I know the truth is hard to hear, but you probably need to hear it at some point..

If you’re chasing any of these illusions of stability, then you’re playing the chasing game.

And if you’re playing the chasing game, you’re playing a losing game.

Because the truth is, all these attainments won’t stop the chasing. Because the part of us that tells us to chase isn’t going to quiet itself once we got what we wanted.  The chase always continues. The illusion is the mirage. You can trust (the brilliant marketers of the world) that there will there will always be something to be had.

And we commonly associate the drive to chase with the drive to succeed. So why would we stop chasing? No one wants to lose out. And for many, the chase is the game. And if we’re not chasing, we’re just bored. So we keep on chasing. We lead ourselves to believe that the prize holds the promise of joy and security. That belief is what drives us to chase.

All these things that we spend all our energy on constantly chasing will never bring us the stability that we desire. Because the structure of the game is that we  will always feel the need to be chasing. There’s always be more money to be had. There’s always something newer and better. If we stop the chase, we feel like we’re losing or falling behind. That’s why it’s the losing game.

The other truth is that all the things that we have acquired can all just as quickly disappear (much like an illusion). A fire, earthquake or hurricane happens, and you lose your home, car, and maybe even family. A decision is made by someone (or many) who wants to cut you out of their team or life. Just like that you are laid off or left behind. And in a split second, the ground beneath you crumbles. Everything that you’ve worked so hard for is gone.

But the thing is, you don’t want to not have these things. They bring you pleasure.

What if I told you there’s actually a better game to play than the chasing game? And instead of chasing these things, you let it come to you..