Your Self

What’s you relationship with your self like?


Maybe it’s hard to say or see

because you are you

and you don’t think about your self

as someone you’re having a relationship with,

as you would your friends or significant other.


But maybe if we look closely

at this self of yours

in three parts:


your body

your mind


your soul


and you went deep down each path,

I think you would eventually see

whether you are aware of it or not

you are definitely having a relationship

with your self.

And the more you can see

and examine

the nature of your relationship

with your self,

the more you’ll be able to understand

why and how

you think, feel, act,

and see the world the way that you do.


You will understand

why you are exactly

where you are right now.


And once you can see all of that,

you’ll be able to change the relationship

you’re having with your self

(for the better).


I promise you

once you change

your relationship

with your self


Your whole life

will change

(for the better).


But there’s only one condition:

You have to do the work.


And the work requires of you

to go to places

you haven’t gone before.


The work will most likely be

pretty uncomfortable

and possibly painful

(at first).


But I will be here


To help you


push through

your resistance

your discomfort

your fears


I promise you

it will be worth it.


What’s on the other side

of your resistance and fear

is actually your dream


waiting for you

to come through

and become true



all of this


is the journey

of finding

your Truth


I know

you’ve heard it

the expression below

a bajillion times before

and it never really meant anything


But I’m telling you this

It will mean something to you

when you start the journey

of doing the work

on this relationship

with your self


You will feel it in your body, mind and soul

what it means when they say


Know thyself


To thine own self be true


This is my promise to you.


So if you’re ready,

go down the three paths

because it’s time

to get to know




To your relationship with your body

To your relationship with your mind

To your relationship with your soul

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