April 21, 2020 2:04pm

Dear  U

It’s been a blur. Even though the days are longer, they seem to go by so quickly. So much is happening in these unstructured days. Both in my exterior and interior world. 

It may seem like I’ve put Pervette on pause. The updates seem less frequent in the past few weeks. The journal has been on hold (since the stalker incident-but don’t worry it’s coming back).


The reason for the pause is actually many things:

-I was diving deep into an intense and amazing quarantine-bonded sisterwife experiment (the honeymoon ended last week).

-I have a new passion project Goddesspad.com that’s taking up some of my bandwidth

-But I think the real reason for the pause is this…

I just needed to.

I needed to pause and prioritize what’s most important and reconfigure the paths on Pervette accordingly..

In a way it’s a good thing that I didn’t get too far along with the paths of Pervette. Because the moment of its true purpose is finally here. Now is the time when you and I are finding intimacy through a screen.

The world is radically shifting, along with our values, needs and consciousness. I mean I can feel it..I’m changing, you’re changing, we’re all changing. And I want Pervette to change with these changes. And so it’s taken me a few weeks for me to reevaluate what it is that I want Pervette to be for both you and me.  What do I have to offer through Pervette that can be of most value to you?  And to that end, what can I see myself doing everyday for almost ever and enjoy every minute of it?


I feel like I’m getting close to the answer. It feels like Pervette has been this strange organically evolving puzzle that I’ve been working on for 5 years. I’ve been creating all the pieces. And in that time, I’ve also been gathering myself (to be in my full integrity and power) to finally piece these parts together. 

It’s been a strange journey. To have visions. To make something out of them1which is essentially making something out of nothing. To be guided only by feelings and intuitions. To create this icon or make that page without knowing why until the a-ha moment comes to me..


It’s like a cycle of exclamations:

Abracadabra! (I made it!)

Eureka! (I see why I made it!)

Hallelujah! (You see it too!)


Rinse and repeat.


All to say, Pervette is still permanently evolving.. maybe more so than ever.. esp the levels and paths..For those of you who have chosen to go deeper, thank you. I truly appreciate your support and patience right now.  It’s with you that I’m ready to go deeper.. Please hold tight while I change things up a little bit..