was a lovely bit of aftercare
11:59:57 From Mistress Esmee/Desiree : thank you!!
11:59:57 From Louisa Ferre : That was so beautiful
11:59:59 From Goddess Shalini : totally. best best. adore the sweetness of aftercare.
12:00:12 From Lady Zii : thank you for sharing with us <3
12:00:17 From meganmillington she/her : MICHAEL!!! THANK YOU!! thank you for your service and vulnerability!
12:00:18 From Goddess Shalini : BUSINESS AS USUSAL fam lolzzz. Happy Sunday x
12:00:22 From Lily / Mistress Tien : Wow Michael!
12:00:24 From priscilla : Thank you Michael!
12:00:25 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : I love thisssssss
12:00:28 From priscilla : What a share
12:00:29 From alexakmhughes : Thank you Michael!!
12:00:36 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : Thank you Michael!
12:00:38 From Domina Desirae : Great job Michael!!
12:00:43 From Michelle Vong : Thank you Michael!!!!
12:00:44 From Ai : Thank you, Michael!
12:00:45 From Empress Eden : thank you michael
12:00:48 From Lady Zii : Thank you Michael!
12:00:48 From Louisa Ferre : Thank you Michael!
12:00:51 From Mistress Jisoo : thank you michael!!
12:00:52 From Domina Desirae : What an experience
12:00:52 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Tysm Michael!!
12:00:53 From Domina Fawn : Thank you Michael!
12:00:53 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : I can feel the LOVE
12:01:01 From Aurora Eldora : thank you Michael!
12:01:02 From Lily / Mistress Tien : Thank you so much
12:01:06 From Mistress Kira Lune : Thank you for vulnerability Michael!
12:01:14 From Mistress Sherry : thank you Michael
12:01:16 From M. Xuan (they/she) : Thank you Michael!
12:01:27 From Lena Xiao : Colette I’m obsessed with you
12:01:42 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : ^^ sameeee
12:02:12 From Goddess Lila : Your flogging skills are amazing Colette
12:02:19 From Goddess Anna Lisa : I have to leave, but I’ll catch up later this week. Thank you all so much for today! Truly incredible
12:02:41 From Michelle Vong : Yes I can feel thet connection
12:02:48 From Mistress Diana : The connection at the beginning  was more than I expected.  Is that because you’ve know each for a while?
12:03:47 From Lady Zii : Colette is so skillfull <3
12:03:55 From soughter : That’s the good shit
12:05:00 From Goddess Shalini : totalllly
12:05:25 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : omg so hot
12:05:26 From Empress Eden : i was surprise as to how sensual it was, which reaffirms my style/ the style i want to approach.  love the interplay between pleasure and pain
12:06:34 From Mistress Esmee/Desiree : yes same!
12:07:33 From Lily / Mistress Tien : So incredibly in sync
12:07:52 From Goddess Jude : can we have this playlist? lol
12:08:00 From Lady Violetta : ^^^
12:08:02 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : ^^^
12:08:22 From Goddess Jude : same
12:08:31 From Lady Violetta : ah yes the wooden spoon
12:08:47 From Michelle Vong : Embracing the pain in the past
12:08:51 From Mistress Jisoo : my mom broke a wooden spoon on my butt once -_-
12:08:53 From Goddess Shalini : wowwww – I’m curious to learn more about the intersection of holding safe space in kink and healing
12:09:06 From Donna Valentina : so beautiful to reclaim agency in this way
12:09:17 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : wow…. alchemy and recontextualizing the past. so powerful.
12:11:19 From Goddess Shalini : the vulnerability in this container is so powerful. I love you all so deeply. Thank you for your light and truth and your alchemizing magic and openness.
12:11:30 From Michelle Vong : Thank you for your perspective Laura and your share of memory
12:12:06 From Lady Violetta : thank you laura <3
12:12:09 From Sofia M. : Thanks Laura!!! I felt the sm
12:12:09 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : That really really resonates Laura, thank you
12:12:14 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : ty laura for sharing <3
12:12:16 From Quinn : thank you so much laura
12:12:25 From Lady Zii : thank you for sharing Laura
12:12:28 From Quinn : holding you from here
12:12:56 From Michelle Vong : Yes!
