(I used Otter, a voice recording and transcription app to capture these words, it’s not perfect, and large segments are missing, I’ll try to go back to the recording and edit/add as I go)


Air hands are natural kinds of researchers and students. They’re people who are constantly looking at life and trying to absorb as much as possible and not just only absorbing for your own edification, but their hands are handed love to spread information that love to share information with other parties and other people there their hands that generally show an amazing amount of good teaching ability.

They’re oftentimes people that can also be writers or people who can be visionaries in the fact that they can take information take formed fact and find a way to to express it in a way that’s engaging with other people but also supports them. that also and it has real practicality in a way that it actually enhances life or enhances people enhance..

There’s a touch of water to how you do it, there might be a touch of aesthetics to it, there’s a desire that it marries beauty.  It’s factual but also pleasing to the eye, but it’s not art for art sake. It’s art for expression sake. There need it to be grounding in truth and usefulness.

Air hands can really dive deep into areas that pique your interest. When something arrests your interest, you will get really absorbed and obsessed. You will uncover every stone and find as much as you can about that stuff. Your not a hand that’s not fickle, it corresponds to your relationship. When there’s trust there, you will go to the ends of the earth for them in any way, there’a lot of loyalty.


very to get to a place where we can really me behind our feelings ideas and impressions 100% now or second finger here is the Apollo finger. This is the finger their rules creativity that rules expression and how we we think of ideas and how those ideas take shape and form what we see here with the Apollo fingers that you’re you’re actually a lot shorter than your Jupiter finger. But that shows is that we we have a lot of ideas and we have a lot of expression but sometimes we don’t necessarily let all those things come to the surface at times. There might be because we have you feel that we need to hold space for other people or give other people chances or there’s maybe other you know, pressing kind of interpersonal issues that are going on that sometimes we don’t always speak up


let’s really look at your at your headline now

and this is a line that is it’s pretty long I’m

going with the idea that, you know being an air hand, we have an insatiable hunger for knowledge for, for truth for, for going down exploring our wins exploring our passion projects were Renault person who just takes the one, you know one opinion or one concept and just makes that the truth we have to understand for ourselves all the inner workings of what we’re dealing with. And and it’s a pleasure to

to explore those realms our headline is one that it heads down to her amount of lunar,

which is the place where imagination where dreams come from, over curious about is

is definitely a more

you know can be more of a dreamy more romantic kind of nature, it can be more about the idea of what is in the, in the subconscious a little bit not about what is is seen by the naked eye, there’s a love of


story and and and and what the imagination with the fantastic and can convey and bring for. So we were we have a very perhaps a very rich internal imagination a very rich in our world that we are can always kind of escape into and and go into. And it helps us kind of navigate

their day to day lives, it could be a challenge sometimes to to get back into into the day to day the practical times we when we we are really allow ourselves to kind of wander into that that kind of great forest Atlanta within we can get lost there. And it can be that can be a challenge that can be a place where as Richard as as wonderful materials are that come forth from it,

it can get hard to kind of come back and bring those things into, into into like a rank and be able to

utilize them. Um,

yeah, this is that little bit of a challenge we have, we have an interesting place in placement of a writer’s fork.

It’s not it’s not in a place where we usually see it, we usually see at the end of our line yours is kind of in the middle of the line

which kind of prep shows that we have a duality in the way that our, our minds and our heads work,

we have a place where we realize we utilize me beyond the day to day level, we have this you know, imagination and good ability to, to problem shoot

and, and utilize our resources and utilize the people in the environments and put things in connect them. And and we might have a place where we we bring those all those elements the table

I’m are able to really you know you some of the other gifts that we have you some of the other mental faculties that we have there.

