(adj.) Just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential


That’s exactly where Pervette is at. At the very very beginning. In its nascent stage. Where I’m very keenly aware that navigating it can be somewhat frustrating right now. Just a few pages that eventually lead to an end in the rabbit hole. Pervette is still months away from its real launch. But I figure if you made it this far, I’m not afraid to show you the imperfect process of building Pervette. Right now I’m essentially carving out the structure with placeholder text. There’s no fixed plan for the architecture. I’m just feeling my way and writing as fast as I can (when I actually do muster up the grit to sit down and write). To be honest I’m slightly embarrassed with this free-style writing that I’m doing. But if I tell you and myself it’s just a draft that will eventually get better with each go around, it makes it easier to let go. I’m not gonna wait till it’s perfect1I know I know, perfectionism is just a nicer word for procrastination to show it to you. So you get to see my bad writing, you get to see the spare and bare bones, and how these pages will eventually evolve into something I’m more proud of over time. You get to see how Pervette grows. Along with it, you get to see how I grow. Because writing and sharing is still a difficult2and crazy vulnerable process that I’m learning how to get used to. But each day, as I write a little bit more, I can feel my resistance dissolving.

So thank you, for bearing (and baring) with me..


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