My Process

I start from the beginning1as in I google “pervette” see where it lands on the search results and then click on it. I enter the site as you would and then I create and iterate from there

I write2I free-write, re-write until it seems good enough, sometimes when I’m feeling something, I write until I cry, that’s when I know It had to come out. And when I have poured my soul into these pages..

I make choices3I typically edit every page from the beginning about a bajillion times, and then I wander, where do I want this path to go? It can be a word or line that I highlight and add a link that leads to a new idea, or sometimes I add another choice, and then I create the new page, choose my words carefully, and its spacing, maybe I add imagery, and then I walk away, and come back a few days later and see how I feel and edit. I admit, it’s a little obsessive, the endless iterations some of them take. And then after all that work, I sometimes go back, get embarrassed by what I have and make it disappear

I get inspired4by books, films, conversations, everything around me..

I learn5Like how to use wordpress, these plug-ins, photoshop, audition, etc so that I can create a more interesting space for us to connect through

As I go..


every page

is an evolving work

of life


all of pervette

in all its iterations

is just trying to represent

the evolution

of my soul expression


there’s no end

just a series

of beginnings

that unfold

onto another..


every go around

is me

trying to be more true

to you

if I can make you feel

what I feel

then I know

we’re getting closer



Back to when you said yes and yes

Or to a very old beginning

Or maybe just where you were a minute ago