My desire is to inspire you

To live the story you want to tell


I think the story we want to tell

is the story

where we are bold enough

to follow our wildest dreams


To realize our innermost desires

is to realize our selves

is to make real

every part of our self


it’s easy to not make real

it’s easy to fake it

we can lie, hide, and run away from the truth that’s inside


but every time we do,

we give away our power

to fear

fear of judgment, fear of rejection, fear of hurting another, bruising an ego


Out of fear, we lose our power

power is the ability to create change

every time we lie or bend the truth

we lose our ability to create change

we lose our ability to make our dreams come true


because when we bend the truth and distort a reality

we lose the ability to create a shared reality

and all of magic making

making dreams come true

comes form creating a shared reality

a shared reality is when there are no veils

the other can see you clearly for all that you are


when everything that’s inside is shown/known

when the unconscious is conscious

and when there is an alignment between what you think, say and do.

when you can share all of yourself to another you are creating a shared reality


So the path to path to realizing our dreams is just this

It’s the path of seeking and telling our truth

It’s the path of choosing truth

which is always the more interesting choice,

and oftentimes the more difficult choices


This path of seeking and telling your truth

is ultimately the path of getting intimate

with yourself

and another



for the people please, for the one who was told they were not good enough, for the socialized mind,

for the one looking around to figure out where to go

we lose f


Maybe that’s why we give up on our dreams

We hide them, we forget about them

maybe we distract ourselves with black mirrors and the myriad of media

But the things that we consume in books, in films, in our feeds, is speaking to our dreams

A desire to tell a bold story of change and transformation,

of risks and challenges,

of adventure and mystery

of love and desire.






To follow our dreams

we have to cultivate all the power that we have inside us

All our power is inside us

It’s our truth

The more we seek it

The more we tell it

The more we own it

Our truth

Our power

Our ability to create our reality

The more we realize every part of our selves1shadow, shame and all

The more we make known to our self and others

our truth


When we seek and tell the truth

When we express and embody our truth

every part of us becomes true

even our wildest dreams


When we seek and tell the truth

When we express and embody our truth

every part of us becomes true

even our wildest dreams