Hello again. Welcome to this multi-chambered he(art) project of mine called Pervette. This is a soul project that I’ve been dreaming up and imagineering for the past 7 years. If you’ve dropped into Pervette over the years, (it’s been an evolving website ever since it went live in 2015) you might’ve been confused or wondered what this site was about or what I was up to. To be honest, I was never quite ready or clear myself to explain what I was doing. All I knew was that I was being called by my soul (which happens to be my 6-year-old self) to build an intimate and ever-changing website from scratch. And from this intimate space, I was to share my story, dreams and wisdom in the most he(art)ful way I can, in hopes that it can inspire you to share your story and make interesting choices so that you can live the story you want to tell.

That was and is still the aim of Pervette. It just took me 7 years of working on Pervette and myself to get to this point where I feel 100% confident in my ability to offer to you my soul work, which is a life-changing journey. I don’t think I was ever ready to say that I know a way to help you find your unique path in life, one where you can truly be free to play and live out your wildest dreams

Until now.

It’s only at this point after 7 years of going on a journey..

traveling my inner and the outer world, exploring the depths of my psyche and shadow, meeting my soulmates, being in an ever-growing open relationship, buying my dream home, creating a sanctuary, building a radical community, communing with plant medicine, following a wild dream to heal, play and serve the world, going deep in meditation and contemplation, creating a unifying life theory behind the practice of BDSM, teaching women how to heal their hearts and channel their inner Domme, mentoring men and women on how to find their power through unconventional pathways, throwing magical parties, making love, art and magic with my heroes and heroines, experiencing the passing of my father, cultivating a potent spiritual practice, healing deep ancestral wounds, facing my fears, doubts and insecurities, seeking and telling my truth, finding my voice, persistently following the vision of pervette, and continually making interesting choices that have forever changed me and the course of my life

can I say that


I’m ready to show you a way


A way to dream big and boldly

A way to realize those big, bold dreams

A way to examine, explore and express your desires, feelings and boundaries

A way to connect with your child self to reach your highest self

A way to hone your intuition

A way to cultivate magic and miracles

A way to find your power

A way to express all of yourself without fear or shame

A way to find your soulmate(s)1and do the Great Work of self-transformation with them (and yes, they do exist!)

A way to strengthen and deepen your intimate relationships

A way to explore open relationships (successfully)

A way to become a Dominatrix2or at least channel Her in the bedroom, boardroom, anywhere

A way to submit, let go & experience bliss through surrender3aka be the best sub ever

A way to expand yourself by playing on the edge of your boundaries

A way to have fun exploring bdsm & uncover the codes of life through it

A way to become an alchemical entrepreneur

A way to explore & express your unlimited pleasure & sexuality

A way to know exactly what you want and know how to get it

A way to find your passion, your unique path & soul purpose in life

A way to tune out the noise and find your inner sage voice

A way to inspire positive change around you

A way to heal intergenerational trauma and deepen your family ties

A way to build a fun loving (and sexy) community

A way to strengthen and deepen all your friendships and relationships

A way to love and take care of your mind, body and spirit

A way to explore the power of plant, medicine, and ritual

A way to open and expand your heart (though threesomes!)

A way to make your life a choose your own adventure4 or mystery, fairy tale, comedy, love story..

A way to cultivate healing and potent spi/ritual practices

A way to play and make magic with your heroes and heroines

A way to tap into your well of sexual and creative energy5they come from the same source

A way to make everything an art6esp life and love

A way to work through & grow stronger from crises, transitions & deep pain

A way to stay open, curious and compassionate at all times

A way to heal, play and serve the world around you

A way to be the hero/heroine of your dreams

A way to live a life of no regrets

A way to live the story you want to tell


So there you have it

The point of Pervette

And what I believe I can offer


And it’s only after these many years

of working on pervette and myself

Am I able to get to this point

where I can confidently say

I want to show

and tell you

everything I know

everything I got


that can lead you




loving and liberating


to realizing your innermost desire


living out your wildest dreams



If you are ready

to play





with me

I’ll show you

the way..