But then there’s

this other side of ourselves perhaps that we we don’t really unleash yet or haven’t at this point in time, we see that

we haven’t really figured out maybe where it can be useful or how it can be useful. It’s something that just kind of, we, we kind of wade through and we dream about. And we think about it, maybe

it’s something that’s just for our own personal, you know, touchstone or own personal love of our own artistry that we explore those avenues. But it’s, it seems that there’s a lot that is the scenario or makeup it is in our or our mental regions that we have, we don’t utilize and we don’t share it. It’s kind of its own special reserved

now our headline is, is interesting. It’s it’s definitely very, it’s very pronounced. And it’s very distance from our lifeline, which can show a real independent way of thought being of nature, the things in its own tune in some key, its own human nature that

maybe had to be led by the hand and shown a dozen

be shown set instructions of what to do, or sentence set map of where to go to, and how to learn, you have your own very independent approach of,

of gathering and, and, and educating oneself. But it is one that doesn’t start very, at the beginning of her life span seems that we have this period maybe when we’re young, that it’s all that we were afraid or bashed or, or even really shy per se, but it seems that we were as a child, maybe we lived in a bit of a fog, we lived in a bit of a dream world

that there was, it wasn’t that we didn’t know our own mind. But it wasn’t yet need necessary that we start to, to really kind of bring that out. And maybe it was that’s part of our ability to kind of have this very different tune is very different kind of take, because we weren’t really latching on to other you know how other radio else was thinking around us or everybody else developed problems or stories, we kind of stayed aloof, we stayed on inhibited in the sense and then as we came into our own person much later on in our childhood, much later on, and maybe coming into our early teenage years, we kind of had this a light went on and we started to just allow things to

flow through out of us and we have this very straight this very clean headline, it’s not one that gets frazzled very much doesn’t seem to have a lot of Static Energy, you know, there seems to be a lot going on. But we don’t get overwhelmed in a way either. It seems that we have this interesting sense of order, the sense of how we move in our mental step from step one to step the we kind of seems to be, there’s

a gentleness in that flow. And it doesn’t, there’s not that is, you know, if there’s anxiety, it’s not in the way that our, our ideas work, you might come in other places in our life, and maybe how to,

you know, put our ideas into motion, but our mind itself is, is very crystallized very clean and clear.

And in theory, it’s not overly influenced by by other people’s agendas or insights it is

isn’t it has always been very affected in that way.

Now, we’re going to look at your your lifeline,

which is because it’s definitely a life on the expanse and just broaden our earlier years seem to be very chained

which can show maybe there was a lot of static maybe there was a lot of kind of some rock Enos in earlier years you know, this could be just a lot of strong personalities around us or it could just be a lot of maybe different environments that kind of jarring

in Encino seems that maybe that’s part of the reason why we kept our mind aloof. So when it gets it wouldn’t get soil there when it got trodden down. It was kind of like this, this this survival mechanism in a way to make sure that that that kind of really beautiful that clean crystal graceful way of thinking wasn’t going to get trampled upon. And so we were able to kind of remove that from ourselves and just kind of let things kind of even out and equal out in a way

but our lifeline

is definitely one that we constantly Are you know, it’s

it’s there’s always an independent spirit to and even that the choices that we make the things that we do and things that were drawn to have always kind of had our you know, even with any resistance I’ve always kind of been what really led us and and continue to do so. And as we get

into early

adulthood into

you know, our our teenage years we really see a real spurt real peak we see our some of our greatest strides actually happened in our 20s and 30s, where we really put a lot of things into motion, it seems that the choices we make are really out of maybe out of the, you know, the route those given to us or out of the norm. There’s definitely a lot of broadening that happens in that period of time I’ve been to our probably our middle years up into our 40s

it’s it’s also I mean, there’s there’s a place where

we do see some some will see some Island doing in their early years and inner late teenage years, which shows that maybe there’s

some of that friction gets the better of us and we have maybe there’s seems to be two periods where we shut down. And this also maybe corresponds to some things that happen in our love line as well.

But it seems after that we got to a place where even if there is friction, and we see some stress in these 20s and 30s period, they’re very situational stress, they don’t seem to necessarily be routed by a really, you know, dark or old trauma, it seems that they’re just they’re very much about maybe the pressure that we put upon ourselves. But for the most part, we’re actually in that

those periods very good at

you know, especially after our teenagers good at keeping the stress and, and kind of tribulation away, we’re able to get to a place where we we center ourselves very ground ourselves, there’s a lot of

