This is just an experiment

You just want to see if your soul can talk to another

in virtual reality.

You want to know if love exists

In other shapes and dimensions

You want to know if there’s more to life than this.

You have a feeling


It all starts at the center



This is just an experiment

Because ever since you were little

You were fascinated by messages in a bottle.

This is that.

It’s just a message. You put out there.

You have no idea who’s going to receive this. You will never see the look on their face when they come upon it. But it doesn’t matter.

All that matters is that you believe that it will.

That it will reach somebody.

That they will feel like this was made just for them.

That this is a little gift from you the universe to them the world.

That somehow across these oceans, across these waves and lines, your note made it

Maybe it will feel like fate

Maybe it will make all the difference

So you keep on writing

You keep on putting out these lines

It’s a shot in the dark

Where will this go?

I doesn’t matter

To know or not know

It’s just words, thoughtful words, that come from the heart, hoping to find another warm chamber to fall into.


This is just an experiment

So this is what it looks like when you follow your dream.

When you have an idea and you imagineer it into life.

And you see it through, all the many beginnings.

Were they false starts? Or true markers of progress.

At some point, you know it doesn’t matter, it’s just bliss that you’re following

Which led you to this



is bliss

You know from direct experience


This is bliss.


This is just an experiment..