The Creatrix is a woman

who sees very clearly

the present and the future

She acts in the present

according to the future.

(She is the mother)

(She is the author)


Every baby was made from love

every seed every egg

carries the possibility

of change


Every creation carries the potential to create ripples and worlds

(She knows)


The Creatrix

has the power

to plant her words

her seeded egg

into the future


In the future

Her world will have perfect knowledge.

Of how to live.

How to love.

It’s one and the same

(She says)


We will know how to take care of ourselves and each other.


We will master our selves

and the art of of speaking our truth

We will find our elliptical boundaries

with curiosity and compassion


We will know how to heal ourselves and each other

and the collective wound we’re bleeding from


we will be in divine communion

with the balm

of the plant

and breath

which holds

all the keys


everything that goes inside us will be met with consciousness

every word or gesture that comes outside us will be delivered with thoughtfulness


everything becomes an art on to itself


if our life became our art

if our art became our life

and truth was our source material

how would we make it?

how would we show it?

how would we tell it?









A) Let’s make art

B) Let’s make love

C) Source materials

D) How do we make art?

E) How do we make love?