a lot of just kind of clarity that happens to those periods of life

as it went to her our later years into her after later 40s

and 50s, we do have a kind of a stressful period, it seems it seems that

at least for that kind of the POC, kind of maybe the that five or 10 years, there’s a lot of it seems like there was a lot of anxiety, maybe things would revisit maybe there’s some things that from our earlier years that we have to go back into. And we have to find a way to, to remedy seems that there may be those things are linked that there is some some maybe issues that do you have to deal with. And those

those are upset and they may be make us kind of put certain things on hold for a moment in time

after that period. Though we are later years

much more clear a lot of that stress is gone, it’s a beta doesn’t seem to be something that we have to deal with, when we can we kind of have another kind of period of renaissance in a way or another period where we have a lot more

of exploration and ways to

to maybe

express ourselves, we have a fork at the end of her life coming into maybe our 60s,

which shows that we had to have a inability in the means and the energy to explore a different avenue that was never really explored. And without having to to make a choice, we seem to have a split here that we have two different trains of thought two different kinds of

concepts that we’re putting into motion that we’re we’re tied into both and seems that we’re we’re able to divide our time equally among these things. So there’s, there’s a lot of room for

for variety at the end of our life as well. Which wasn’t always always may be the case rather, throughout our entire the entirety of our life,

our destiny Line


It starts right in the middle of our life. So it’s always been something that’s been independent free of

attachment to other people’s ideas, or other people’s stories we see as we really see it going towards fair amount of Saturn

like shows that we have a sense of, of duty, the sense of being a humanitarian, of improving human life of trying to get something to people’s experience to make it more two more richer, more true or more interesting, you know, we see a couple of different threads here. So we see that we don’t have only one medium that we are trying, we seems that we’re we’re kind of juggling maybe a couple different kinds of ways of breaking through the paradigm and breaking through the normality of things are trying to use everything that’s at our fingertips to, and we have a couple of different plans

that are happening simultaneously.

So we we seek out through the or first kind of period of our life that we’re, we’re really focused on that especially, we see another thread that goes through our words, amount of our mercury finger, which shows up communications very key here, how, you know, the ideas that we may be, are working with our ideas that people can either listen to, or they can read, we find that, you know, we, we put upon ourselves being maybe the spokesperson for these ideas, and we have a kind of a, a public demeanor, a public persona that we utilize in order to, to get our points across and to, to really sell the idea is that we’re working with,

so we see that kind of going on. At the same time,

when we we kind of jump was it maybe there was maybe one

main kind of intrigue, one main

investment in our earlier years, we jump slightly, it doesn’t seem to be completely out of out of the picture, or not connected. But in our 30s, we

jump a little bit and we choose a different line, we choose a different

a different kind of

path, a different avenue with similar ideas. And with trying to help a similar maybe audience or similar group of people, we stick with the same principles, the same kind of feelings. And this second one, the second path that really maybe something we work with, for a very long time, there’s something is,

is tools, it’s their resources that we’re kind of, with higher selves to and it may be, it’s, it’s a large structure that we’re, we’re building is an apparatus and maybe we’re for the next, you know, 40 years, we really put our heart and soul into a great deal of this, because we see this line kind of carrying through our 30s and 40s and

pass into art after our 16th, we see that we still have a lot of work

and presence with this with this

role with this idea. And we do see, you know, other signs that there’s other things going on in our later years as well, we see definitely a continued

mercury finger line, we see it see a very,

very strong actually in our after 16. So this might be a time where we there’s a lot of writing, there’s a lot of dialogue, there’s a lot of putting all these this information,

putting all these different impressions and experiences that we’ve gone through and we we find a way to really show that and in a different light

and it’s it’s a little bit into our Paulo fingers so there might be more creative edge to it. Maybe there’s some other pet projects that were not able to be spoken about for very long time maybe some of these parts of our imagination and kind of always were shunned or just kind of lay laid under underground we see that after 16 so we start to play and and work with that and see some assured success with it as well. We also have a little bit of an Apollo line here San line, which is also showing that there’s art that’s actually

being made here as well, this isn’t just maybe just trying to help other people’s problems or take care of others

there’s artists is being made for fun that’s being created, because it’s a party for soul that is wanting to be to be seen. So so until later on in life, that we really kind of allow that to flourish, and to really come out of the dark. But um, it seems that there’s, you know, there’s a lot of different pots boiling later on, even more so than there were maybe in our earlier years in life, in a way, at least by their however, how different and how you they set on their own platforms.

