Pervette Party Prep List

Here are all the essentials to throw a pervette birthday party in less than a week

Time to go crazy on Amazon Prime!

The Essentials

Table Cloths for 6 ft table- 3 in white

Table Cloth for 8 ft table – 3 in white

Table Liner

Plates2 packs of 7.5″

Doorbell – cheap, easy, and good reviews

Orbit Lighting – replacing this box should light up the front like it used to

Toilet Paper – 2 packs

Paper Towels – 2 packs

Baby Wipes – 2 packs

Bona Wipes – 12 packs

Large wooden tongs

Small wooden tongs – 2 packs

Disposable Trash Cans –  6 packs or more (they come in packs of 3) – game changer!

Beeswax votives – 4 packs

Beeswax candles – 2 packs

Votive holders

Purple Light bulb

Pink light bulb

Red Light bulb

Blue light bulb

Flame bulb – just curious to see how this looks

Lamp Base – 4 of these

32Gb SD cards – 3

64 GB SD cards – 3

Compact SD cards – 3

Polaroid Color Film – 5

Polaroid red frame film – 5

Polaroid BW Film – 10

Polaroid camera 

Picture Clips – 2

Food cards 

Round cutting board – great for party display and will use this everyday

Egg Lamp – for the chill room

Laminator – if you can show me how to use the japanese one (can’t read the japanesey print) we don’t need this

Laminator sheets 

Salt night light – 2 of these – for lil mupps coming into the room at night

Flow water – 10

Flow water flavored variety – 5

Tile – not necessary but it might come in handy when we’re looking for our phones and Cutie