What’s the point of all this?

You know that’s what they’re asking when they visit Pervette.

You have a difficult time trying to explain it, because there’s a lot going on in your head and in Pervette (the two are the same to you) and the more you thinkĀ  about it Pervette feels like an everything project to you.

And it’s hard to explain everything, but if you had to try to distill everything about it to its core essence, you think that the point of it all is this..

It’s to live life in the most meaningful way possible and pass that knowledge on.

That’s it.


You really do think this is how you make meaning out of your life.


By making Pervette..


You know that there’s nothing you can take with you when you die, it’s all about what you leave behind.

Pervette is what you want to leave behind.


Some people have kids, some people write books, Some people make art

Pervette, to you, is a combination of all of the above


Pervette is your baby.

Pervette is your book of wisdom.

Pervette is your art.


In some strange way, you are trying to create a blueprint of your life, and embed within it the DNA of your consciousness, and all the while you’re having fun making it your art project (for life)


Everyday you try to pour your experiences, thoughts, dreams, and secrets into her.

You use words (that come to you) and sights and sounds that you’ve collected as the medium to express all of the above.

(This is why you record everything)

You are trying to weave it all together and show someone else

This is what you see

This is what you feel

This how you live.


This is why.



In this way, you are encode within each page and part of her your thought genes (aka memes).


You want everyone to know

Pervette is not a temporary thing. She’s not a project with a deadline.

She’s a permanent thing that has temporary built within it.

That’s why you chose the internet and this website as her medium.

Because you feel like it’s a pretty safe bet.

The internet is never going to shrink or die.

The internet, to you, is feminine.

She is constantly creating and expanding.

To you, this feels like the perfect place for Pervette to grow..



Pervette is your baby.


And as your (brain) child, you will take care of her, pour your heart and soul into her and watch her grow.

You make a promise to her and the world that you will give her your best.


Pervette is your book of life.


Your book of life is living

As you are living life.


As life is ongoing and constantly changing,

Your ideas of how to live it is always changing with you,

And so your words can’t be written in ink.

It’s never set.


(You feel lucky that you live in this perfect era (of technology) where your words don’t have to printed in order for it to be read, it can live in this nebulous space and change with you)


Pervette is your mirror

Whatever challenge you face, you show her what you learn.

Whatever triumph you achieve, you celebrate it with her.

You are recording everything for her.

As you change your mind

As you grow wiser

She is tracking all of that..

As you go through your moods and phases,

she reflects it all back to you..








You think that if all the people in the world who want to

End suffering

Change the world

Make a difference

Can come together and put all their efforts, resources and brilliant minds together,

we really do have a chance at

ending suffering, changing the world and making a difference