What’s your relationship like with food?


You might not be aware of it, but food is actually something we have a relationship with..


Other than cock and drugs, what else do we actually put inside our bodies?


And the act of putting something inside you and merging with it is a very intimate act.


Maybe that’s why you think about food as often as you think about sex, if not more


Because you can without sex, but you can’t live without food


Maybe that’s why as a foodie culture we have a fetishistic obsession with it.


Food is actually one of our first relationships that we developed when we came into the world.


So have we ever stopped to think about the nature of our relationship with food?


It helps to think about it as you would a partner.


How do you choose what goes inside you?

Is it purely by taste?

Or do you think about where it came from

And whether this is good for you or not?


When you eat something, you’re should ask yourself

Do I want this to become a part of me?


Is your relationship with food healthy

or not?

I also mean this in a psychological kinda way.

Do you feel like you think about it all the time?

Do you love food?

Or do you hate how you love it (too much)?

Do you feel like you have no control over it?

Like does it make you feel good when you take its first bite

and does it make you feel sick and guilty after your last bite?

Do you feel like it consumes you?


What was your relationship with food like when you were growing up as a child?

And then what was it like when you were a teenager?

And in your twenties?

Thirties, and so on

Until now.

Was there an evolution?

About how you thought about food

Has you conceptualization of what’s good for you

And what’s not good for you

changed over the years?


Have you experimented with cutting out what you think is not good for you?


Do you want to have a different, healthier, happier or more balanced relationship with food?


Do you like the body that you have shaped

by the food that you put inside it?


Do you cook?

Do you eat out?

What’s the ratio like?


What’s your take on cooking?

Do you love it?

Or do you think it’s a waste of time?

Or do you think you don’t know how to cook?

Or do you think it’s just not your thing?


When you eat your food, how do you eat it?

Slowly, mindfully

Or quickly and distracted?


…..More to write..