Your Theory

You secretly think were born cesarean because you were always different, from the very beginning. There was no laying back in utero for you, you were here to take a stand. Did you have a premonition that this standing up business would lead to a cesarean birth and the consequences thereof? Maybe.

So here’s what you do know about your C-section birth and how it affected you and the way you live your life:

You never got to experience the push.

You had no boundaries 1of your mom’s vag to push up against

You were essentially denied the ultimate boundary of life itself.

And this, my dear, is why you always like to

push boundaries.



Now that you know this about yourself, you can skip ahead to when you accidentally stumbled upon a career that’s predicated on finding and pushing limits

To learn more about the validity of this theory you have, just do some acid and look into Stanislasv Grof’s work

Or if you’re not ready for LSD (just yet), just go back to when things were simpler