Where Do I Start?


This is usually the first choice you have to make when you’re starting out as a Domme.

And you usually have two choices:

You can start at a house (or commercial dungeon)

Or you can go independent.


It’s a tough call. I will go into the pros and cons of both.

One way to do it is to start at a house, get your bearings, build your confidence, your skills, your clientele, and when you feel like you’ve outgrown the House, move on and go independent.

That’s exactly what I did. And it worked out really well for me.

Here are all the pros of starting out at a house:

  1. It’s the fastest way to get a ton of experience really quickly. If you go independent right off the bat and have a typical indie rate, you’ll get less sessions early on, because clients who opt for indie pro dommes with indie rates want dommes with experience, and so they’ll typically choose the indie domme with more experience, which means you won’t collect as much experience as you would if you started at a house with house rates and where there’s a slew of house regulars who love seeing new dommes. So if you live in a city with a decent commercial dungeon, I say
  2. There’s a sense of safety in numbers and it’s nice to have a community of other Pro Dommes supporting you as you get started