Dear U,

It’s been a minute.

These past few days have been  a whirlwind. My birthday was on Friday the 7th, which  was really a day of prepping for the birthday party..My birthday party was on Saturday night, the 8th/9th (the night of the full moon in Aquarius). Then Sunday was the day of deeeeep house cleaning and reflecting on all the magic that was made the night before. Then Monday (yesterday) was a day of fully resting and meditating. And now here I am, fully recharged.


I don’t know if I can get into how incredible Saturday night was. There were sooo many highlights of that night. Which seem to all stem from a simple act, of creating safe space for us to get intimate and play in.

If I had to choose one highlight, the most high of the highlights was the moment right after I made a wish and blew out the candles, when I got to give a speech to my friends (about 80 were all filled into the Orgy Room-it was insane!) and I got to share with all my friends my dream. Which is also the dream behind Pervette.


My dream, in essence is to build a community and a safe space for all of us to play in and share our stories, dreams and wisdom..and spread this far and wide.


And what happened after I shared my dream was actually this realization..

That I had realized my dream in that night of sharing it.

And my dream is this:

To build a community.

And in my home that night, there it was: My community. And together that night, we were creating a safe space for us to get as sexy as we want and play and connect in. It  was incredible. It was pure magic.


So just a few hours ago, I felt inspired to record a spontaneous message to all of my friends, sharing with them my realization. And my ideas that have been coming through since the party. I want to share that message with you here as well. Because, well, if you were curious enough to make it here, there’s a good chance you’re exactly where you should be, a part of this community. A part of my dream…