Your Obituary 1This was the first draft of your obituary that you wrote up in class. You were taking a course in shamanism in the Spring of 2016. You can’t remember what the prompt was that the shaman teacher gave, maybe it had something to do with what you hoped to accomplished in your lifetime..


___ was born on February 7, 1982. And in her lifetime she learned how to embody truth and she learned how to love boundlessly. She was an explorer of the subconscious. She was a researcher of love in its most extreme forms. She was a dominatrix. She served those who wanted to play with their shadow selves. With an open heart and mind, she explored the fantasy realm with her subs and fellow seekers. And though these explorations, she helped them find love, in all parts of themselves.

She was grateful that every person in her life helped her learn how to love, without limits.

What she left behind was her story, which she wrote out until her last days.

She knew that she was here to serve and here to love. And so she did.


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