Dear Mistress,

Thank you for being in touch with your desire.

Because the desire to embody the Dominatrix

Is the same desire to bring back the Power of the Feminine.

And oh my Goddess, it is time.


It is time to step into our Power

and play with our dreams

and weave them into reality.


It’s time for a new world where Femmes lead with their desire

The desire to heal, to love, to play and to connect

and support each other in coming into our Power.


MistressClass stems from my desire to share with you

the keys that I’ve found in my 16 years of being a Dominatrix

to unlocking our innate Powers.

This course is also an application (or subversion)

of my PhD in Education to create an unorthodox and radical education..

The Education of Desire.


I believe the future needs each and every one of us

to find our superpower..

Our open, empathic and fearless heart.

I believe we can heal all patriarchal wounds

when we connect with our desire

to find our voice, our truth, our Power.

And from this place of Power can we truly play..


If this resonates with you and you feel called to the do the Great Work

please join me in reclaiming our Power..


If you’re ready to step into this next chapter..

Please e-mail me at to join the waitlist for this upcoming MistressClass. And please share with me what you’re desiring to explore..


There will be an early bird special tuition of $888.

After the early bird ends, the investment will be $1111.


Thank you so much for trusting me, believing in my vision, and desiring

A Femme-Powered future for yourself and for the world around us.

I’m so looking forward to expanding with you..