I know this is hard to see

But this is actually the secret path to hyper growth and learning

It’s only a secret because most people don’t go here

Probably because it doesn’t sound fun or easy.

And then there’s also that not so pretty thing

Called shame

Attached to it.


But don’t you know

That to live is to suffer

And there’s actually a way

To relate to suffering

To end suffering.


And the moment that we can end it

And escape the pain/pleasure cycle

Is the moment that we can learn from it.


And that’s how we grow.

By experiencing growing pains

And learning how to find the way out.

That’s how we get stronger and wiser.


And because the way out

Can only by carved by you,

The path that you carve out

Is the actual path that leads to your purpose.


But wait there’s more

The path to actualizing your purpose

Is also one of suffering

Because it involves facing all of your fears

And as you know

We fear what pains us.


So the path to growing

And the path to your self-actualization

Is the same path

That begins with suffering

And ends with the end of suffering


Therefore, don’t avoid this path.

Because once you go through it

And find your way out

You will have found your way.