Sunday, March 8, 2020 9:05am


Dear U,

I’m still in a state of disbelief. I got into LA yesterday afternoon with a suitcase full of latex, lingerie, and kinky toys for Michelle Phan’s Soft Domme Makeup Look, thinking I was gonna help style her, which was already beyond my imagination. But when I arrived at the film studio, she said this video will actually be a Q&A with me while she puts on her makeup. Whoa..


There were so many moments from yesterday that I remember so fondly:

-Arriving at N’s super rad robotic arm film studio, he shows me around as he wheels around on his one-wheeled electric skateboard and introduces me to the crew, they’re all rad

-Michelle and her sister running up to me as I arrive to give me a giant hug and tell me how much they miss me.

-Michelle calls me “chi” (which means older sister in Vietnamese) and I call her “em” (which means little sister).

-She hands me a bag filled with a ton of Em cosmetics, her incredible skincare makeup line, and says whatever I need more of, she’s got me.

-C, her sister does my hair, while Em does my makeup. Holy fuck. Michelle Phan is doing my makeup..And I love the way she makes me look. I’ve never had an Asian makeup artist do my makeup before. And perhaps that’s why I’ve always been underwhelmed by the results. “They don’t understand we’re working with much smaller real estate. You’re trying to make small room look big” Em explains our Asian eye makeup application, “We’re working with much smaller real estate.”

There’s something about being groomed by another. It’s a bonding experience. I feel instantly connected to my Vietnamese sisters.

-Us working with N to vision how we want to capture this look. He was leaning towards personal iPhone. Em and I wanted moody cinematic. We were in his insane robotic film studio, we might as well do it up. And working with our timebox, he experimented and pulled off the look.

-I had Em try on my Agent Provocateur domme-y bra. She loved it. And paired it with vinyl jacket. I gave her the whole AP set.  She was thrilled. It’s so funny that I had bought two of that same set years ago (just in case). Now I know why, that second set was for her.

-While she was transforming me, I asked Em what her desired future looks like. She has big dreams, like me, we both want to raise consciousness and leave this place better than we found it.

-“Let’s work together and play for our dreams.”

-Being with Em and her “tribe” seeing how they work and play together so fluidly and how lovingly they welcomed me into their family, it feels like home

-Us squealing with excitement over how amazing we look together in the moody light N set up for us.

-The shoot was so fun and breezy…I like the questions Em asked me, she went to the edges, we even talked about castration..

-The whole process of getting ready, shooting and grabbing a late dinner at Furga, it was so fun with Em and the crew. We went from 5 to midnight. It was so energizing and fun, time flew by.

-Em says this is her favorite shoot yet, she wants to stay up and edit it and get it up on Youtube in a day.


I have no idea what’s going to happen next

When this video gets aired on Youtube..


One thing is certain, I think more peeps will be visiting Pervette.


I don’t feel ready..

Everything is moving so fast and I feel so terribly behind on working on Pervette.

There’s still so much to be done to get here. I almost feel embarrassed by the current state it’s in. I’ve neglected it during these past few weeks..of the magical unfolding..

The thing is..the magic is still happening…and will continue.. I need to build into my routine a disciplined practice of working on Pervette daily..


The truth is

The heart of what I want to share with you is not even expressed here yet.

I need to pour my soul’s wisdom into Pervette.



I feel like Em is pushing me..


So when will I feel like Pervette is ready to be seen?


Maybe when you think that there’s something valuable here

Something that can change you..

And make your life better and more interesting.

I promise you

I’m working on it..