I have this obsession with sounds. So much that¬†I’ve been keeping a sonic diary for the past 7 years. My recording are my treasure trove of memories. I think sounds can capture the essence of a moment in a very pure and authentic way. In a photo or video, you’re very aware of the camera, so you might pose or create a certain image you think the viewer would want to see. With a recorder, you eventually forget that it’s there, and you act and speak as you naturally would. With imagery, it’s limited to a frame, while sound is a 360 degree experience. If you listen closely, you can hear everything, from the fore to the background. And if you listen deeply, you can feel the spirit of that time and place..

I truly think you can learn a lot about someone by their voice, in conversation, and the strange sounds they make..


So…if you want, you can get to know me

by the sound of..

me masturbating and orgasming

me smoking 5meo and losing my ego

me making love with my lover

me talking to my mom