What’s the point?


I’m with you.

I always want to get to the point.

But then


Oh jeez, this feels like a lot of pressure

to boil it down

to a single



I tried to the other day

but then another point

would appear


If I have more than one

does that make the answer

to my question



I got it


For now they’re not pointless points

I’ll call them dots

I’ll collect them here

Day by day

And at some point

I’ll connect them.



The point is to not lose sight

That this life is our story

And we only have one story to tell.



The point is to play.



The point is to write.


We are the author.

We are the key players.

And we have full creative control over how we want to play this one out.


The author welcomes everything: the worst thing that can happen, the best thing ever, the action, adventure, the romance, the heartbreak, the close calls, the major and minor victories. The fuck ups.

It’s all good.

But the most important thing is to welcome the mystery,

let it unfold,

and tell it like it’s a comedy.


I have a feeling the point is to make your story worth telling.

Make it as compelling as possible.

So make it crazy, weird and unreal as possible.

Make it magical.

Make it amazing.


In this story,

you learn something new



Invite interesting characters.


Do something different


Take chances


Let these experiences change

the way

you see your story



There’s more to this point.


Maybe the point is to find the point.

We have to live it out. We have to keep on experiencing everything to know when we’re getting closer.

But how do we know when we’re getting closer?

It’ll escape you

like an


I think whatever it is, it will make you feel alive, awake to the moment and uncertain,

what’s going to happen next?

Maybe that’s the point

To never quite know.

And be absolutely okay with it.

Because the point can’t be known with only the mind,

it’s your body and soul

saying yes,

I trust you.

Please take me there.