Why Am I Here?

(caveat: this is a very drafty draft)

I believe that I am here to help bring back the power of the feminine.

I’m here to come together with as many badass femmes as I can find to help shift the imbalance in our patriarchal structure.

I’m going to use my 12 years of experience as a professional dominatrix to create a guide to finding your inner domme (which is essentially finding your power and your path).

I’m also here to create a guide to help men learn how to follow female leaders.

I’m here to help build a community that can support each other in our awakening.

I’m here to tell you why you’re here.

I’m here to live the story I want to tell.

I’m here to tell that story in this labyrinth of pages that you’re in right now.

I’m here to make something

And leave it behind

For our generation

And future generations.

I’m here to eradicate shame and fear.

I’m here to make art.

I’m here to make love.

I’m here to co-create and collaborate.

Because we are all creative creatures

And we were meant to create.

I’m here to have one orgasmic birth after another.

I’m pretty sure my first birth is Pervette.

I’m here to dispel misconceptions about the things that are unspoken and taboo.

I’m here to show what’s real and what’s illusory

I’m here to experience, learn from, and talk about suffering

And the end of suffering.

I’m here to tell you that there’s no easy way out

But I’m also here to help lead the way out.

I’m here to bring what’s in the shadow into the light.

I’m here to model what radical optimism looks like.

I’m here to show you the boxes that we put ourselves in.

I’m here to show you how to break out of them.

I’m here to learn

From others

From books

From tools

From my experiences

From my suffering

I’m here to grow

And evolve

And share with you my knowledge.

I’m here to put my voice out there

Because it’s been quiet for too long

I’m here to overcome my fears and insecurities

I’m here to thin my veil

As I thin yours.

I’m here to come out

By making you come in

And down the rabbit hole.

I’m here to love my mother and father

I’m here to honor my ancestors in Vietnam

I’m here to collect and share their stories

Of suffering

As victims of war

As boatpeople

As immigrants in a foreign country

I’m here to understand, accept and overcome my intergenerational trauma

I’m here to work on myself

And my relationships

As a partner

As a friend

As a daughter

As a sister

As a lover

As a guide

I’m here to show you patterns and connections

And how we are all connected

I’m here to show you how to love yourself

In order to love each other

I’m here to show you how to take care of yourself

So we can take care of each other

I’m here to keep on getting weirder

And show you that weird is good

I’m here to show you the games we play

And how to avoid the losing games

I’m here to live a life of no regrets

And show you how I do it

I’m here to dream big

And live my dreams

I’m here to hear

What wants to come out

I’m here to listen

I’m here to help

People who help people

I’m here to tell you that I’m not saying anything new

It’s all been said before

I’m just here to use what I have

To deliver the message

I’m here to use my tits and my wit

To get your attention

Because I’m here to make spirituality sexy

I’m here to point out binaries

And show you what’s







Are all social constructions

That needs to be dissolved.

I’m here to push buttons and boundaries

I’m here to show you our limitlessness

To love and grow

I’m here to let go

Let go

Let go

Of my expectations

My comforts

My past

I’m here to give in to the moment

I’m here to see the signs

And go where I’m needed

I’m here to follow the way of the Boddhisatva

I’m here to learn how to be radically honest

With myself and others

I’m here to get shameless

I’m here to tell you the truth

And how to find it within ourselves.

I’m here to open my heart

And make it feel everything

Including the pain.

I’m here to show you

How to be fearless

And keep on going

Because we have no time to lose.


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