How did Pervette evolve?

The first version of Pervette was a blog with pro dommes, subs, visitors contributing to it. The first theme was secrets and the writing centered around experiences of coming out, being outed and keeping one’s kink secret. Readers could also write in asking for advice. I was happy to see that Pervette was becoming a writing home for my friends and anyone who wanted to share their secrets.

However, I was never quite satisfied with its blog structure.  You have your page of posts. And every posts fits in a neat box. And when a post is posted, you read it once, and you’re done. You move on to the next.

I kept on wanting to go back and edit or add more to what I wrote (there was always something more to say and a better way to say it). But since it was an old post and had already fallen to the bottom or back (rarely to be read again), there was no point in going back. There’s this sense that once read, the post is dead, which never felt right to me.

It would be nice if we can begin to see our thoughts and words as seeds. And once shared (or planted in this seedy place called the internet), they have the potential to grow into a fruitful dialogue, that hopefully will keep on evolving and never end..

How do we create the most optimal conditions for our thought seeds to grow?

I think we need another way of taking in words and navigating through them.

Instead of a traditional blog structure, I want something dendritic and branch-like, capturing the somewhat messy and organic nature of a conversation: constructive and nonlinear, and often tangential.

So this is what I have so far and this is where we are

At the beginning of a new structure that hopefully represents a:







Back to when you said yes

Or if you want to experience all of the above in more detail and in 2nd person1because apparently in one evolution of pervette, you were me and I was you

To a random beginning that I created last year