Looking at your thumb a little bit here, going back there,

we have a strong thumb, it’s it’s definitely it’s shows leadership, and it shows it’s dropped down, which shows that maybe when we maybe do do some leader be kind of a kind of a forefront kind of figure in the public, if it’s something that we may be comes later on. After a lot of experience, there’s a lot of show that there’s a lot of, you know, definitely this, this work ethic. And this, you know, this, this more moral system that we have, we’re constantly thinking and considering. But there until that point, there’s maybe a lot of, you know, doing a lot of behind the scenes are doing it kind of obliquely, there’s not necessarily taking on that leadership role. But we see this the ability to do so later on

our thumb is also very wasted. It shows a lot of diplomacy, it shows his ability, ability to understand maybe what this person desires, while that person desires and what you desire, and you’re able to find a middle ground, we were able to find a way that your words speak to each person individually. And you’re able to kind of find something that that calms them down. And it makes it feel that they’re being seen and heard and valued in a way. And that that ability is going to be very, very, very effective in in being more of a leader.

And it seems that that eventually will be something that is kind of put on your plate, you have a good amount of willpower and logic, very balanced in your, your abilities versus ability to kind of, you know, not overthink things to a place where we all

take action that we just analyze, analyze, and don’t ever strike. But there is not this, there’s not a rational either, we’re just, we have this ability to kind of

allow things to be weighing on our minds, and kind of digesting them. And then realize, you know, there’s, we have a initiative and instinct to act when we need to, there is a, you know, for all our, our ability to absorb information and understand there’s always been this, you know, this different approach to it, we have this different angle, and this is different I and there seems to be this own kind of rhythm, its own kind of intuitive kind of understanding what’s true or what’s needed or what’s necessary we we don’t just aren’t as a blank canvas, that’s kind of

the paint just gets poured on, we kind of things change when we touch them, when we alter them, they they kind of can, or they metamorphosis in our own kind of mental processing.

Now looking at some of our other lines, hear

me but intuition line,

it tends towards our our destiny

line, it seems that we’re especially in workplaces, especially with

with dealing with people when it comes to your creative ideas. And with the work they’re trying to do, you have an ability to kind of sense people very well, there’s an ability to understand as we were talking about what people need or what they desire, we see it we’re not, we’re not just so preoccupied in our own ideas, that we don’t

put our feelers out there understand. And so we’re able to kind of really toe the line very well able to, to see opportunities that are being seen and figure out when to strike. And when, when there’s good windows for ourselves, they’re

looking at our travel lines. Now, you think about travel lines,

I seems our biggest to travel ends are actually the beginning of our life, there’s two very large


trips are places that we’ve gone that really challenged the way that we thought challenge the way that we experience life that really opened up our minds and interesting ways we see those at the beginning. But then there’s there’s plenty of travel

abroad her life later on.

But it’s, it’s definitely there, there, none of them are ever going to be as pronounced as, as that one was. So it’s

those two were in the way but there’s, there’s certainly plenty of exploration of the world.

Now looking at our relationship lines,

we have two main relationship lines,

we have two main relationship lines that we see they’re both very long

they don’t have been in earlier years of life, they happen maybe in her or 30s and they kind of go back to back in a way they’re they’re not

they’re kind of evenly space, but they’re both have a little long kind of duration in a way

and they both are very pronounced and deep and really, really do

really connected feel feel a great deal through these relationships.

Yeah, to it looks like

I mean, doesn’t mean that there’s not other relationships. So there’s only two that really

make a real impression and recording within ourselves.