12:13:30 From Mistress Kira Lune : Laura, this was a big reason why I really hesitated stepping into a D/s space with my partner/sub. I didn’t want to use that rage to translate into hurting him. I spent a lot of time sitting with my younger selves and just holding space for the rage and anger. And acknowledging that the anger is a valid reaction to how much I was hurt as a child. I use that anger now to be a compassionate Domme during impact. Because I am acknowledging and honoring the hurt and healing my sub needs to feel from that impact as well.
12:13:38 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : Unwanted arousal…wow. Thank you Laura
12:14:06 From Lady Zii : So well said thank you Kira Lune
12:14:08 From Mistress Jisoo : thank you laura + kira lune
12:15:41 From Sofia M. : sorry guys, quick question, ow do we raise our hand? Is the thumb in the reactions?
12:15:47 From Sofia M. : *how
12:16:15 From Mistress Kira Lune : There should be a bar under the other reactions that says “raise hand”
12:16:22 From Domina Desirae : I absolutely agree with you Louisa
12:16:54 From Sofia M. : Oh I don’t have that bar.. thank you though Kira Lune!
12:16:57 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Hit option + y on a Mac ! To raise hand !
12:17:00 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : i love this journey of finding our own unique and resonant style of breaking someone apart and putting them back together <3
12:17:37 From Sofia M. : than you that worked!
12:17:44 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Or you can hit “participants” and on the sidebar that shows up, raise hands is one of the buttons
12:18:08 From Sofia M. : Thank you!!
12:18:15 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Yw <3
12:19:01 From meganmillington she/her : yes the flogger! and Michael, the beauty!!
12:19:47 From Lady Violetta : lady mae I adore your voice
12:20:02 From Lady Mae : Thank you!! <3
12:20:20 From Lily / Mistress Tien : Yes love your voice and words Lady Mae
12:20:29 From Chelsea : What about with new subs? When you don’t know the edge
12:20:51 From DOMINA AKARI (she / they) : 🐝💛
12:21:07 From Lady Zii : Wow that was so freaking beautifully said
12:22:24 From Mistress Esmee/Desiree : yaaas
12:22:26 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Hiiii!!
12:22:33 From Laceleaf : Love you Karley!
12:22:39 From Lady Mae : HI Karley!!! <3
12:22:39 From Domina Desirae : Yes KARLYYYY!!! 👋👋👋👋🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇
12:22:41 From Mistress Jisoo : hiiiiiiiiii
12:22:53 From Louisa Ferre : Hi Karley!!
12:23:00 From Domina Darla : Yay, Karley!
12:27:05 From Mistress Kira Lune : It’s being compassionate and holding that space without judgement 🖤
12:29:53 From Lady Zii : this picture is so freaking cute
12:30:17 From Lily / Mistress Tien : You need to make prints Colette! Need this framed
12:30:18 From soughter : logical lol
12:30:33 From VenusFly-Strap : Could you send us this picture on telegram Colette, we love it
12:31:07 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : Karley <3 Colette I want that framed in front of my toilet to contemplate daily
12:32:01 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : OMG I love this story
12:32:44 From Lady Zii : i loooove thissss story
12:33:03 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Omg the relatability
12:33:11 From meganmillington she/her : love this!!!
12:33:30 From Naadia : Colette is literally me! Lol I love this so much
12:33:43 From Domina Desirae : LOOOL
12:33:50 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : omggggggggggggggggg
12:33:55 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : OH MY GOD
12:33:55 From Domina Desirae : LOOOOOOOOOOOL
12:33:58 From Ai : OH MY GOD
12:34:00 From Erin : Hahahaha
12:34:02 From Louisa Ferre : LMAOOHAHAHAHA
12:34:03 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : WOOOOOOOW
12:34:05 From soughter : ahahaha
12:34:08 From meganmillington she/her : hahahahah!!!YESSS!!!@!@!
