Nulla Dies Sine Linea1Latin for ‘Not a day without a line’ in 2020


1st – LA & Bay Area, decide to ring in the new year solo, magical bracelet, power goes out

2nd – Cosmic connections, on the silk, in the hot tub; one degree away from my heroine?

3rd – Blissful high on meditation and pervette creation.

4th – Four dates in the city, sex with lover, tons of tea, I pee on the last one.

5th – Bday party invitation photoshoot, reconnect with old friend/sub, quickie with lover.

6th – Great reconnection session w/ sub, great reconnection lake walk w/ friend, let’s make porn!

12th – LA, connect with friends, the session that went beyond, new soulmate/lover.

25th – Chinese new year with sis & friends at temple, surprise bday party.

26th – LA, Long day/night with new lover, how do I feel about him?

27th – LA, Hazy day after, impromptu visit with lover again, I feel better about him.


8th – Magical bday party, shared with everyone my crazy dream, then it came true.

14th – Light body activation, meditative spells, drove to the Land.

16th –  Channeled the Educatrix, unscripted and raw workshop, potent one-on-ones.

17th – My guiding circle tells me, wear the magic bracelet, pick up the pen, I am the geisha.

18th – Tea and walk with my hero, talk art and magic, session with newbie.

21st – LA, magical day/night with lover, sun and rain, salmon dinner, sex tapes.

22nd – Ojai, met my heroine on shrooms, channeled Educatrix, midnight hot springs/cold plunge.

23rd – Ojai & OC, the buzz about my session, celebrate mom’s bday.

24th – LA, connect with partner and his sugarbaby, we spitroast her. Dine at Plant Food Wine.

25th – LA &  Bay Area, angel visits with her puppy, eat jackfruit, visioning GoddessPad.

26th – Gorgeous day, guided by impromptuition, deep meditation.

27th – Learned how to mix tracks, Pervette downloads.

28th – Session with new sub, deep late night with lover, sharing codes.

29th – Friends come over, congee, kava, cannabis, kinky play.


2nd – Pandemic prep, $747 grocery bill, lighting lover’s fire with my voice.

4th – Lunch dates at Sessions, GoddessPad planning, hang at lover’s house.

5th – Business call in bathtub went well, pomelo and play with hero, session at night.

6th – Domme Tea Party photoshoot, deep meditation.

7th – Bay & LA, 4 hour session, fly to BUR, heroine does my makeup, interviews me.

8th – Hot pot with heroine and friends, shares her fave erotic comics.

9th – Meet heroine’s friends, matcha and cake, covid concern, decide not to see mom.

10th – LA & Bay, breakfast w/ partner, fly to OAK, drive to lover, sex & ceo secrets.

11th – Guy Maddin live/film with hero and sub, last showing before shutdown.

12th- Friends from Bali visit, threeway love and art making, night session.

13th – More pandemic prep, grocery shopping, meditate, organize pantry OCD style.

14th – More prep, plumber & repairman arrive, breathwork and intimate call with lover.

15th – More prep, sub tidies house, go for a walk, watch Book of Life.

16th – P arrives just in time for the sheltering in place announcement, 6 year anniversary.

27th – P’s lover arrives, us three quarantine bond, talk pervette all night.



5th – P and I visit friends in Napa, feel high, playing with kids, cooking, epic sunset.

6th – Make eggs benny with partner, pack, drive to Tahoe, make love with lover.

7th – Observe lover be CEO, walk with him around lake, make chicken dinner, full moon.

8th – Play ceo, take calls, map pervette, make dinner and love with lover, gives sound advice.

9th –  Debate with lover about magic, agitated, plant grass seeds, fuck me hard, buy more seeds.

10th – Mother’s Day, breathwork, made love, hike with lover to Fallen Leaf Lake, drive back.

11th – I’ve been trying to reach you all morning. Dad died. He killed himself. WHY??



1st – Reconnect with sub, visit hero, made love & dinner, full moon in Pisces.

2nd – Voice teacher learns from me, ghost festival, I feel Dad’s spirit.

3rd – Three flutes and one keyboard arrive, teatime with sub/mentor, euphoric bliss.

4th – Day of re/connecting with friends and subs, deep meditative spells

5th – Can feel “why” Dad did it, saw 2 houses, at beach with hero catching sunset making dinner.

6th – Uncomfortable heat expanded me, made notes to self, hero taught me photoshop.

7th – Can feel Dad’s deadline, he heard my cry/prayer/apology, everything shifted.

8th – Soaring spirits, connected with soulmate, 33 min with hero, went down and took off.

9th – Orange gray sky, light body activated, house tour and dinner with hero.

10th – Intimacy night w/ new lover, he made the salad with love, plumber fixed the clog/faucet.

11th – Intimacy night w/ new lover, journey into his truth/power, read his poetry.

12th – Saw decent house, hero enters narrow hole contracts when I tell him about tomorrow.

13th – Wake up with hero, 10 year anniversary session with slave, threesome in the city.

14th – Hermit day, create Nulla Dies Sine Linea (this page), meditative spells, ASMR.

15th – Agitated,2What am I doing with Pervette? Do people care about my life? Why am I sharing it here? Allowed myself to investigate the agitation, doubt and confusion, I knew it was coming from somewhere, after meditation, I coincidentally entered Dad’s room at 11:11 to pray at his shrine, the 11:11 synchronicity helped me see that even though I may feel lost I’m on track, the stage change I feel before and after my prayer to Dad is so dramatic, spiritualized and intuition heightened, I checked Iris’ IG because she was in my dream last night and found out about Grace Marie colleague ended her life, break though,3I prayed to Grace, asked her if there’s anything that she wanted me to do for her, then I felt the rush of energy, the urgency to write on Pervette, I must share my insights and practices that helped me cultivate inner peace and personal power no time to lose, create Note to Self.

16th – Learn piano, see rental with H, meditate on the dock of reservoir, fuck, nap, cook dinner.

17th – fly to SEA, see P’s new house, fancy meals, P talks to my lover about jets and taxes.


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