What is Power?

We are always in search of it.

And many a times we play with it.

But what is Power?


For most of us,

We think power is something

we can strive for and attain.

So we look around to find it.


When we look around,

We think that power is

having the right job or the right amount of money,

or having the right partner or the right house,

or even the right clothes and shoes..

So we push ourselves and work for it,

this power.


But what happens when we lose our job

or our home?

Or our partner?

We lose our power.


Because we’ve mistakenly placed power

In all the wrong places

The places outside of us.

We were looking “out” for power

Instead of “in”



We think power is something we can see,

grab hold of and then it’s ours..

But that’s the thing about power.

You can’t see it.

You can only feel power.

To be in power is to embody power.

And to embody power,

you have to find it from within

You self.


Power is inside you.

It’s at your core.

At your core

Is your truth.

To get to your power

You have to dig

Deep to get at your truth.


To get at your truth

You have to do the work.

This work is the work on self.

This work on self is the journey.

This journey is the journey of

Finding and sharing your truth


How do you find your truth?

Like power,

You can’t see truth.

You can only feel truth.

And the most powerful truth you can find

Is the truth that hurts the most…

(To be continued..)