You tell your partner that you’ve been having these perverse fantasies and you don’t know what to do with them. You feel like it might be unfair to your partner to have her act it out out with you because it might not be her thing. If that’s the case, would she be okay with you seeking out a professional for exploratory sake? ¬†Several things can happen, she might be unpleasantly surprised to hear about your fantasies and never wants hear you talk about it ever again. And the idea of seeing a professional is completely of the question. And now you’re thinking, fuck, I wish I never told her, now she’s really gonna be on to you if you do surreptitiously¬†seek out a professional. All of this is true. But it’s also really good to know that you’re with someone whose image of you is somewhat narrow so much that she can’t possibly see of you in a multidimensional way, where you want to play with different sensations, gender roles and feel what the other side feels like. And so you might ask yourself, is life too short to be with someone whose conception of you is too limited, hence limiting your experiences and explorations? Or you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that she’s open to you seeking a pro domme. And who knows, maybe she wants to help with the research, and both of you can pick out a pro domme for you to see and after your visit, you can tell her all about it. Or maybe, she blows your mind and she tells you that she’s totally into it and wants to be a domme and top you in ways you can’t even imagine (but this can also get tricky because sometimes you just don’t want to act out your fantasies with someone you know too well). Or it can land somewhere in between. She doesn’t get it but maybe with more discussions and some reading and learning, she can come to understand your desires and eventually get to a place comfortable enough where she’s cool with you seeking a professional, as long as the communication is open and honest. Choice #2 is the brave card. Because it can be your “worst case scenario” in that you completely disrupted your “default world” and now things are definitely awkward. But you can also see it as your honest attempt at trying to create a shared reality with your partner and it’s a great test to see if she can meet you there and accept all of you, even your kinky side..