What I know

The most important thing that we have that is bounded is TIME

The most important thing that we have that is unbounded is LOVE.


We can’t create time, we can only spend it.

But at the same time, at any moment,

We have no idea how much of it we have left..

(And that’s probably why we should spend it wisely)


Unlike time, we can’t spend love

But we can create love.

If we have love, we can create more of it,

Because it’s this strange thing

If we put it out there

It comes back to us

Which means we have more love to give

And more love to receive

and it keeps on going

and growing.


At every moment, you know how much love you have

You can’t count it in your head, like time,

You can only feel it, in your heart.


Every day, we have less time to spend

Every day, we can create more love


The thing with time is that you can actually buy it back

The thing with love is that you can’t buy it


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To find out how to create more love, click

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Uhh too much thinking, let’s just get lost in the snow again..