I decided that at some point I need to let it go.

The idea that everything has to be perfect before it’s ready to be seen.

So what you’re you’re seeing is the awkward and ungainly stage of this experiment

That I sometimes like to call my Intimacy Project.

My aim is to try to find a way to get more real

And intimate.

And in my experience with Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and typical website structures, there hasn’t been a platform out there that has allowed me to do just that (at least in the way that I want to).

I’m still constantly having to censor myself

When what I really want to do is get naked.

So this is my creative challenge:

To build a space where I can freely play

With my words

With my imagery

And with you.


And so this idea of an anti-structure came to me about a few years ago.

Here at 1% of my vision

I now have the ability to create these pages.

I know my progress may seem glacial.

Creating one page at a time can be a meticulous process

Where thought into content + structure has to be considered

If you’ve been following Pervette from the beginning

You can see how I keep on changing my mind

About how this should start.

This really feels like the hardest part

Creating a solid base

From which new paths can grow.

And yes I’m aware that there are key parts missing.

Those key parts being the expression of my larger vision and my offering to you.

I’m working on them right now.

And by them I mean myself.

Because in order to let you in on my vision and offering (i.e., my wildest fantasies)

I have to push my own boundaries

So I can share with you in the most authentic and real way possible.

When I get there, you’ll know.

In the meantime

Thank you

For being so patient

As I figure this out..