Your fantasy is a vision of a possible future
Do not dismiss it
Do not forget it
Keep it close to your heart
And in the front of your mind
So that you can’t see anything else
Keep seeing it until it becomes so clear
That it has nowhere else to go
But out into the world
Let this crazy dream drive you
to your edge
Let it push you
to work
on yourself
to work on it
Because this future you’re creating
needs you at your fullest potential
Give yourself time
To work on yourself
So that you can work on it
Take care of yourself
To take care of this flame
Be careful
Don’t get burnt out
Because you will have to endure everything
Even doubt
Trust yourself.
The moment you go
And let this flow
Nothing will stop you.
The more you work on it
The more you know
That this fantasy of yours
is here
To guide you
To your purpose
To your path
This crazy dream
Is your soul
Telling you to do the work
This crazy dream
Is your soul work
This crazy dream
Is your point
See it and follow it to the end
Whatever you do
Don’t let this crazy dream
Be just a crazy dream
This crazy dream
Is yours
To realize
Like y(our) future depended it.



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