An interesting thing that we do have, we have a really strong girdle Venus,

a griddle, Venus healthiness kind of shows,

you know, that there’s a great deal of the sensitivity, there’s a great deal of feelings and emotions, we feel things that are kind of a heightened awareness. In a way,

it’s probably very good that we’ve,

you know, your heart line is so well balanced. Because having a girl Venus can sometimes if you’re not kind of able to kind of put things into a place of order and really see truth and see things

through other people’s eyes as well. It can be this place where we can get overly emotional, and we can get hysterical in a way we can, we can just be feeling constantly and not being able to turn off their feelings, or put any sense or order to them. But because of the way that the other parts of your, your, your wired and the other things that are strong within you, it seems that

this is is tempered in a sense, but but also, I think it continues to give this

to maybe have extremely strong empathy, this ability to really feel other people’s plates that there’s, you know, even though you’re able to kind of maybe have a lot of control your emotion or feeling or at least how that they’re projected, or how they’re shown there is this kind of this constant, you know, filter that we’re kind of absorbing everything around us all the time, there’s a lot that shows that maybe you’re able to combat it, or people learn how to combat it early on in life. And we know there’s other things that are worth really protecting. And they really need to not be infiltrated. But there if we’re you know, if we’re not careful, we’re not conscious about how we’re processing things or how we’re letting people touch us there’s a lot that can really we can kind of see this kind of almost like a camera in the sense that we’re recording everything and everyone around us often so this is you know, which is useful to it’s definitely this way that we can really be this natural psychologist we can naturally kind of just know without being told always what’s going on or why this is the way it is there’s just a lot of

ability to kind of perceive things

through other people’s eyes on the whole

look a little bit your lips just a little bit your fingerprints

candlelight it’s a little dark these days


your pinky finger

interesting you have for the most part sorry about that

the most part

we have world’s on all our fingers it looks like

which is so worlds


a fingerprint that isn’t

isn’t an arch reason come from another direction it’s comes from within comes from within ourselves

it shows that there is a lot of kind of this you know this idea of being this original mind being this original way of perceiving and understanding and organizing

fact that organizing story

having your own kind of unique spin on it is something that comes from within it’s not something that’s a while you’re constantly learning your constant understanding the direction it takes is always as its own its own nature its own kind of thing that was just innately fell they’re just kind of was harboring within ourselves we serve a lot of this independent of a lot of this this thing that wasn’t just borrowing from others you’re able to

just kind of it’s not recycling it’s

it’s kind of

outcome I think in a sense when we when we do things we see this in our in our pinky we see in our Apollo finger we see it even in our Saturn Jupiter finger

even though

that are so perhaps conscience of of wanting to help and assist other people

we we aren’t just baby don’t do it just what we’re told

in a sense when we’re doing that we’re we figure out okay this is what’s this about a here this is what I understand these are the problems these have a positive negatives and then you maybe there’s something new that’s created that kind of kills a couple birds with one stone it’s um we find different niches that not haven’t been been trampled upon there’s some we see a little strength that comes from within we also singer in our fingertips we have a lot of some of them are very well rounded but we see a lot of Conan especially in in their pinky and our Apollo finger enter Jupiter fingers which shows that there’s a lot of we have a lot of ideal to hold we have you know there would be this this split moment this impression it gets put into our mind and we can’t shake it we had this idea that that’s hungry enough to move that’s hungry and have to tie all these different bits and pieces together and we strive to live up to that that impressions to live up to that that that unique kind of snapshot in our mind good let’s look at your your dream handle. A little bit different about it right off the bat a little bit more of a flexible we might see that in our day to day life. You know where we we have


Ideal a pole and we hold it very close very dear we might be more flexible in our dream life


our fingers are also a little bit of a different shape or definitely are mercury fingers still very unique very individual still very stand apart from or other periods of your life which shows this kind of not original way of putting our voice and sing our words

we see that’s very close and similar to what we do see differently as are hollow finger republican groups much more joined with our Saturn and Jupiter fingers are grouped together, we see that maybe our artistic creative ideas

are have more more weight, and we feel that they can be more connected and more correlated, they don’t exist outside of what we’re working with, we also see that our policy finger isn’t so drop down. And they’re much more of the same height, the Jupiter and the Apollo finger. So there’s this feeling of that maybe we we give our ideas more credit and we we don’t, we don’t let them be the opportunities taken by other people in order to keep peace were a little bit more

maybe more abrupt in that way that we just speak speak our minds and we bring the ideas that don’t necessarily

is what everybody wants or what everyone thinks is going to be useful there’s There was even a kind of a more cutthroat ability to, to carve out what you’re interested in attack on your pet projects on to what everybody else is working with. And when we are working with others together