12:34:10 From Lily / Mistress Tien : OMGODDDESSS
12:34:12 From Lady Zii : LOOOOOOOOL
12:34:16 From Coral : LMAO
12:34:18 From Michelle Vong : LOL
12:34:19 From Domina Desirae : I love this so much lmao
12:34:24 From Lady Luna : LEGENDARY
12:34:32 From Cheyenne Sapphire : OMGGGGGG
12:34:34 From meganmillington she/her : yes!! ASS-peration
12:34:48 From meganmillington she/her : inspiring!
12:35:18 From Lena Xiao : 😂😂😂🤍🤍🤍
12:37:05 From Domina Darla : My mom does that too. It used to infuriate me as a child  All I wanted was the truth!
12:37:30 From meganmillington she/her : yes!!!1
12:37:35 From meganmillington she/her : totally relate!
12:37:58 From Lady Zii : Wow I can relate to this
12:38:04 From Aurora Eldora : My mom used to do the opposite and embellish things to make them more dramatic lol
12:38:10 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : Dealing with a team dynamic that’s gotten mean girls due to non-truths. Those individuals I am actively saying byebye to
12:38:25 From Lady Violetta : same aurora lol
12:38:33 From Lena Xiao : Yes to all of these things
12:38:34 From Lady Zii : “Lying to someone assumes that people can’t handle the truth” omgggg i needed to hear that
12:39:18 From Mistress Malissia : And it takes away their power to choose what is better for them, because you choose what they should know or not which ultimately means you choose what they can and can’t take.
12:40:10 From Laceleaf : Yes colette!
12:41:01 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : GO MOOOOM WITH THE BAG <3 <3 <3
12:41:05 From soughter : that is so true
12:43:20 From Mistress/Goddess Lylah (Francesca) : So sorry – gotta head out – thanks for sharing this experience with me everyone!
12:43:36 From Mistress Jisoo : that is my mom’s exact fear- that people will judge us for my sexuality/life
12:43:53 From Domina Desirae : I resonate with this so much, holy cow.
12:44:38 From Quinn : same. my mom said to me, “you ruined my life.”
12:44:42 From Lady Zii : wooooow this convo is sooooooo insightful
12:45:05 From tsarina rasputina : I need to go 💔 wonderful class today, see everyone next time.
12:45:57 From meganmillington she/her : what a rising journey ouff, for both you and you mom, in this lifetime
12:46:00 From Coral : love this class
12:46:31 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Still perfect!! Just not in the way she thought <3
12:46:46 From Donna Valentina : “your perception of someone else’s experience is your own bondage” – WOW
12:46:48 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : The word “harmony” may become weaponized in Asian culture. Still cutting free from that pattern from childhood/epigenetics in work w/ Japan now. Truth > Harmony
12:46:48 From Mistress Jisoo : how do i help them along their journey once i am open about my truth?
12:46:53 From Lady Violetta : I also need to go but this convo was incredible!!!! love to all!
12:48:51 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : The lies waste the time. Truth is a more direct way to the dream!
12:49:51 From S : I am working to navigate what is my culture’s mode of communication. How to hold that and resist assimilation. And what is unique damage from within my family and the way they have been traumatized through occupation and assimilation.
12:49:55 From Louisa Ferre : Trying to become palatable in dating is something that I’ve definitely felt. After actually directly saying, “Yeah, let’s be friends if you want to be pegged.” it felt so freeing lol
12:51:36 From Goddess Jude : I have to head out but so lovely to meet everyone see you a in a few weeks 🙂
12:52:12 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : It seems that people expect people to have impossibly “clear” and
12:52:27 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : simple identities
12:52:37 From Mistress Esmee/Desiree : Still love your book ;D it was really freeing to read/listen to
12:52:54 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : When really we are sooo multifaceted. And that is a flavorful truth!
