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Dear Mistress,


Are you ready to step into your power

And lead with your desire?

Are you ready to play with dreams

and make them come true?

Are you ready to be worshipped

for the Goddess that you are?


If the answer is a full body yes

then you’re ready for..



An immersive virtual course

where I show you every step it takes

to become a Dominatrix

and come into your full power.


The Dominatrix is an archetype of a femme in power.

She knows what she wants and has a wide toolkit of tricks

and skills to draw from to realize fantasies

and create her own reality.


MistressClass is a two month-long mentorship journey

that guides you through the deep work of finding

your inner power and bringing it out to play

as you learn the practical skills

that a Dominatrix uses

in and outside the dungeon.

In MistressClass you’ll be learning

the craft of the Dominatrix:

fantasy, power, play and transformation.

You’ll develop a new magnetic alter ego,

step into your sensual power

as you step into a virtual dungeon

and play with devoted subs.

You’ll also be exploring the wide range

of tools and practices a Dominatrix utilizes

to create deep and meaningful play

for herself and her subs.




What you’ll learn:

The sacred healing art of kink

Find your voice and lead with your desire

Turn erotic fantasies (and big life dreams) into reality

Build trust and intimacy in power exchange (and all relationships)

Master power dynamics in and outside the dungeon

Skillful communication of your desires, feelings and boundaries

Create a safe space to deepen intimacy and erotic play

Bring out the magnetic and powerful side of yourself in the bedroom, dungeon and beyond

Play with the essential kink tools, toys and techniques

Craft a deep and meaningful arc/journey in erotic play

Bring playmates deep into subspace and create a cathartic release

Decode the symbolic power behind each element of BDSM to access your power in your play and everyday life

Gain the keys and secrets to lifelong play and pro domme success


What You’ll Receive 

6 Sunday Lessons, 3 hours each

Coven Night ceremony

Virtual field trip into my private dungeon

Live shadow session demos with my subs

Dommework assignments and creative challenges

Unlimited access to all recorded lessons and coven night

Gain multiple perspectives and pro-tips on kink and topping from iconic guest Dominatrixes

Connect in a Domme Sisterhood community through the MistressClass Discord server where we cover an array of topics  through multiple channels

Invitation to the MistressClass IRL Domme Tea Party

MistressClass Domme certificate of course completion designed by Alphachanneling

MistressClass gift package which includes the Pervette tote bag, lace veil, coven night kit and other pervy goodies


 Dates and Times

Class begins on Sunday, March 19th

You might have to skip church for this..

Sunday School Lessons

Class is every other Sunday

3/19, 4/2, 4/16, 4/30, 5/14, 5/28

10am-1:00pm PST

Coven Night

Gather virtually for a special coven

on the Full Moon

Friday, May 5th

6:00-7:30pm PST



The tuition for this course is $1111.

There’s an $888 early bird special if you enroll early.

 A payment plan option is also available to ease your entry into the class.



If you would like to be a part of MistressClass

Click here to enroll..




Hear what the Mistresses are saying about MistressClass..

MistressClass is a true alchemical journey. I wasn’t expecting a sexual healing going in to this but it certainly unfolded in the most elegant and surprising ways. Mistress Colettes transmission of power and compassion are otherworldly. Expect magick, healing and a delicious new array of skills for your path as a Dominatrix! I am dreaming bigger dreams after MistressClass!


If you are ready to take the next step in your life, this is it. MistressClass is more than just learning the ropes of becoming a Domme, it offers a safe space to completely relish in who you choose to be. Every class has taught me more and more about myself, and has broken down walls I didn’t even know were there. I was able to step into a power I’ve always dreamed of. Not only was this transformative within, this extended to every aspect of my life. Relationships, work, family, you name it. Stepping into your power and feeling solid within yourself and what you want, has been the greatest take away. The sisterhood, the amazing teachers who spoke, the live sessions, the rituals. Everything. Absolutely worth the money, every fucking dime. Do yourself a favor and choose yourself and your future, MistressClass absolutely will help you.

~Lady Wren

Take this class!!! It is LIFE CHANGING. Each class is therapy, learning, unlearning, and building such a beautiful community. This blew my expectations out of the water, and I would take this class again in a heartbeat.


Mistress Colette is an expert in all the technical and business aspects of being a professional domme, but more than that, she is an expert in radical love and sacred feminine power. Her big heart shines through in all of her teachings, her lectures, her sharing, her listening. This is the most safe space to create a sisterhood while also getting the most incredible amount of information on kink and domme work. I wish this class never ended!

~Mistress Vesper

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is this class held?

This course is a virtual course so everything is held online.
There will also be an IRL MistressClass Domme Tea Party at the end of the course to give us an opportunity to meet in the flesh, celebrate our graduation and play together!


Is this class for those who have no experience in kink or is it for those who want to become a professional dominatrix.

This class is geared towards those who don’t have any experience in kink and want to explore their dominant side AND it’s also directed towards those who are interested in becoming pro dommes. As that was my path. I was completely new to kink when I first started working as a pro domme. But all the steps that I took to learning the craft of becoming a pro domme was the most complete crash course into kink and finding my power that I needed. So what I created in MistressClass mirrors my journey into exploring kink and channeling my inner Domme. It’s a wholistic course in the art of topping and as well as finding your voice and learning how to play with your power.


I live outside of the US and the time zone difference makes it hard for me to attend the live class. Can I still participate if I can’t make it to the live class?

Yes, all the classes will be recorded and you will have unlimited access to the replays and can watch them at your convenience. I’ve had several Mistresses, who were based in Australia and Asia, participated in the course by watching the replays. From their experience, they felt like they received the full transmission through the recordings. I think as long as you watch the replays in a timely manner and keep up with your Dommework, and stay connected with the other Mistresses through the MistressClass Discord server, you won’t miss a beat.