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Even though we’re in shelter, we can still come out and play..


Pervette Tea Stream with Lenore Black // Sunday May 3rd, 3pm PST

What’s your cup of tea? Bring it to the Pervette Tea Stream, a periodic livestream with me and my friends. During this time of quarantine and transition, rituals and intimate conversations can keep us grounded and connected. So brew a cup of tea and enjoy it with us. There will be a musical offering by Jade, the Pervette maid of honor. And we’ll dive into timely matters and touch on the themes of power, pleasure, intimacy and more. As with everything that’s Pervette, the tea stream is also an evolving work in progress, which means I’ll be experimenting and switching things up with every stream. This time around, I want to be more playful with you..

So in our upcoming stream I’ll be chatting with Lenore Black. She’s a rad AF sex witch and erotic mentor by trade. She’s also a dear friend of mine. I love her story and journey with Intimacy, which you can dive into as well. This Sunday, we’ll get into our favorite sexy witchy rituals, personal power and kink, among other things 1And depending on how we feel, we might take it to another level and make it a “tea and smoke” stream, if you know what I mean. So along with your tea, bring your other herbs, and let’s see where this high-dea takes us... Come with questions and stay open for the answers 🙂

Sunday, May 3rd, 3-4:30ish pm PST

To join the stream click HERE

To join the stream and/or make a donation2The event(s) above are open to all and free or donation-based. All proceeds will go towards realizing a dream project of mine and Liara Roux’s. We’re creating a Goddess Pad, a sexworker-friendly sanctuary and venue. We hope you can be a part of this dream.. click HERE








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