Hello, Mistress. I’m Sub Jade. And I am in a wonderful exploratory chapter of life. My work is creative and entrepreneurial; I’m constantly pulling rabbits out of a hat.  So my kink remains a valued source of creative inspiration and balance, and I am looking for a Mistress to devote my time to. 

A Different Perspective

Over the years, I’ve been privileged to experience and enjoy a wide range of kink.   Now I want to contribute by supporting certain women and femmes who desire more intimacy with their dominant energies and identity.  I approach this with a sense of mission to support the emergence of feminine energy in our culture. I’m comfortable on both ends of the power and gender spectra.  In bdsm play, I’m an experienced, bottom-leaning switch.  And in matters gender, I spend most of my time in boy mode, but make ample time to express an authentic and high level of feminine beauty.  

I can offer: 

  1. Knowledge and skill share about shibari; my services as a practice model
  2. An opportunity to practice high d/s protocol 
  3. A BDSM skills review and practice opportunity/skill share
  4. The experience of being served by a maid in a low or high protocol situation 
  5. Knowledge sharing regarding feminization, about whic

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