I want to play an infinite game with you.

It’s infinite because it’s intimate

and there is no end to how deep we can go

When we get to know

Each other.


The rules of the game are quite simple.

You follow me

Down the rabbit hole

And we get intimate

As deeply as we can.

We’re essentially playing two people

beginning and cultivating

a unique and dynamic relationship.1a very kinky complex open relationship, that is


This relationship2like all relationships is a journey into the Unknown.

How this unfolds all depends on

how deep you think you can go

with me..

What I’m offering is a trip down the rabbithole..

A journey into the Unknown

For now, I may not reveal much about this mystery

But when we embark on this journey

I can give you this:

my truth

my insights

my advice

my feelings

my ideas

my story

my dreams3which includes but is not limited to my sexual fantasies

my art

my wisdom

my purest intentions4to help you grow

my love

What I aim for you to experience is this:

You will choose your own (erotic) adventure

You will get to know me very intimately

You will get to know yourself very intimately

You will have a safe space to be open, vulnerable and play in

You will be seen, heard, held, and understood

You will remember that the point is to play

You will be at your fullest self-expression

You will heal deep intergenerational trauma ancestral wounds

You will experience a shift in the way you see yourself and the world around you

You will find your path to power (via the path of Dominance or submission or both)

You will find direction in your life and create your own unique roadmap to living out your dream

You will learn the art of listening closely

You will learn the art of communicating skillfully

You will explore the facets of BDSM and learn the art of kink

You will navigate an open relationship with more ease and grace

You will find your inner power and move through the world with more confidence and purpose

You will develop a heightened intuition in making choices that bring pleasure and power into your life

You will live the story you want to tell..