Please note: This is still being written as you’re reading this..


There’s a reason why you’re here..


Before we go any further. I’ll tell you what I can do..

I’m a Dominatrix. I shamelessly play with perverts and pervettes and make their kinky erotic fantasies come true.

I’m an Educatrix. I use BDSM as a tool to teach men and women to work through their shadow to find their truth and power.

I’m a Domme Mom. I help women become channel their Inner Domme and mentor those who want to become a professional Dominatrix.

I’m a Shamantrix. I guide seekers into a spiritual journey where they commune with the power of plants, medicine, and ritual.

I’m a Humanatrix. I teach the art of love and intimacy by  guiding lovers into an intimate open relationship with me.

I’m a Creatrix. I help big dreamers become life artists, by offering creative choices to help imagineer their future and live out the story they want to tell.



I’ve been playing with dreams ever since I was little. And through the years of getting lost in them and finding my way to my own truth and power and living out my childhood dreams, I kept on having this soul urge to share with you everything I’m learning on this wild journey to help you find your unique path in realizing your innermost desire..


There are 2 ways to start your journey with me:

  1. The Dream Call
  2. The Rabbithole




I’m looking for a few good dreamers to go down the rabbithole with me..

If you have a dream you want to live out and a desire to get intimate..with me, yourself, and truth itself, this might the place for you..

It begins with you submitting your wildest dream. I read it. If I like what I see, I invite you into my world..

And then you say yes to me, to your dream, to the journey..

I create a rabbithole for you in pervette. It’s your own personal private pervette page. One that evolves with you and our deepening intimacy though it.

This rabbithole is curated just for you. The more you open up to me, the deeper the rabbithole goes and the more intimate and intense the rabbithole it leads you to the deepest exploration of yourself with me.

How you get intimate with yourself is how you get intimate with me. I will show the way. It works like this I open up to you..deeply. Which

You come back to your rabbithole often to see what I’ve added for you to further you along your path to realizing your dream..

You can call them interesting choices..

Most of them are life-changing choices. They are choices I offer are choices that I have made in my life that are ”game-changers”  With each choice, I share with you my story, behind the choice and the wisdom distilled in them.

They will come in the most he(artful) way. It could be in writing, audio, video, imagery, art and more (I love getting creative massaging the message into the medium).

They may come as a surprise.

Depending on what forms of communication you’re comfortable with, you may hear form me outside of Pervette..through email, text, phone call, or snail mail.

This is an immersive reality game, after all..

Pervette can exist as a secret you want to keep fondly in your pocket

Or it can be a new lens onto your reality..