Moving forward

If you’re on your phone right now

You can read me like a little black book with pink text.

If you’re on your computer

You’ll get the bigger (and at times moving) picture.


It’s up to you how you want to take this in

But if I were you

I would opt for your computer

I only say that because maybe you’re like me

And you’re a visual person

And you want to see more than words..


And because this is a transmedia website

And every page is tediously built from scratch

On my computer

For your computer (for the time being)

And since I can’t seem to figure out how to stream full screen videos on your phone (yet)

I do think you’ll enjoy this experience much more with the imagery that’s intended for each page.

I mean, that is, if you want a more sexy and interesting experience.

But it’s totally up to you if you want to see me half naked or not.


Eventually I’m going to create a mobile version of every page that has video

But since I’m still at the beginning of this process, it’s going to take a little while

So if you want the most up to date full version of Pervette, I suggest getting off your phone and on your computer.

Even that step requires of you to be in a more intimate private space, like your home, to take this in. Which is how it should be.


If you’re already in a cozy place on your computer right now, that’s great.

Tiny tip for you: The wider your screen, the bigger the picture. So expand if you can..



Okay, back to where you were