we also see a little bit more of a spatula it finger in our Apollo finger that we see that we have, you know, it seems that in our day to day life, in our real life, that we’re we’re constantly looking at this kind of slow, you know, kind of chipping away at a project because we need to do it make it really fine. And we need to make sure that everything’s You know, every T is crossed and I’s dotted in our Apollo thinker here we see that we have periods where we work really hard and then we take more risks and we we shut things down and we’re not constantly engaging and thinking and creating that we are able to have kind of more Evan flow in a way that isn’t senior in the life that we’re we’re currently leading

our Saturn fingers still very you know very

above the others so this one of

of helping others the responsibility of duty on our Jupiter fingers so very strong but it seems that maybe you know with the guy with the Apollo finger we also maybe make sure that we’re speaking up for ourselves a little bit or for what’s good for own creative expression our own creative practices and rituals there’s a little remote going to bat for for ourselves to

other fingers or thumb is pretty similar it’s even more wasted those may be more flexible in a way it’s interesting that we were we see that we incorporate or Apollo finger more but when we

also are more flexible to

I mean, it shows that maybe that we’re not in this dream hand where we don’t just get stuck with the one idea the one concept maybe we’re able to kind of our standards are a little lower in a way so that they are they can sometimes be maybe more people can collaborate with what we’re trying to do but it’s not necessarily that that one idea perfected in our minds I we might see that we may be we in this hand we we don’t care as much in a way so that we can actually more can ground can be covered in a way on our other hand maybe we have to work alone a lot and we have to kind of because we don’t want to

you know cook you know

collaborate in the same way or we don’t want to compromise anything we and we are in the way we have to work slower but then we also it’s it’s completely our own in this handers maybe

lessening of that control in a


our heart line is as much more physical

and his hand in our heart line actually ends on our our bounds of Jupiter which shows that yes, so those are writers for facilitators ability to be interested in triggering other people but there’s kind of this idea that we don’t necessarily dampen our feelings we don’t choose to not show or share them It seems that almost there’s initially this feeling of of anger and frustration when other people aren’t able to to reciprocate and able to give back what we give so freely and so so heartfelt

there is a little bit more passion comes forth and is shared and isn’t we don’t hold our tongue in a way it’s still at some you know will be forgive and we get over it but there’s there’s more there’s more fire in this hand

that is not so doesn’t hide away within us

it’s still it’s still very deep and passionate hand it still has we see some of the islands at the beginning

the islands larger though minute are beginning our inner Hartline we show that see that maybe there’s, if we are to be honest with ourselves there certain things that really hurt even deeper than and we made ourselves get over we made ourselves nuke and pave over that her and not paying but there was a part of so maybe wanted to wallow it and and really really explore that pain and different way

or headline is very similar here we still see I’m heading down to the Mount of lunar it’s so long it’s still starts at a later place we don’t see that writers Park though in the same way

we don’t see that writers fork halfway point where we’re just kind of trying to where we had a stopgap of making ourselves available and accessible. And then how these other ideas it’s almost that we,

we find a way to, to unify those two different courses of action

it’s doesn’t go as far deep into our or mountains lunar. So

we don’t because it’s it’s we still make that aspect of ourselves that we don’t maybe don’t share in our day to day life. It’s it’s weekend in a way because it’s we use it every day we share it it’s doesn’t isn’t stay private. But it also is is being used and also is being seen so it’s it’s kind of a trade off in a way that we see between the two

hands not line

or Lifeline so has the static in the early years. But we do see interesting there was actually a lot more stress there’s a lot more trauma and constant anxiety as more stress lines throughout our life here


it’s just the shows that you know, because maybe, you know especially I think the differences with our love line being such such more more physical and and really maybe bringing things to a head and wanting to discuss things and not just allowing things to kind of take their own course and finding a way to kind of let that course of action just flow and not getting upset about it. You know by engaging there’s more stress there’s more there’s more friction there’s more drama but what is interesting is that

our split comes a lot earlier on in our life our split of exploring a different option or different avenue it comes before so it’s almost that maybe some of us discussing our our frustrations or point of differences of people even if it’s it’s

you know it’s unsettling at the time it also maybe brings things to come to a closer a quicker point of action maybe not a way that feels as good or as gentle as the way that we we live in our daily life but it it does it does push through things in a different quickest way so it’s it’s interesting that also

occurs fair question yeah the dream and how is

how is that different from then your your day to day yeah it’s just shows

that maybe these this is a life like in a different alternative at different these feelings maybe our in our subconscious there’s they’re a part of us but we don’t act upon them we don’t let them come for we we it’s a it’s it’s what is possible but we had the way that we live our life right now is doesn’t really reflect that I see okay

okay cool.