12:52:56 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : So true!! We aren’t even one – we’re an amalgamation of so many different identities, and they all have their own wants and desires
12:53:20 From Kieran  To  Colette Pervette(privately) : Hi <3 I have to drop – I am going to make you the host and then stop my recording. I’ll text you to find time to connect on Renew!
12:55:11 From Laura (she/her) : Your hurt matters as much as theirs does.
12:55:29 From Laura (she/her) : ❤️
12:55:29 From Quinn : your truth will eventually transform your parents because they love you
12:55:56 From meganmillington she/her : don’t cheat them from their phoenix rising <3
12:56:08 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : Just picked up SLUTEVER on Audible!
12:56:36 From Mistress Kira Lune : I will put a caveat there though…my truth merely pushed my ex-parents even further. My dad is my r@pist, and my mother covered it up. So the more I stepped into my truth, the more they wanted to shut me down, and make me stay quiet. So parents will not always actually love you, or come to support you.
12:57:24 From S : Something I think about this is – My truths are mine. I do not owe them to anyone. I can share with discernment, and in freedom. Or I can hold them and sit with them. Holding truth and keeping it is not the same as shame or hiding.
12:57:36 From Mistress Kira Lune : Yes that!
12:57:47 From Ai : Unfortunately I have to dip out, but I’ve absolutely loved this weekend’s class/these conversations. Have a great weekend, everybody!
13:00:04 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : The big ol mindf*ck is exactly that—if I’m more myself, it gives others to be more themselves
13:00:15 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : Discernment is a word I’ve been meditating on, too
13:00:52 From Mistress Jisoo : thank you everyone:)
13:01:23 From Mistress Kira Lune : Yesss, I am very selective of who I share my deepest truths with now. It isn’t shame, but it is I think maybe wisdom of who needs to hear my truth. Using my truth to further a relationship.
13:01:29 From Lady Zii : faaactssss
13:01:31 From Empress Eden : yes yes yes thats good.
13:01:59 From Goddess Shalini : such a powerful reflection
13:02:42 From Mistress Esmee/Desiree : very well said
13:02:45 From Michelle Vong : Thank you so much for this opportunity! I have to go and I wish I could stay longer. I love you all!
13:02:49 From Cheyenne Sapphire : Thank you!
13:02:51 From Mistress Kira Lune : Oof that’s so good, thank you for sharing Mistress Malissia!
13:02:56 From Louisa Ferre : That was so beautiful THank you so much Malissia
13:03:15 From Louisa Ferre : What you say resonates so much
13:03:19 From Lady Zii : Thank you for the share Malissia~ that was an insightful perspective!
13:04:16 From Goddess Shalini : yesss to shapeshifting magic x
13:06:06 From Domina Darla : Yes, the church has created a lot of pain for us. I thought I was one of the few, but there are many of us.
13:06:09 From Mistress Jisoo : same with my brother
13:06:25 From Domina Darla : I feel you Aurora
13:06:30 From Lady Zii : sending u love Aurora <3
13:07:23 From Laceleaf : Safe space!!!
13:07:37 From Mistress Layla : Sending love to you all. Thank you so much for this space. I have to drop off the call. XO
13:08:16 From soughter : sage advice
13:09:15 From Mistress Sherry : Totally Karley 🙌
13:09:32 From Louisa Ferre : Sending you so much love Aurora ♥ Your safety is most important, but there is nothing wrong with you and those are all of his own projections.
13:09:46 From Laura (she/her) : I will say that I’ve also found that the more powerful I get and the brighter I shine, yes I magnetize adoration, but I have actually also attracted so many predators and gotten into the most unsafe, and harmful situations I’ve ever found myself in 💔.  Do you have any insights or thoughts on navigating self protection as you blossom and show up in your truth that rocks so many peoples boats?
13:10:51 From Donna Valentina : its a hard truth that as you evolve, sometimes you need to leave people you care about behind. its really tough but i suppose an inevitable part of growth, and the ones that stay with you are truly there for all of  you
13:11:59 From Mistress Malissia : @Laura, for me it’s been about knowing, owning and implementing your boundaries unapologetically. Conscious boundaries is what will help the most.
