Hello You,

If you want to know what’s going on, it’s this.. Pervette is being written as you are reading it. You are writing this as much as I am. As Pervette is written by my life, by our relationship, and by all the choices that we’ve made that led us to this interesting point of connection where we can weave our stories together. All of this will make more sense once you choose to go deeper.

As Pervette is a living book and you and I are always changing and growing, everything here is permanently evolving as you are reading it. Every page, word and image has the potential to spiral ever deeper in dimensions of meanings. These subjects will keep changing as our lives expand in all directions, yet we remain still at the center of the web of all possibilities, sitting calmly in the seat of the ultimate responsibility to choose our own adventure..

May my choices inspire you

May your choices inspire me

May our choices inspire each other

To go deeper

And get intimate

with ourselves

and each other

May our choices

inspire the world around us

to live the story we want to tell..






This is for the living, this is for the deceased

This is for those who want to leave an epic story behind1These words are an homage to Frank Moore, a Bay Area shaman, artist, and healer who created incredible radical art and cherotic magic in his lifetime. May his work and words live on..