Something here is ringing true to you

on a soul level you feel it

This is your dream

calling you

To wake up

you realize

the journey begins

when you make up

your mind and take..



T H E     D R E A M     C A L L


You have a strong urge for our paths to cross

you see that what I offer is what you’re looking for

perhaps you’ve submitted your desire to me

and you’re waiting for me to respond1Because I do like to take my time..

the languor is too much

you want us to connect sooner than later


And so I give you a choice..

to take control of your path to me

I offer you..


The Dream Call


This is the most direct line

and quickest path you can take

to connecting with me in real time..


The call is for at least a full hour

maybe a little more


Once I ring you..

we go deep into your story and dreams

I ask you penetrating questions

You give honest answers2And likewise, you can ask me anything, and I will share with you what you want to know

Together we explore and examine

the sacred origin

of your desires

and the mythopoetic nature

of your life and story.

I weave your dream into an illuminating map forward

into the journey of your life

I offer you insights, advice and interesting choices

ways to realize your dream

from a practical yet magical lens

that activates you

to live out the story you want to tell..


By the time we’re finished

you have an awakened insight

on to your dream and journey

a more aligned sense of purpose

and a new expansive way

to find your power

and pleasure..




Only those who make the Dream Call

will have the opportunity

to meet me face to face3where the veil is lifted

and do the Great Work with me

as we play for our dreams

in the intimate safe spaces of

my dungeon

my temple

and pervette



Fair warning:

Even a conversation can change your life..


This call is an intimate journey of getting to know yourself

by expressing yourself openly and shamelessly to me


You will be compelled to get intimate with yourself

as you get intimate with me


This call is an initiation into a sub realm of reality

where your innermost desires can be unlocked

when you surrender

to a Dominatrix’s probing curiosity and imagination.


I will be very open, honest and direct

with what I feel and see.


This conversation

may cause you

to question

your sense of self

who you think you are

and who you think you can be..

as your self perception might be expanded

when your boundaries are pushed and played with


These thoughts and feelings may appear days after our call

without warning..

they may lead to restlessness

and even to radical change..


This conversation can lead you to become more brave

and excited to make the more interesting choices..


This conversation might even be the beginning

of a beautiful open relationship

where you and I adventure together

into the erotic Unknown..


The choice to make this call

is ultimately the call to meet me

in your dream

and in the flesh

as I invite you in

to my world

into the land of yes’s

and possibilities..




Yesss, you’re so ready to make this call happen