In the future that I want to create…


We will all have perfect knowledge

Of how to live, how to love,

And how to find our purpose, power and freedom


We will make art to spread this perfect knowledge


We will use the most powerful tools we have

The internet and social media skillfully

To connect, pool and disseminate our art and wisdom


We will heal the divide between the masculine and feminine

By teaching each other how to find the balance of both within us


We will learn how to love and take care of ourselves

In order to love and take care of each other


We will all be meditating

As if the quality of our life and death depended on it


All judgement of self and others will be suspended

All shame and stigma will be eradicated

We could live without fear of what would “they” think


We will have evolved from #metoo

To #usto(gether)


We will bring back the power of the feminine

By telling our story

And showing our power

And restoring the erased herstory

Of the Woman in power

Before patriarchy

There was a matriarchy 


And by 2031

There will be a matriarchal revolution

But that is not the end point

It is just the next point

In the pendulum swing

By 2042

There will be synarchical revolution

The pendulum will rest in this perfect balance


We will not be entertained by unconsensual violence

In film, tv, video games or any media

We will be educated by all media

To learn how to express our (sometimes violent)

drives and desires consensually

Through ritual and role play


We will recognize that everything

That everything rests on relationships

and intimacy

And the most important person

we must get intimate with

before anyone else

is our self


Sexworkers will be seen (by others and esp by themselves)

As sexual healers, sexual teachers, and sexual artists.

No more conceptions of mutual use/abuse of each other

No one is just a whore or john to the other.

And no one is “just doing it for the money.”

Teenagers1of both and non-binary genders would come

to the sexual healers and teachers to learn the art of intimacy

and using sex wisely in their lives, their relationships,

and in their creative and spiritual quests.

People in relationship would come together to the sexual teachers

to deepen what they have and do with each other.2These thoughts and sentiments re my sexual fantasies are echoing that of Frank Moore, a brilliant Bay Area artist who passed away in 2013


We will not be blind consumers, buying things to fill a void from within. We will become conscious consumers. We will use our money to shape the future we want to live in. We will invest in each other’s dreams. We will only buy into and support the work of creators and creatrices who are building a more compassionate and sustainable world for us to live  in. We know that the ultimate currency is energy.  And we will use money as energy to shift our structure. And only businesses with the strongest ethics will survive and thrive in our future.


Capitalism after government

Art after capitalism


There will be no politics and divide in religion.

The three religions will be restored as one

And we will find the Kingdom of God within ourselves.


We will come to know that:

Christianity is the search for God

Hinduism is the surrender to God

Buddhism is to sit with God and and be one with him.


The full creation story will be restored.

We will come to see how we got divided

and piece it together.

We will glean the keys and codes across all sacred texts

to understand higher truths and live them.


This is what I see

(to be continued..)

Do you want to know

what I tell myself

when I have these fantasies?

Do you want to know how I’m going to create this future?