13:12:01 From Mistress Serenity (Rachel) : Laura, I’m so sorry to hear that. That’s a question I also have. It seems as you shine brighter, you attract more amazing things. But a bright light can also attract moths. How do you all navigate that? How do you deal with the moths?
13:12:47 From Lady Zii : I have to goooo ~ but sending everyone so much love. Thank you everyone for showing up and sharing. Thank you Colette for holding us in this safe space. Thank you Karley for coming in as a guest and sharing with us your wisdom and insights! And thank you Michael for letting us witness your intimate session with Colette <3
13:16:29 From Empress Eden : naming it is so powerful
13:17:43 From Mistress Mina : I have to go, thank you so much this was so special <3
13:18:42 From Laceleaf : Thank you for another lovely class! Grateful to hear from you all! <3
13:18:55 From Mistress Malissia : I have to go, thank you everyone and see you in 2 weeks xxx
13:19:38 From Mistress Sherry : love hearing everyone’s stories and perspectives ❤️
13:20:48 From Mistress Arcturus : Hey Loves, I have to go I look forward to naming my shame. Thank you Colette & Karley. Play with spirals & circles
13:22:28 From priscilla : Thanks everyone!!!!
13:22:47 From Mistress Jisoo : thank you karley!!!
13:22:48 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Ty Karley!!
13:22:49 From soughter : Thank you everyone!
13:22:49 From Donna Valentina : such a fantastic session, so much love and gratitude for these stories, insights, wisdom!!!!
13:22:53 From Chelsea : Thank you!
13:22:55 From Louisa Ferre : Thank you so much! ♥
13:22:58 From Mistress Esmee/Desiree : thank you so much
13:23:04 From Mistress Esmee/Desiree : ohh homework😄
13:23:05 From mistress zina (they/them) : Thank you 😭🙏
13:23:05 From Domina Desirae : Thank you Karley, it was phenomenal to have you on. (I’m a big fan <3)
13:23:17 From M. Xuan (they/she) : Thank you Karley!
13:23:20 From Aurora Eldora : Thank you so much Karley and Collette! I have so much love for you both!
13:23:22 From Mistress Sherry : HUGE thank you Colette and Karely
13:24:20 From Mistress Kira Lune : What about people (like me) who does not and will not have contact with their parents?
13:27:12 From Laura (she/her) : Flogger recommendation!
13:27:20 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Tysm!!!!!!!
13:27:21 From Louisa Ferre : Thank you so much, Colette!
13:27:23 From Karley Sciortino : thanks everyone! that was sp fun!
13:27:28 From Mistress Serenity (Rachel) : Thank you!!!!
13:27:36 From Princess Coco Celeste : thank you Colette and Karley <3
13:27:36 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : <333
13:27:37 From Goddess Shalini : how exciting!!
13:27:38 From Leiti Hsu aka the Dining Dominatrix : THANK YOU
13:27:40 From Mistress Jisoo : :):):)
13:27:47 From soughter : ooooh
13:27:48 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Oh my gosh!! Tysm!!
13:27:53 From Louisa Ferre : YES!
13:27:53 From Mistress Sherry : How exciting!
13:28:00 From soughter : sweet
13:28:01 From Lady Zii : OMMMGGGG
13:28:04 From Mistress Jisoo : WOW
13:28:09 From Laura (she/her) : Badass 🖤🖤
13:28:11 From Wednesday DieNatter : fuck ya! witch incense!!!!!
13:28:26 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Yay!
13:28:27 From Empress Eden : yes yes yesss thank you
13:28:30 From Goddess Shalini : love all your beauties x
13:28:31 From Domina Desirae : Thank you everyone, this was another wonderful and powerful class!!!
13:28:35 From Goddess Shalini : happy continued Sunday <3
13:28:39 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Tty! bye!!
13:28:42 From Goddess Lila : Thank you <3
13:28:46 From Goddess Nalini : Thank you!