Just saying it can make it happen…


I still remember

When I made the phone call

to the Gates,

asked to speak to S

the headmistress

(I was so nervous)

When she came on the line,

I told her

Hi, I’m ____ and

I’d like to become a Dominatrix


Those very words

That spoke my desire

Once uttered

Put out there

Set in motion

A series of events

that forever

changed my life.


Then I started telling all my friends

I think I’m gonna become a Dominatrix.


Here’s what I learned

(when I was Mormon)


When you think about it

You talk about it

When you talk about it

You bring about it


So go ahead,

just say it..


If you can’t think of anyone to declare this to,

you have me.


Email me at



Tell me


I want to become a dominatrix


Tell me why


And see what happens..


(If you tell me, it’ll motivate me to write out this guide (faster) for you, and if you tell me why, it’ll help me structure this guide to address your desires)


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