All right. Let’s look at our destiny line we still see the same destiny line heading to amount of Saturn that’s still something that is it’s still at the heart of us it’s we’re we’re definitely honest about that so many mediums we still see the split here into our 30s

we we just feel me see a little bit more of the Saturn line army are super sorry, our power lines much longer. And it actually stems down here as opposed to after our 16th. So we have this more,

you know, we start to explore the arts and in our dream hand, more explorer creating are just for art’s sake, and not trying to make sense of it, not trying to make it useful, not trying to make it as engaging maybe

there’s just seems that there’s more more that that occurs, we still see the mercury line in our later years,

you don’t see as much of a Mercury line in our earlier years, though, it shows that maybe

in a sense, we’re not trying to maybe we don’t feel the need to always explain things as we do or try to use our energy in that way. There’s a part of us maybe who wishes that we’re just creating and not necessarily creating dialogue or creating understanding or sharing in the same way but we hold we take it upon ourselves to do that that practice in our day to day life

griddle Venus but we do have more relationship lines which is interesting we have about may actually have five relationship lines

are self the two there but there’s a several that are later on in life that we

are very deep and passionate.

Those three they’re they’re kind of coming into series as well.

The last one has been the kind of comes from a place where maybe starts in friendship and become something that is romantic.

It’s just seems that maybe there’s their current life we’re holding on very close to the two or or at least one of those two in our life and not opening up the idea that they’re there is possible for other kinds of relationships in our later years. Also, that we don’t, we can, we don’t have to just fix it on them on the two in earlier years.

In life.

When you say relationship lines, they mean actual relationships, like actual romantic relationships. Yeah,

actually look at your children line. So we can look at both of those hearing now.

Children lines,

five children lines on this hand, what is your own children, or at least children close to you is just this show that you have you make a mark on on youth

and maybe five in particular,

let me see about the same see actually for on this hand.

So similar amount,

though, where there’s opinion,

children and or future there too.

Any questions at all?

Sure. So groupies

change Yeah, yeah, they do. Yeah. So yeah. Or, you know, or, or ship? Every hands don’t generally change. But yeah, the lines do. Definitely. So there’s things that will disappear, things that will hear you I mean,

it probably won’t, the directions won’t change. So it’s not that your your handheld. Suddenly, the headline will start to tilt up towards the plane of Mars and be more practical. Only

some things are just your nature. But there’s definitely things that will alter

ego over time. Okay. Yeah. So it’s, it’s all kind of, it’s all it’s all about. Potential potential, of course, there. So ability to be control of it. Yeah,

yeah, I think that was

Any questions?

Yeah. Cool.

Well, yeah, I mean, if you’re welcome to, you know, email me questions or

things that when you listen

to a record or looking Okay, that come up and

you wanted to? Yeah, yeah, questions, please. Okay. Yeah, I’m trying to think.


so yeah, heart. Yep. So heart had life

and then destinies in the middle.

Okay. Yeah. And where did you see the relationship lines? So relationship lines are on here.

He’s too Right. Yeah, yeah.

And then you

saw her you have these ones that are part of your griddle, Venus. So it’s not that they’re not completely there. But they’re connected with this lines. They’re not really isolated. Yes, the girl of Venus Yeah, we see this threading that’s here I circles that you see okay do you think that’s it? So walk me as my first palm reading oh good measure to expect this great book yeah yeah it’s it’s pretty thorough. I mean there’s so much I mean there’s so many other little lines that they do have yeah things are they they talent they’re not the big hitters but there’s yeah there’s there’s a lot there guys recorded here.