13 years of being a pro domme and I’ve never created a wishlist until now.

Why have I never?

Maybe I just thought I have more lingerie and heels than I need.

And the things I want were typically specific books and vitamins and I was too impatient to wait for somebody to buy them for me when I can just Amazon Prime them.


I think a wishlist reveals a lot about someone

And I guess I was never ready to reveal myself in that way.


But here I am.

Starting at 0.

And I do have wishes.



Help me learn

I want to learn how to use audio and video editing software, such as Aftereffects. Adobe Premier Pro, etc.


Do you have any access to expertise?


I want to take a class.

Actually I want to take a ton of classes

at BAVC, UC Berkeley School of Journalism, and AcademyX.

I want to be a sponge

And soak everything up

And quickly apply it

To Pervette


Learn and practice on Pervette.


How Pervette expands in its experience

Is predicated on how much I know

How to

Play with the tools out there.


I’m just at the very beginning.

For example

Once I learn how to edit audio, I can start adding audio on here.

If you want to hear my voice…

You now know how.





Can you help me connect

With you

Or anyone you

Think I should connect with

To help me







Can you help me

give birth

to one orgasmic


after another?




Dear You

If you’re feeling quite generous

Can you help me buy this domain name?




I promise I’ll make it worth it.


It’s okay if you don’t have

Financial capital.

You might not know it

But you may have

Social capital

Cultutal capital

Tech capital


I’m mostly interested in the value

of gifts

and miracles.


Listeners/Audio editors








I need to trademark and copyright Pervette. If you can put me in touch with a lawyer, that would be wonderful. If you can fund my trademark, that would be amazing.




I have a fetish for some things..

Like Books:

The Connected Discourses of Buddha


Like Mediation:

Zafu and Zabuton