Getting Curioser?


It seems like you want to go deeper

That's good.

(who likes shallow anyways?)

But just be aware

If you want go deeper

you're actually crossing the line

to the next level

where things are going to get more intense and intimate

which means you're dabbling with somewhat "naughty things" like




tons of kinky shit..


Do you think you're ready for that?



If so, then become a pervette

The membership is totally free

Nope, no strings attached


You just need an email address

Don't worry, you're not gonna get spammed

(who here has the time to write and send you emails anyways?)

at most you'll get a nice thoughtful note once in a blue moon

and it'll be about something really awesome that you probably want to know about

but even then, don't count on that



Why is there a membership? you ask

Because we're trying to create a very intimate safe space to explore things that are typically considered taboo by the mainstream

Just as you don't want some super conservative rando stumbling upon your sweet little Molly-infused cuddle puddle telling you what a social degenerate you are and how you should grow up and clean up your act

You probably also don't want just anybody going deeper into these levels with you, at the very least not without some intentionality and mindful consent that all judgments must be checked at the door.

So that's why there are these levels of intimacy and membership.

You can also consider it a thoughtful initiation into a secret club.

A very super fun members-only secret club, that is.



If you already crossed that line and have became a pervette (awesome!), you can login below and carry on..

If you haven't yet, and you want to be a part of the (obviously cool) club, click here and you'll be on your way to where you wanted to go (before you got to this page)..