My Process


I live my life

I make choices that make me feel alive


I try to capture my experiences through

images and sounds

thoughts and ideas


And then I try my best

to share them with you


I’m learning how to use tools

such as wordpress, photoshop, aftereffects, etc

so that I can create a more interesting experience

for you to take in


every page will go through endless iterations


because I want every page to be an evolving work of life art



I write until I feel better

Sometimes I write until I cry

And when I have poured

My tears into my words

That is when I know

It had to come out

It had to be shared


If I can make you feel what I feel


Then I know that

we’re getting closer.


There’s no end



This whole process is the point


Back to when you said yes and yes

To an older iteration of a beginning and a potential dead end