Where did my journal go?1I used to post my journal freely on Pervette, but then I learned the hard way, I was over-sharing (read: stalker incident). So now my journal exists on the seeker level.

You have to go deeper to find it. But for here and now, I’ll share on this level..

A line a day in quarantine:

Mon, 3/16: Start of quarantine with P, the true relationship test. How will cohabitating with him be like after so many months/years of living apart?

Tue, 3/17: Excited about all the things I want to accomplish in quarantine. Made a long ambitious list

Wed, 3/18: Talking to concerned fellow dommes and friends who want to co-create, feeling inspired to create online communities to serve and support

Thu, 3/19:  Lovey dovey days with P, drive through our ghost town

Fri, 3/20: Getting into quarantine groove. Everything has been preparing and training us for this (moment of truth)

Sat, 3/21: Slow Saturday, DMT nap, watch Parasite with P

Sun, 3/22: Breaking into the mirror room, let’s play frisbee, I invite P’s lover, X, up to quarantine with us this Friday

Mon, 3/23: First social distance hangout with A8 at the secret spot

Tue, 3/24: Venturing into the world of people: The first grocery store run

Wed, 3/25: