Okay, it’s time. You’re finally ready to do this. 

You’re going to tell the truth. You’re going to tell your story. It took a long minute to get here. All those years of wanting to get here but you were too afraid to. But now you feel it so deep inside you. It’s like your wisest self is nudging you, saying now. Your body is sending a message so clear. There is no fear. 

There is nothing stopping you. 

you found a way to get out of your way.

You lost yourself. 

You lost your mind. 

You lost your Dad.

You got so close to death.

You saw the point.

You needed everything that happened to happen to you.


This is the story of how you dreamt, how you played, until you found your way, and know so deeply why you’re here. 

And what you’re supposed to do.

This is the story of how you’re making all your wildest dreams come true.

It’s the story of how you’re going to change the world.

There it is.

You said it. You wrote it. You’re going to change the world. 

You are changing the world. Because you are changing, you are growing, you are collecting everything. Every moment, every sound, every tear, every truth, every insight, every bit of knowledge, and you’re going to give the world everything you got. 

You’re going to use every creative fiber you got to spread the truth that you’ve been seeking and finding. 


Of course this story is not just your story. It’s our story. It’s the collective story. It’s the story of all the lives you’re changing. All the lives that you’re in touch with..

You love this story so much.

It holds all of your truth. It holds all of you. And you know that  once you tell the story of you, it will change the world around you. In a widening circle that will encompass all. 

How fucking crazy are you to beleive and know it so deeply, the power of your story. 

You’re going to tell the story of how you got here. To this point where you can tell this story. And beyond.

It took everything you got to get here. 


You’re obsessed with the idea of scaling Love.


If you can spread this infinite Love to the whole world, and if the world can be filled with this infinite Love, your job is done.


If you can empower the world to dream big, dream to heal, play, and serve, and show a way to realizing said dreams, your job is done.


It’s about changing and raising consciousness to a level of awareness that can detect energy and decode signs and symbols. It’s about sharing the laws of the universe. That’s all.


You have a galvanizing approach to spread this knowledge that’s exciting to many. It’s BDSM.

You can teach ancient secret wisdom through something something edgy, like kink. It all makes sense. It’s the wisdom from the edges and shadows.

You’re creating something that is sparking the curiosity of the world. Because you’re touching on one’s subconscious desires.


The more that you unblock and unlock yourself, the more you can unlock the world.

The more you change, the more you can change the world around you..


You’re okay with being called crazy. In fact, you know you have to be a little crazy to hold and follow this crazy dream.


You’re the wild one. You’re the fearless one. You’re the interesting one.

Because you are the sum of the of choices you make.

Keep on making crazy fearless and interesting choices.


Loving infinitely is loving fearlessly.


Write your whole story in stream of consciousness.


All you have to do is seek and tell the truth.


Where does this story begin?


It’s not just the content of this story that’s different. It’s the structure. Harness all of technology and the internet and social media to tell this story across many platforms. Make it the most interesting scavenger story hunt. Make it an immersive reality game. Make it an infinite game that invites the whole world to play. Make it an easy yes to do the deep work of getting intimate with oneself, you and the world.


Your story is a love story and a mystery.

It sounds like a fairy tale, because your dreams are coming true.

Remember your dreams of finding your soulmates and fantasy lovers.. it’s all coming true.

Remember your dream of living a life of abundance and being generous with your wealth..it’s all coming true.

Remember your dream of being the one that everybody loves and wants to play with..it’s all coming true.

Remember your dream of giving everything you got through your art and voice..it’s all coming true.


Of course this is practical magic. Just writing it, just saying it, just sharing these words..

Make everything you do a practice in magic making..


Making magic is making dreams come true. Show the world how you do it. And you will change the world.

You’re teaching a language, a system, an ancient technology dressed in leather and latex.


The job of the Dominatrix is to make wild dreams come true.

You are finding out over and over again..

The same principles of realizing erotic fantasies can be applied to big life dreams and goals.


it’s a memoir, it’s a playbook, it’s a manifesto



I had to cancel the Domme Tea Party, it was supposed to be today. Instead we had our own little magical tea party. The four of us together again. You brought me tea. Flowering marigold. I dropped a tab of the white fluff in it.

This time, a year ago, we were all here. You thought you would never do drugs. But it was the way I brought it up, I gave you a choice.

It’s like Alice in Wonderland, I said.


We fell in love on acid.

You fell in love with acid.


Isn’t it strange, P introduced me to acid. And we fell in love. I introduced you to acid. And we fell in love. I introduced you to P. And you two fell in love.

And now we’re sister wives.

I know exactly what you’re going through.

He bruised my ego too, as I did to him. Then I dissolved mine, and let it all go, including him.

And now he’s doing the same to you, and you want to crush him.


I give you a zafu.


If you’re going to battle. ego to ego

You got to dismantle your mantle, before he does.


Let’s write dreams and visions for each other..

I wish for your love with P to deepen as you both push each other to grow, stronger as individuals and closer as a couple. I tear up as I write these words. Because I know you both will grow so hard, like I did with him.

He was my twin flame.

When we fell in love, it was like fireworks. We couldn’t believe it. This crazy love. And everyone around us was in awe. How did these two weirdo trixters find each other?1We met in my dungeon, of course It’s the strangest kind of perfect.

When it was good the euphoria was unreal. When it was bad the pain was so real.

Twin flames brings out the shadows.

Twin flames play and deep and burn each other.

Twin flames shine new light for each other.


I showed you how to make a sigil. I showed you mine, it’s shaped like an umbrella. It was the one I made last year. That’s how I bought my dream home without putting a penny in, I told you.

You made the prettiest sigil.


There’s something magical about the 4 of us.


Let’s dose again. We had more tea.

The both of you brushed the tangles out of my hair.

Like the mice in Cinderella you said


We all went in the hot tub. Let’s dose again.

I place the tabs on your tongues.


We left the house, walked up the hill, caught the sunset, holding each other, then we all went to my tree, there’s a swing there now.


You climbed my tree with me. You thought you never climbed a tree before. But then when you climbed.. You remembered how when you were little, you used to climb trees with your sister and ride the branches like there were motorcycles. Oh I see it, it does look like you’re riding it.

And we sat on that branch and we plotted how we were going to take over the world.


I know we were sister wives in the past (China)

geishas in another past (Japan)

courtesans in another past (Italy)

We were always plotting.

We’re coming together again, this time, it’s the perfect time.

Every lifetime before was never quite ready for us.

This time, we have all the tools, technology, and social media to  do this.

Thank god for social media. Has there ever been a better time to be Asian and female than now?


The collective reach of all of the Asian female influencers can reach all of the world. Now imagine if we are the influencers’ influencers. That’s World Domin-Asian.


You tell. me this is how you’ve been finding our soul sisters. You reach out, you tell them our story. And the ones who expand, and don’t contract, are the ones who know they have to meet me and be a part of this story. Our story is the story they want to live to tell..


You know exactly who you want as your next lover. A billionaire of course.

You tell me your plan.

I fucking love you.

I weave your plan into the grand plan.

This is how we get the world’s attention..

with our expanding love story, with our larger than life art, with our magical sexy parties where all our dreams come true


At this point we have access to everything we need to do this..

all the brilliant minds, all the money, all the social influence,

you see, we’ve all been collecting, some of us collect money, some collect followers, some collect wisdom, some collect stories, let’s sum it all up by summoning our wildest dreams and share everything we got.

what if we all made love to the same collective dream where we all choose love.

you reach your arms out and twinkle your fingers, the diamond tips of your manicure is glittering

everything is within our reach.


You see, we are merging the artists, the sacred intimates, the healers with the investors, the techies, the patrons of art. Let’s just give each other what we got and what we need.


We were peaking when we were plotting, in the tree, in the gloaming, with the bats flapping around us, we sealed our plan with a kiss. You tasted blood. You licked and sucked my lips and tongue until you found it and sucked some more.

You’re the cutest vampire.

Blood sisters.


Then we walked back, with the bats following us.

Then I told you two a secret.

Did I ever tell you I sucked his cock for all of Asian mankind? Did so much healing from my self-racism on going down on him (when I was on acid). I have no regrets and no desire to do it again.


Then all three of us sisters made love before my Guan Yin altar.

You told me I need to wash my Share dildo first, it’s dusty. True.

Two Shares, three pussies and tongues.

God that was good acid.


Then we plotted, can we pull off this orgy on my birthday?


You mean you’re going to fuck my partner to make them feel at ease with this whole open relationship thing? Omg you guys are the best.

You say that’s what sisters are for.

Oh hey. Can we all lick their cock together like it’s an ice cream cone?

I text M8 to come over. I want this foursome to be a surprise. They say they’re having a hard time2from me having a new lover and don’t want to have to pretend in front of my friends

I reply:

Please trust me.

they reply:


(minutes later)

Driving now.


I reply:

Can you come though the back door (into my bedroom)?

The gate is open Daddy.

They heart the message.


Guys, I’m probably gonna get fucked in the ass tonight. I’ll come get you if I think the three or foursome can happen, but we’ll play it by ear.














going to

love you


I’m just going to show you


how much





Thank you

for being so





It’s taken everything

up to this point

to get to the














to do